October 11, 2017

Seasonal Updates For The Home | Autumn

autumn home update

Autumn Home Update

As someone who embraces the seasons with open arms, I love translating the feelings they inspire into our home wherever possible.

Prior to redecorating the living room, the old colour scheme allowed us the freedom to reflect seasonal colours. Think red cushions and rugs in winter, green in spring and summer and then rusty burnt orange when autumn arrived.

To add to that I amassed a collection of glass candle jars and tea light holders, vases, and throws in toning colours and would spend a happy day at the beginning of each new season swapping everything around.

You can see my autumnal efforts in the Before pics of this Living Room Makeover post. There’s a whole lotta orange going on there!

Swapping colours for textures…

Since the advent of the neutrals obsession that’s taking over the house room by room, I still have the urge to update with the seasons but tend not to add colour, opting for textural changes instead.

I would add at this point that our shift towards this neutral spectrum has been the cause of much disdain from the pre-teen daughter who wants ALL the orange toot at Halloween and ALL the red and green everything at Christmas.

I found the best solution to this is to a) invite her to put said toot in her room or b), assure her I have safely boxed up every piece of toot so that she can have it later. When she gets her OWN house!

cosy autumnal side table vignette

wood burner and log baskets

Vase – The White Company | The Kinfolk Home Book | Jo Malone English Oak & Redcurrant Candle c/o | Drew Table – Habitat | Gold Coasters – John Lewis | Wooden Ampersand (old) – Similar here | Stag Cushion (old) – John Lewis : Similar Here  | Sofa – Next Home | Shoto Seagrass Basket – Also Home c/o | Harvest Basket – Garden Trading

Interior styling is definitely something I’m on a bit of a learning curve with and it feels like our whole house is in flux right now. Room by room we’re slowly updating things and whilst progress is slow due to the financial outlay involved, I’m loving having the time to think more carefully about the process.

Living in the New Forest and so close to the beach, I find nature a constant source of inspiration (as well as Pinterest!) and where possible, aim to give a subtle nod to those elements in our seasonal change over details.

If you’re thinking of changing the decor in your home and like the idea of creating some small seasonal adjustments, then I think there are a couple of points worth noting up front.

autumn scents Jo Malone english oak and redcurrant

cosy autumn afternoons on the sofa

Tray – Part of a set from The White Company | Mug – Habitat | The Book of Hygge  | Life Is Meals Book | Oslo Throw – Also Home c/o

Having decor that’s effectively a blank canvas really helps as you can then add small seasonal touches without the need to drastically change the overall layout and feel of a room.

Keep it simple and subtle. I can get really quite carried away as Mr OS will attest to and so have to reign in my obsessions – particularly in autumn and at Christmas. Less is more. Mostly!

Think about all the rooms in your house and how you might be able to echo the current season with a few simple changes in each.

And so to my autumn home update…

This is the time of year that my nesting instinct kicks in and I feel like I’m in training for the Holiday Season ahead. The hygge force is strong with this one!

Here’s a few simple ways
to reflect fall in your home…

Jo Malone candle and white pumpkins


Maybe home fragrance is an obsession of women the world over but I think my own fixation has only gotten stronger since I hit my forties.

Turning forty gave me the legitimate right to spend upwards of £20 on a beautiful candle without a single shred of guilt.  Call it a scented mid-life crisis if you will but better that my house smells of Diptyque Baies than my going clubbing on a Saturday night.

Although give me the chance to dance like nobody’s watching after a cocktail or three and I’m still there!

Embarrassing dance floor moments aside, I take the matter of ensuring that every room smells GOOD very seriously and love to adjust the scent with the seasons.

I am that person who likes to update their
hand wash according to the seasons…

Take a look at this post about getting more sniff for your sterling. And then go right ahead and order your fragrance range of choice… and revel in it!

Some of my long term favourites are from the aforementioned Diptyque, The White Company, Bella Freud (in particular Ginsberg is God), St Eval, the original Jo Malone London and Jo’s gorgeous new collection, Jo Loves.

For autumn, try Jo Malone’s new English Oak & Redcurrant Candle, The White Company’s appropriately named Autumn diffusers in bathrooms and St Eval’s Bay & Rosemary candle in the kitchen.

And yes. I am that person who likes to update their hand wash to something that’s seasonally appropriate and light a candle that smells like a log fire.

Shop some of my home fragrance favourites

stag cushion and knitted blankets

tea blankets and hygge

Blankets & Throws & cushions oh my…

There’s nothing better than building cosy nest corners for spontaneous hibernation happenings throughout the colder months.

Give me piles of blankets, chunky knitted throws and an abundance of cushions and I’m a happy autumnal bunny.

Once we hit mid September, away go the IKEA monochrome cushions and out come the stags! I love these cushions with a passion and am now on the lookout for some more to compliment them. Because you can’t have too many cushions.

There’s no such thing
as too much grey…

You probably already guessed I’m a huge fan of Lauren Aston’s chunky oversized knits from the amount of times my own blanket appears in my Instagram feed.

But also anything in cashmere (of course) works and the same goes with grey. There is no such thing as too much grey. This Oslo Also Home throw often gets stolen from the sofa and draped about my shoulders at the desk on colder days.

white baby boo pumpkins and white silk hydrangeas

Natural Resources

For me the key thing about the change in seasons is all about what’s going on outside my window, in the forest and down at the beach.

All the textures you could ever need are found in pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, pebbles, rocks, twigs and foliage.

I completely blame Pinterest for my white pumpkin obsession – both the larger ones and the small Baby Boo variety.

I have a Pumpkin Fixer!

Having got my local florist, Arcade Flowers, to track down some for this shoot, we now regularly have the white pumpkin chat and Emma will call me if she comes across some great specimens via her suppliers. She’s my Pumpkin Fixer!

Make friends with your local florist if you too are monochrome squash obsessed.

Speaking of flowers, I managed to successfully dry my last bunch of white hydrangeas at the end of summer. Placed in a smoky grey vase they make for gorgeous autumnal decoration.

log baskets filled with white pumpkins and ornamental corn

A new discovery for me is ornamental corn. I know – I never knew such a thing existed until I found it at the farm shop! I bought some last year and was told by the owner that you can pack them away and bring them out year after year. So far so good this season!

And finally, if you like the idea of filling your home with the smell of citrus and cinnamon then I can highly recommend giving the Autumn In A Bowl trick a go.

Should you come over all Arty Crafty Mummy (this rarely happens with me – too many glitter nightmares in days gone by), you can involve the kids in the conker gathering and the orange baking if they’re up for it.

If not then I highly recommend making it by yourself one evening accompanied by an autumnal soundtrack of Harry Connick Jr and a large glass of red.

cosy socks candles and a log fire

Candle Glow

There is nothing like candle glow from September all the way through to April and beyond as far as I’m concerned.

My preoccupation with tealights is second to none and don’t get me started on the different sized pillar candle options. And places you can place pillar candles for that matter.

Lighting candles isn’t just reserved for night time either. When its dark in the mornings, I light a couple of tealights on the kitchen window sill.  It makes the whole getting ready for the day/pre school departure/domestic rush time feel a bit calmer.

Biscuit cosied up on the rug

cuddles with the dog on the rug

Once I’ve walked the dog, I’ll light a scented candle somewhere in the vicinity of my desk and then usually blow this out around 5.00pm so that I can light a different one later on.

Told you. Obsessed.

Once the dark evenings draw in and I’ve finished work and sloped off to the kitchen, its time for more tealights on the window sill. This serves as my evening warm up for what Mr OS calls the main event, the grand lighting ceremony later on!

So our house is now officially in full fall flow and as I’m sure you may have already guessed, I’m already thinking about the changes I can make for Halloween and Christmas.

Over to you!

Do you like to make small seasonal adjustments to your home?

If so, what’s your favourite interior styling trick for autumn?

More Seasonal Interior Inspiration…

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3 comments on “Seasonal Updates For The Home | Autumn”

  1. I’m accessory mad too, I change my cushion covers with the seasons (I do spring/summer, autumn/winter and Christmas). The common factor is the colour grass green, my latest are from the white company (refreshing to be able to buy covers without the pads!). Our furniture is quite minimalist and a mix of good quality high street finds and more expensive higher end pieces. We’ve been lucky to find some of our better pieces second hand, saving up to 50%. I hope our furniture is classic enough to stand the test of time, and I can ring the changes by changing accessories.
    I did notice that Biscuit matches perfectly with your neutral scheme, I had to laugh as our walnut dining table sits on a black rug matching our rotweiller! Before we bought the table we wondered if the two colours would look like right together, we only needed to look at our pooch! (Oh and the dog’s favourite colour is green! LOL)

    1. Hi Sue,
      The changing of the covers thing is a good idea – I always ended up buying the whole thing! And I sometimes do wonder if we unintentionally choose dogs that blend – I love that your table and rug blend with your pooch.
      Its colour karma!

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