September 04, 2018

Time To Celebrate The New Season… And Create An Autumn Happiness List!

Autumn Happiness List

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hello autumn!

Why Hello!

Welcome back to the blog, a new season and the month of September! I hope the summer has left you feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to embrace all those back to school vibes that come with this time of year. I am giddy with joy (can you tell?), to be back and poised to pepper my posts with ALL the autumn leaf emojis! 🍁🍂🍁🍂

I don’t quite know when September became the new January but I’ve been embracing this season of fresh starts way before Pinterest birthed a gazillion Feeling Fall boards. Maybe its the fact that we’re still sporting the summer glow of August as opposed to preparing for three more months of winter Mehh that we face on January 1st. But there’s definitely something about September worth celebrating.

Ironically, I don’t ever remember feeling particularly joyous about going back to school all those years ago and yet as an adult, I’m fully on board with the brand new notebook/batch of freshly sharpened pencils concept. And not just in terms of excuses to purchase new stationery either.

Shopping for fresh bread simple pleasures

elevate the everyday buying a bottle of veuve clicquot

After the hazy days of summer heat and a much slower pace of life, I’m SO ready to embrace the feeling of fresh starts, blocks of time to myself again and begin another season of reinvention.

The older I get, the more in tune I become with the changing of the seasons… and the more I embrace and romanticise them too. Every season brings it’s elements of pure joy and autumn is my favourite.

This season of cosy definitely deserves it’s very own happiness list…

online stylist wearing bella freud 1970 jumper

My Autumn Happiness List:

A change in cooking and food habits. I’m looking forward to stews, hot pots, soups and slow cooked dishes made with with seasonal produce.

Time to revisit a wardrobe edit and pull to the front some things that might inspire me to start building that elusive capsule wardrobe. Oh and cashmere… did I ever mention that any season that involves cashmere ranks highly on the scale??

I’ll be bringing back blankets, throws, cushion nests and candles – all in copious amounts as soon as the temperatures start to fall!

There’s a pressing need for a creative project and it maybe as simple as just collating a seasonal mood board. This is one of those things that I don’t think you need a reason for. Just do it for fun and you never know what ideas will spark as you immerse yourself in the process.

shopping for bread and champagne

sitting on a bench in town square people watching

I want to stand on the back deck early in the morning wrapped in blanket, cradle a huge mug of tea and just “be” for five minutes.

This year I’m going to make a conscious effort to observe all the new seasonal changes as they happen. When you really look around you start to notice all the differences as summer fades away. The sounds, the smells, the air temperature changes and how all the plants and trees are reacting.

I’m vowing to take more photos of the forest and the beach. It’ll be a chance to work on my photography skills whilst gathering photos for my image bank… AND it’ll provide an excuse to get outdoors.

There’s a plan afoot to up my reading quota with the extra time spent indoors. I’ve so loved sticking to my read more intention this year and the season of hibernation is perfect for stretching buried in a book time a little further.

Make time for reflection. For me, autumn brings a sense of calm and time to reflect on the year so far. To think back to where I was this time last year… and the year before that if memory serves. How did I feel compared to now? It’s a good time to list all the positives of of the things I’ve learned… and  note – positives only! There’s no sense in dwelling on the negatives – they’re in the past for a reason.

carrying a string tote for food shopping essentials

sitting on a bench view from above

I plan on taking some inspiration from the trees shedding their leaves and carry on the process of simplifying life in and around the house. Keep it simple was one of my mantras for 2018 and I’m not done with this one by a long shot.

Take more baths! With the bathroom renovation soon to begin (full reveal in due course!), I plan on making our bathroom a sanctuary in which to soak away the stresses of life again.

And to finish, I think a new season is the perfect time to bring back Champagne Fridays. Not Cava, not Prossecco… champagne. Because it’s worth waiting all week for!

I just think this might be the best To Do list I’ve collated in a long time!

Will you be making an autumn happiness list this year and if so, what would be your number one item?

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11 comments on “Time To Celebrate The New Season… And Create An Autumn Happiness List!”

  1. Yes! I love everything about this. I’ve been decluttering like a demon and it’s amazing the calm that less stuff can create! I’m all for happiness lists too 🙂

  2. Spring may be my favorite season, but autumn (especially the first half) comes a close second! It’s still too warm for sweaters and boots, but I’m longing to wear them!

  3. Really enjoyed reading your post. I also love the beginning of this season as for me it’s all about planning my calendar for the quick short term Christmas Fairs which i exhibit at. But foremost I love the thought of being cosy, snug and warm.

  4. Great blog as always. Love the idea of a happiness list. I’m off to Ibiza but quite looking forward to wearing jumpers on my return! X

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