October 29, 2018

10 Best Home Fragrances For Winter

best home fragrances for winter

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It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a scented candle and diffuser obsessive all year round but there’s an extra feeling of cosiness and warmth that comes with indulging in your favourites at this time of year.

I’ve talked lots about adjusting the scents you use to match the season and the colder, darker months bring an extra need for those daily rituals that make us feel grounded, happy and connected. For me it’s akin to winter nesting.

Once the light starts to fade in the afternoon (and I’ll have timed the dog walk to fit around this!), there’s nothing better than lighting a couple of candles.

I don’t know if it’s just me (I suspect not), but depending on the domestic demands, I sometimes find this part of the day a bit fraught and tense. It’s a strange mix of leaving my work brain behind somewhere between 4:30 and 6:00pm, dealing with the teen daughter issues of the day/week/month and thinking ahead to what needs to happen the following day.

Lighting a candle or two brings with it a sense of calm… not something I claim to feel very often these days!

So here’s my round up of the the best home fragrances for winter and I’ve included a couple of diffusers in there too as I always have one on the go somewhere, whatever the time of year…

My top ten best home fragrances for winter



Winter means it’s time to upgrade the candle purchases  – I don’t know quite how this logic crept in but creep in it did. We’ll just go with the fact that there’s more hours of darkness so three wicks instead of one makes perfect sense!

The large Pomegranate candle from The White Company feels like an indulgent treat at £60 but with approximately 70 hours burn time, I think my Cost Per Sniff maths at 87p per hour works out just fine. You do Cost Per Sniff maths too right?


Charles Farris is a new brand discovery for me but when I saw the description of Pinetum as “Sweet pine needles mixed with cooling eucalyptus and birch leaves…” I said an enthusiastic “Yes Please!” to their kind offer of a gifted candle and diffuser*.

This wintery fragrance is gorgeous without being overtly Christmassy and both of these are currently residing in our hallway. Which is quite handy as that’s where the dog also resides at night… if you catch my drift. Just don’t catch hers!
You can buy the elegant navy Charles Farris fragrances at John Lewis.


When it comes to winter, what more do you need than the scent of log fires and pumpkin spice?

Last year I was invited to Jo Malone’s store – Jo Loves in Belgravia and got to sniff *ALL* the scents – it was sensory heaven! There were a couple of really clever ones that stayed with me – the Log Fires candle being one. Smoky wood scents and Lapsang Souchong tea blend together for a super-cosy candle experience.

Ever since I began embracing the American traditions of Halloween and Thanksgiving, the smell of Pumpkin Spice sends me into a great big happiness vortex! This year, gorgeous Lizzie of Elizabeth Scarlett has released the beautiful Pumpkin Spice Christmas candle* – this is sweet heaven that just makes me crave a slice of pumpkin pie, dolloped with Crème fraîche please!


Want to know why I fell head over heels with the St Eval Bay & Rosemary scent? Because it smells so much like the Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle it’s untrue – and at a fraction of the cost!

I first discovered their tin candles in a little shop in Sherborne, Dorset one freezing cold October day and have ordered these in from either St Eval or in an Amazon order every autumn since. I am truly addicted! The diffuser lasts and lasts and you can buy refills too. If fresh winter herby scents are your thing, try it and I guarantee you’ll love it.


I discovered this fragrance from one of my all time favourite, all things Christmas/winter/cashmere brand, The White Company when I collaborated with them on this post. I think if I was only allowed to ever have one winter scented candle, Fir Tree would be it. The minute this landed on site this year, I ordered my candles, tealights and a diffuser so we will officially be The Fir Tree House for the Holidays!

Again it’s very much in the vein of the woody pines but there’s just something extra to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. If I sniff it with my eyes closed, I’m a kid again at Christmas, fit to burst with excitement. Not much has changed there then…

Jo-Malone Pomegranate Noir


If memory serves, I think Jo Malone’s candles may have been the very first on my radar when it came to such indulgent luxuries. Except I only ever saw them burning in really expensive looking shops or hotels. Not that I frequented very many of either.

Then I turned forty, the blog took off and I found myself in places that burned Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir candles far more often… and I got to call it work too! Also, turning forty made me realise that if I wanted to ask for an expensive candle for Christmas it was okay to do so. It was that Elevate The Everyday thing. So yep… I’m a fan of Pomegranate Noir and will always think of it as an unapologetic, sultry winter indulgence.

labrador sleeping on the sofa in winter


This orangey, cinnamonny (it’s a word!) staple will always have a special place in my heart. Even though Fir Tree has taken over as the default Christmas scent Chez OS, the Winter candle evokes memories of walking into a White Company store in December… and just wanting to move in!

If Winter were an item of clothing it would be a blazer, a trench coat or a silk blouse. It’s a classic… and the classics never need any justification.

Baies candle by Diptyque


Speaking of the classics – I’m always banging on about my Diptyque favourite, Baies, whatever the time of year… and with good reason.

I think the fruity blackcurrant fragrance of this one works equally well in spring as it does in winter. Although OS Rules state that it must be the black candle jar version in winter and the clear one for spring. Candle rules are right up there with the Cost Per Sniff maths – you can’t argue with them!



This was the other Jo Loves fragrance that stood out for me. So much so that not only do I adore the candle in winter but I also asked Mr OS to get me the fragrance for Christmas last year. I could literally drench myself in this stuff… and whenever I do, I’m always asked what perfume am I wearing.

But back to the candle – it’s a rich, fragrant winter beauty and I find it quite hypnotising. The same effect happens if I ever eat *anything* flavoured with truffle – the savoury kind as snuffled out by pigs I mean. So I guess it’s no surprise that I love this candle!

Do you have any favourite home scents for winter or Christmas that have almost become a tradition?


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*  = Gifted items this season.

4 comments on “10 Best Home Fragrances For Winter”

  1. Thank you for this informative post Amanda – I was about to buy the White Company Winter candle on Saturday but decided to wait till this week at my local store as I had too much to carry. But I think now that I’ll get the Fir Trees one. And I’ll check out the Charles Faris one in JL as well! I love a subtle calming candle. I have just listed my spare bedroom on AirBnB (child gone to Uni) and am a little bit obsessed with making my house smell good without being overwhelming (dog owner as well), I was interested to notice that some listers stress that theirs is a “fragrance free home” ! How does that work then?? And how sad? No nice bedlinen smells, sweet smelling towels and bathmats, and what about the soap?? I’m not ticking that box, for sure. A closed up winter house needs fragrance! Great guide, great post as always. Have a wonderful week x

    1. Ooh I really hope you love the Fir Tree fragrance Amanda – I can’t wait to break mine out next month! Personally I love a fragranced house but I think some people aren’t too keen on the chemical aspect I guess? It has to be the right fragrance and not too artificial though – not a fan of the plug-ins phase! If you have a dog and as you say not much window open time, things can get a little fragrant the other way!
      I hope your child gets on well at Uni (and you’re coping okay). Good luck with the Air BnB listing – hope it all goes well
      Amanda xx

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