March 20, 2017

Monday Workwear Inspiration | Creamy Neutrals

Monday Workwear Inspiration

Bring out the creamy neutrals

After three (yep – three…count ’em!), days of sunshine last week, I think it’s high time we go full tilt into the spring dressing thing for a new working week.

For me that means breaking out the St Tropez Everyday now and again, increasing ankles out opportunities and maybe even test the waters when it comes to a bit of bare leg action.

Now don’t go getting all concerned about the very real chance of my getting frostbite. I’m a grown up who sometimes chooses to face a little cold leg discomfort for the sake of some feel good dressing.

I like to think of it as breaking
myself in gently…

The next day I might be back in jeans, socks and ankles boots but I like to think of it as breaking myself in gently. One blue with the cold leg at a time if you will.

If the very thought of any exposure has you shivering in your thermals right now, there’s always the creamy neutrals trouser option too.

Maybe swap out the heels for something a little more walkable but definitely add in sunnies, a trench or a light camel duster coat and you’re teetering on the edge of full on spring dressing territory…

The good thing about this strategy is the colours say “Spring!” but most of the fabrics and layers are whispering “I’m Still Warm”.

And whilst some of these may be geared towards workwear, they can still be worn outside of the office too.

Not that I need to provide you with any extra justification when it comes to Monday workwear inspiration. Have job – must have appropriate wardrobe right?

And if the weather should remain changeable for the foreseeable future, there’s more cross-over weather inspiration here and a fresh new update to The Shopping Page for mid March.

I hope some of that has made Monday a little more palatable!

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