October 01, 2018

Coats, Sweaters And Clothes For Cosy Nights In

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They’re pretty much all the things that spring to mind when I think of an autumnal wardrobe – coats, sweaters and clothes for cosy nights in. Nothing else is needed. Except maybe ankle boots of course.

At the weekend I packed away the remains of summer in the form of sandals, flimsy beach things and basket bags without so much as a backward glance. Then it was on to unpacking boots, checking in on the cashmere situation and re-folding and re-arranging piles of sweaters.

This definitely forms an important part of my welcoming in the new season ritual… and generally also the reason why the sun shone every day last week. Oh look, Online Stylist is going Full Autumn Mode – it’s definitely time for an Indian summer!

Not that I’m complaining. This is the perfect mix.

Mornings chilly enough to make you reach for a cashmere scarf and pull down your sweater sleeves right to your fingertips as you leave the house. Warm enough temperatures to go short sleeved on an energetic dog walk across the fields and a sunset that has you determined to enjoy one final, calming walk of the day. Served up with a side of watery evening sun in the sky and the crunch of acorns under foot.

That my friend is the autumn of dreams!

Now…. what to wear…

I’m not suggesting that you have to go out and buy a new coat every time September 1st rolls around. Because who has the bank balance or storage space for that? However I am an advocate of having more than one  – a concept that, despite his very best attempts, Mr OS still fails to understand.

In terms of options, there’s more than a few when it comes to assessing your own outerwear requirements. I mean there’s the practical one (read: I have a dog), the classic that goes with most of your wardrobe (I love a more masculine tailored style) and of course a trench coat.

You might consider a seasonal statement (we all feel the need for an injection of elevated, feel good style from time to time), which could be as much fun as some teddy bear fuzziness or as simple as a beautiful camel hued wrap coat. In the end it comes down to your own wardrobe needs – something that I finally feel I have a grasp on as this winter approaches.

Quick Tip: Mango have so many amazing coats this season, hence why I’ve included a few here – it seems to me they’ve been building on this strength every year. The quality gets better as the price bracket goes up of course… but that doesn’t ever get that high. When I’ve passed on the occasional coat to friends, I generally get the same response… “Wow… that’s Mango? It’s *really* good!”

I think we all loved sweater weather long before it became an Instagram hashtag or a Pinterest board. We just didn’t know that we should call it that.

The possibilities are endless – the chunky “hide me” in your layers, the roll neck, the turtle neck, striped, statement (again), slogan and don’t forget that later on, even the most minimal of style advocates will be tempted by something with a nod towards the festive. Stars anyone? And then there’s the cardigan for layering over anything when you’re sat still at your desk and freezing cold all the live long day.

Incidentally, I love H&M’s sweaters – I have three that I’ve purchased over the last four years that are still going strong – they’re particularly good at that cosy grey number (the one that looks great with a tulle skirt), and just makes you glad it’s winter. And I like the fact that they offer a £5 voucher for returning a bag of clothes for recycling – H has taken advantage of this several times of late.

And of course, let’s not forget cashmere… can I get a Cher from Clueless “As if?!” This for me is always a whole other blog post and I”m fairly sure has been on more than one occasion. Here is where investment is required and because of that I tend to stick with grey, black and beige hues. I know. Shocker!

My goto cashmere purveyors are hush, The White Company and Pure Collection.

Whatever you want to call it – loungewear, clothes for cosy nights in, almost PJs or (a personal favourite in our house), Slummies; clothes that signify downtime has officially begun are THE BEST!

Whilst we call them Slummies Chez OS, I’ve ditched the habit of holding onto to what frankly were manky old bits of clothing, to lounge around in. Time to relax is precious, and the best part of the day so why actively change into something worn out, with holes in or falling apart? I slowly learnt to stop saving the good bits for best and started wearing them.

If you invest in the good stuff, you’ll have it year after year. I’m talking joggers you can leave the house in (if you *really* have to), the after bath PJs, the cashmere socks, the onesie because why not and the leggings and long jersey combo that make you feel good when you catch sight of your reflection.

Quick Tip: If you haven’t yet (pardon the pun) cottoned on to Arket, take a look now! One of my Scandi favourites, I love their loungewear and undies section. It’s packed full of affordable basics in cotton, cashmere mixes and so many pieces that I’d happily hibernate in in front of the fire all winter long. Having shopped there myself, I can definitely vouch for the quality – this store just gets it right every time.

And there you have it – a round up that’ll have you ready (and willing?) to embrace autumn and the colder months ahead. I hope you find something you like or remember a piece that you already own but had long since forgotten. Or worse still…. were saving for best. There’ll be none of that here! Wear it now!

And I know I briefly mentioned ankle boots right at the get go… but like cashmere, I think that’s a whole other post!

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Header Image: The White Company

7 comments on “Coats, Sweaters And Clothes For Cosy Nights In”

  1. Beautiful picks Amanda. I particularly like the coats from Arket and The White Co. I’m all for pj recommendations as I’m super fussy! Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much Penny! Oh my goodness – my love for Arket knows no bounds. When I went into the Regent St store for the first time I wanted to run from corner to corner and hug it all! Behaviour possible frowned upon by shopping assistants but you catch my drift! xx

  2. Seeing as my husband owns at least 10 pairs of running shoes I never have too much trouble arguing I need more than one of any particular item (bags, shoes, coats etc)!
    But yes, love sweater weather, you can never have too many! But this year I’m trying to get the coat nailed.

    1. Oh my god – Mr OS also has ten pairs of running shoes!! The other day I was tripping over them and H asked me why does Daddy have *so many* pairs?? Apparently, its for all terrains and all weathers. So yes – you, me and the coat thing – it’s all good! Good luck on the hunt! xx

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