January 21, 2019

Our Bathroom Renovation Mood Board

bathroom renovation mood board

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As I’m typing, we’re on the Day 12 (the final day!) of the bathroom renovation!

The electrician is currently wiring in the new ceiling lights and underfloor heating and by 6:00pm tonight, the silicone will be dry and I can have a shower! You have no idea how much this pleases me after two weeks of getting inventive with a flannel and washing up bowl.

With work finished we can set about moving back in and I have the very important task of faffing with interior details. The best part of any renovation I think!

In a few weeks time I’ll show you the finished result on here but meanwhile, I thought I’d share the initial ideas and and our bathroom renovation mood board. And it all began with an oak bath tidy… because why wouldn’t it?

oak bathroom accessories in dark bathroom

oak bath tidy bathroom accessory

We knew straight away that we wanted to go from a light to dark bathroom. Having searched “dark bathrooms” on Pinterest and saved a few images that fitted the bill, we fell in love with grey and black with wood accents. Hence the bath tidy being purchased way back in July so that we could see the tones we wanted to work with.

It feels like a drastic change to go from light to dark in any room but once I saw the tiles against the bath rack I knew we’d made the right decision. Our tiles were kindly gifted by Topps Tiles and we choose Regal Coal Matt for the floor and Stormstone Shadow for the walls.

I feel that the wood is essential to add in some warmth and a natural element otherwise it risks feeling a bit too cold.

creating a mood board for a bathroom remodel

I have a plant plan in my head too when it comes to the faffing stage. I’m setting myself a challenge of taking care of them properly and not killing them off.

I’ll let you know how that one goes!

I plan on displaying a few aesthetically pleasing beauty products and toiletries (read: monochrome) and the rest will get hidden away in the cupboard.

For starters I have some product kindly gifted from Institut Esthederm a while ago and have been saving two of the products for the new bathroom. Although I’ve nearly used up the Intensive Hyaluronic Cream as it’s been perfect night treatment to combat the winter elements.

Le Labo handsoap

displaying institut esthederm products in bathroom

I’ve wanted to try some Le Labo product for ages (oh the power of Instagram!), and bought their Hinoki Hand Soap a few months back, squirrelling it away for now.

Although since writing about trying to use less plastic, soap bars will be the way to go moving forward. I’m hoping I can find somewhere to refill soap into own containers and maybe I’ll hang onto the Le Labo bottle.

The rubber soap dish from White Black Grey was a fab buy and looks great on the bath rack. And the marble soap bar came from a florist in Bude called Bleujen, purchased on our summer holiday in Cornwall in 2017. I’m glad I saved it until now!

dog photobombing a flat lay

Biscuit on bathroom tiles

As always, I can’t compose any kind of flat lay without Biscuit feeling the need to take part – if you look closely at these photos you can see the odd dog hair here and there.

Seeing as she toned nicely with the bathroom hues, I thought I’d include pictorial evidence of what its like trying to take photos with an inquisitive Labrador around. There’s more over on Instagram Stories in Biscuit’s Story Highlight!

Would you entertain the idea of a dark bathroom or would it feel too drastic as a concept?

Stay tuned for the full Bathroom Before & After in a few weeks time.


Pumice Block – Sevin London c/o Hero | Wooden Bath Tidy – The White Company | Round Soap – Meraki | Le Labo Hand Wash | Soap Dish – White Black Grey | Tiles – Topps Tiles c/o | Marble Tealight Holder – Amara c/o | Marble Soap – Bleujen | Hydra Replenishing Cleansing Milk, Eau Cellulaire Cream and Intensive Hyaluronic CreamInstitut Esthederm c/o


2 comments on “Our Bathroom Renovation Mood Board”

  1. Our next big renovation is the bathroom. We have also opted to go dark, which includes the shower tray and wash basin. Slightly dreading being without the bathroom for a while, as you said getting inventive with a flannel and bowl. Tempted to renew my gum membership kust to be able to have a shower!! Removing our bath altogether as no-one uses it and husband has MS so climbing in and out is getting harder for him. Looking forward to seeing the finished renovation of yours.

  2. It’s looking great! Can’t wait to see more!
    We have black slate effect tiles in our bathroom – floor, shower and behind on the corner cistern for our wall hung toilet. The walls are beige and sink unit white with black sink. As we have two small windows I did worry about the tiles soaking up the light, especially as they are matt, but they don’t! They’re pretty good at hiding the odd bit of dust and dog hairs too.
    The thing that requires the most maintenance, and it really isn’t a lot, is in the shower – we live in an area with a lot of lime in the water, but as we wipe down the shower after use, we haven’t needed to remove lime scale at all – even after 10 years! So a minute or to at the end of a shower saves me from having to do a job I really hate!

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