April 07, 2017

Nine Beautifully Stylish Instagram Feeds To Elevate The Everyday

beautifully stylish Instagram feeds

Nine Beautifully Stylish Instagram Feeds

I’m not sure what I consume more of…coffee or Instagram.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter as one is forever linked to the other – at least in mine and a gazillion other feeds anyway. Either way, I just realised it’s been almost a year since I last shared a few of my favourite feeds.

How very remiss of me. Especially when I was going to make it a regular feature!

This instalment of beautifully stylish Instagram feeds is packed full of talent and joy and each and every one has a welcoming vibe and major feel good factor.

And in my opinion, that more than makes up for the ten month gap.


Me and Orla on Instagram


There are no words to describe the Instagram genius that is Sara Tasker – she is just every kind of amazing! Her blog, #HashtagAuthentic podcasts and newsletters are all clever, informative and inspiring.

Her Instagram feed is pure heaven. And yes, I’m fan-girling.


the slow traveler on Instagram


Photographer Carolyn’s feed is a relatively new discovery for me. And one that makes me think “HOW have I only just found you??”

Be prepared for severe wanderlust with every click, scroll and double tap…


bang on style on Instagram


Debs Stubbington has a colourful style that I love and can handle. If you get fed up with my monochrome moments, hop on over to her bright and cheerful feed and admire her ability to put some amazing looks together!

Oh and be prepared to succumb to the urge to shop…


county road living on Instagram


I remember finding Angie Wendricks’ feed and thrusting my phone under Mr OS’s nose saying “HERE! I want to live here!”

Her simple living style in a beautiful country farmhouse will have you reaching for an enormous tin of white paint in an instant!


lapinblu on Instagram


I first found SarahLou’s Instagram account after Kat introduced me to it and then lo and behold, she photographed the amazing imagery with Monica and Laura for Big Small Business in January.

I’ve since worked with SarahLou and she’s truly lovely. One of those genuine women who value and support others. And who also happens to have an immense talent for capturing a moment.


all that is she on instagram


This is another gem that came from listening to Sara Tasker’s podcasts. Dominque’s Instagram feed is life affirming, playful and unendingly beautiful.

Her #allthatisthree series of photos with her adorable daughters is one of my favourite things on the Internet right now and it would appear we share a love of chunky knitted blankets…


melo and co on Instagram


Monochrome, lettering, style, motherhood…and a killer wardrobe to boot? Why would I not be following Melanie?? Her feed is pure black, white and grey magic.

As for her blog…it’s my minimal heaven.


the hygge wife on Instagram@thehyggewife

Another link up in the wonderful way that only Instagram provides. I found Erica’s Nordic inspired account via SarahLou’s (@LapinBlu above) and was instantly hooked.

It was the depths of winter and I was in full on Hygge mode. Erica’s feed provides it in spades and proves it’s not just a cold weather thing.


hannah argyle on Instagram


I fell in love with Hannah’s beautiful feed last year and will happily gaze upon it whilst scrolling over a cup of tea.

Have a listen to her chat with Sara for episode 9 of #HashtagAuthentic to hear her views on building a business via Instagram and how she balances her own creative needs with the wants of her audience and the brands she works with.

It’s brilliant.


And there you have it – a 3×3 list of pure joy, great style and simple quiet moments to calm the soul.

I love how a few of them are interlinked too. That completely supports my theory of how Instagram can be a community…and why its just so darn great!

Which feeds are you loving right now? Please feel free share in the comments below or drop me a note on Instagram – I’m @onlinestylist.

A quick heads up re Easter Holiday scheduling – today marks the start of two weeks off school so I’m scaling back on blog content a little until 24th April.

There’ll be a few posts popping up here and there so if you don’t want to miss out, be sure to sign up to receive notification direct to your inbox whenever a new post is published. You can do this below ⬇️  or over there in the sidebar! ➡️

And whatever you’re up to, have a wonderful break!


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