April 12, 2017

How I Celebrate Summer & Make The Most Of Those Longer Days

celebrate the everyday with the white company

Celebrate The Everyday This Summer

Along with the rest of the UK, these last few days of glorious sunshine have found me revelling in warmth and feeling giddy with joy at the prospect of summer being just around the corner.

It feels amazing to be outside, carefree, coat-less and soaking up that precious Vitamin D!

Now that we’re officially on British Summer Time, it’s all about making the most of the longer lighter days and evenings and maximising the hours spent outdoors.

With the warmer weather
comes new daily rituals…

With the warmer weather comes a welcome change to routines, small adjustments and new daily rituals.

Little things like getting up earlier with the sun and standing out on the deck to drink those first few sips of morning tea in the fresh air make all the difference to my mindset for the day.

And at the other end of the clock there’s nothing better, particularly on a Friday night, than seizing the moment and packing up a picnic and a few home comforts to take to our local beach.

white company picnic blanket

Setting up a picnic at the beach

preparing a simple summer beach picnic

Picnic Blanket | Wentworth Throw | Mango Wood Bowl | Pembridge Stripe Scatter Cushions | Linen Napkins

To get into the sprit of summer and the mindset of celebrating the everyday, (my favourite kind of mindset!), I’ve partnered with The White Company to share one of my favourite warm weather things to do.

A laid back, luxe beach picnic to kick off the summer weekend in style.

Just add sunshine & your favourite patch of beach or grass!

I’ve selected a few pieces from their beautifully paired back summer living range that I think you’ll love, to create an indulgent but simple outdoor feast. Just add sunshine and your own favourite patch of beach or grass!

cold meats cheese and fresh fruit on a wooden platter

soaking up the evening sun at the beach

figs walnuts and chorizo for grazing on

summer evening family beach picnic

Acrylic Wine Glasses | Acrylic Tumbler | Everyday Square Serving Board | Handwoven Picnic Basket

Fast forward to the end of the working week and by the time Mr OS gets in from work, we’re poised and ready at the front door.

With the must-haves of a picnic blanket, some cushions and a few easy but favourite foods (for me that HAS to involve cheese!), it’s off to decamp to a much loved local coastal beach nook.

Even in the height of summer when tourist season is in full swing, as everyone else is leaving the beach, we’re just arriving.

Catching the more forgiving evening sun is for me, the best part of the day.

a laid back summer evening beach picnic

making summer memories at the beach

Linen Gauze Top | Brompton Pale Wash Jeans | Flat Suede Tassel Sandals | Fringe Trilby Hat

This kind of break from routine really comes into its own in the school summer holidays.

Those six plus weeks are a long time to get through – as any parent who works or runs a business will know. The constant juggling and attempts to stave off the cries of “I’m bored” present more than their fair share of challenges!

Paddling in the sea
isn’t just for kids…

Changing things up, relaxing the rules a little and breaking with routine creates happy memories that stick beyond childhood and well into the grown up years.

And paddling in the sea, having supper at the beach and watching the sun go down wrapped in a blanket isn’t just for kids!

white company fringe trilby straw hat

laid back summer style from the white company

paddling at the beach

For a beach picnic, I find it easier to stick to no-fuss foods to be eaten with fingers off a simple serving board and enjoyed at a leisurely grazing pace. And just because it’s summer, a glass of Rosé never goes amiss either.

Moments like these – those when we’re together, happy and relaxed in the warm evening sun – are the glue that holds us together.

wrapped in blankets at the beach on a summer evening

post beach paddle and soft towels

White company tan suede sandals for summer days

Salcombe Stripe Collection Towel

So if you wonder where I’ve got to on a Friday night over the coming months, here is where you’ll find me. Raising a glass of Rosé to the sunset and enjoying a break from routine.

How will you celebrate the everyday this summer and ensure you make the most of the longer days ahead?

This post was created in collaboration with The White Company – one of my favourite #ElevateTheEveryday brands! Thank you for supporting partners of The Online Stylist.

Photography by: SarahLou Francis

6 comments on “How I Celebrate Summer & Make The Most Of Those Longer Days”

  1. Oh Amanda! I love everything about this post! Sarah Lou has done a FANTASTIC job!! And such a feel-good post for you to look back on xxx

    ps I’m heading in for those sandals! xxx

    1. Aw thanks so much Jo! It was so much fun to create and we had a lovely day in the process too! I love SarahLou’s imagery and having all of us in the photos was amazing.
      Those sandals are just amazing – highly recommend!
      Here’s to lots more beach picnics to come!
      Lots of love, A xxx

  2. Hi Amanda
    It was well worth the wait,love this post and the photos are stunning. You all look so relaxed and natural.
    I will be reaching for the bank card again!!!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful images! And OMG that platter looks amazing! It’s not feeling too summery where I am today – but I can’t wait to be able to picnic in the sun!

    1. Thanks so much Nicky – I get hungry every time I look at this post. That cheese!! I hope the sun comes back to where you are soon…it appears to have gone on a holiday of its own this long weekend!
      Amanda xx

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