December 15, 2017

Cold Weather Essentials To Get You Through Winter In Style

take out coffee at the beach cold winters day

All the cold weather essentials you’ll
need this winter

I was reading my friend Lou’s blog yesterday morning and something she said at the end of this post really stuck with me. Actually, everything she writes generally sticks with me – she’s an incredibly talented writer.

“… I find fashion bloggers with bare ankles and cotton jackets, photographed against pretty London Mews cobbles or Kensington white facades. There is no Sussex mud in their world…”

“THIS! YES This!” I practically shouted at the screen through a mouthful of toast. My reasons for the crumb-filled, enthusiastic exclamations were numerous – one key reason being that the bare ankles/Kensington facade thing was me not so long ago.

And remember it was only here that I was saying no more of that unless it was in context. i.e. I was in London for a reason… other than undertaking multiple outfit changes in toilets!

sitting on the rocks drinking coffee

online stylist branksome beach winter

So to quote another talented (but sadly fictitious) writer with a penchant for Manolos and bare ankles, I got to thinking…

what are the cold weather essentials we need for the months ahead?

What do I need to contend with the all New Forest mud and bracing (read finger numbingly freezing) coastal walks?

What do you need to get you through the cold months where you live?

Warm, practical and stylish options? Then look no further…

cold weather basics

cold weather essentials

We need fine knits to layer and chunky sweaters… just because. For added warmth opt for turtlenecks in cashmere or a cashmere blend. Layer cotton or jersey T-shirts or cami vests underneath for extra insulation. Go for simple straight cut jeans or trousers to allow for a variety of boots…

The boot Army

online stylist wearing crew clothing at the beach

As much I will bare the odd ankle when I feel the need to be a girl for a while, to get through winter you need ALL the boots. We’re talking wellies, walking boots, maybe snow boots and good sold ankle boots – I really love a classic Chelsea boot.

Get Your Coat

quilted down coat for winter warmth

As well as the stylish long wool versions to snuggle into, quilted coats and parkas are an essential. Fur trim hoods are perfect for keeping out ear-numbing breezes, water repellent is always a good idea in the UK and when it’s really cold, a down coat is a must.

Hats & Gloves & Sunnies Oh My!

woolly pom pom hats and warm coats

A beret, beanie and something cosy and pom pom adorned are my faves for winter… and the only styles that fit my exceptionally large head! Cashmere gloves are not a luxury but an essential and don’t forget those sunnies for crisp bright days. The kind we all love!

blue and white beach huts at branksome beach in dorset

I’m Wearing….


Photography: Patrick Start

All Crew Clothing items were gifted for this sponsored Instagram post here.  This blog post is not sponsored.

8 comments on “Cold Weather Essentials To Get You Through Winter In Style”

  1. Loved this post. Can you do something similar for smarter outfits for work please. I never know what to do with the ankle situation if I’m wearing trousers… thanks!

  2. Hello my friend! And what praise indeed to find myself the inspiration for a blog post! You speak my language, as we established years ago. I can’t abide chilly ankles and as for London facades, they look lovely, but they certainly don’t feature in my world more than a few times a year. Who’d have though being just over an hour outside the capital city, I’d be such a country bumpkin? But it does all boil down to coats and boots and wool. My daughter texts me from school saying she’s cold and I reply: ‘have you got any wool on?’ like some old wife. Hang on, wait, maybe I am an old wife 😉 Thank you for the mention and the lovely comment about my writing. Sending virtual hugs, Lou x

    1. You’re always an inspiration to me Lovely Lou!
      You have to be able to relate to content so I need less winter ankles and more everyday wear I think! I love your “wearing wool” conversation – kids have this affliction that coats are not “cool”! What is that?? Hoping they all soon grow out of it or I shall have to enforce the wearing of vests!! xx

  3. Hi, great post Amanda, I live in the north east of England in a small fishing town. It gets really cold! I have a dog and walk dogs too, I love stylish clothes but also need to be warm and dry. These tips are great and I may just purchase the snow boots! Thanks again and Merry Christmas xx

    1. Hey Fellow Amanda!
      Feeling like you can dress stylishly in the cold is a tricky one isn’t it? Sounds like you get lots of snow? We don’t get that much here but it can be quite icy sometimes.
      Happy dog walking!
      Amanda xx

  4. HI, I loved the photos in this post showing your crewclothing coat so much that I have just ordered it for myself. Sometimes looking at a retailer’s website doesn’t really show me how the garment ‘moves’ in real life or how the colour looks in natural light. The photos showing you in this coat worked perfectly for me so thank you.
    P.S. I’ve also ordered a hat and scarf you featured on another post! I love your blog and features. Have a great Christmas, I’m looking forward to your 2018 posts

    1. Hi Ann,
      Ah I’m so pleased it helped with your decision to buy! It’s a lovely coat and I’m sure it’ll keep you cosy all winter long!
      So glad you’re enjoying the blog and I’m really looking forward to creating lots more content in 2018 after the Christmas break.
      Have a wonderful Christmas!
      Amanda xx

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