April 05, 2017

The April Beauty Edit

The April beauty edit

The April Beauty Edit

2017 seems to have re-ignited my love of hunting down new and previously untried beauty gems.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll always have my goto brand favourites that would make the shopping list cut over and over.

But in amongst the usual suspects are a few newbies creeping in. I’ve set myself a mission to achieve a healthier, less made up with added glow look on the make up front so I’ve been trying a few new products out in the process.

It sounds like a tall order but the plan is to attack from both the skincare and makeup front to hopefully achieve some sort of glow factor improvement as I (rapidly) approach the end of my forties.

I’ll keep you posted as to how that goes and share which products are working best.

Add to that the usual crop of scented candles, a new fragrance love and a the addition of a cult Instagram must-have and that’s me done for the month!

What’s on your beauty product shopping list this month?


Beauty Credits: Body Scrub c/o Rituals | Rose & Iris Soap  and Sentiment Pencils  c/o The White Company

4 comments on “The April Beauty Edit”

  1. I ‘m a few years ahead of you and have enjoyed the challenge of adapting my skincare and make-up to suit the inevitable changes in my complexion and skin tone, so good luck with this! In the meantime, Guerlain’s Liplift is great for anyone who, like me, enjoys wearing lipstick and doesn’t want the colour to spread!

    1. Hey Paula! I love that you enjoy the challenge of it – I totally get that! It feels like a bit of license to buy new products too doesn’t it?
      Loving the sound of the Guerlain Liplift – thank you!
      Amanda x

  2. Amanda, have you tried Lumity supplements? I’m on my fourth month and they have really made a difference to the texture and appearance of my skin. I’m in my fifties and started taking them to help ease the menopause (and I think they are working!) but I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my skin. Expensive (£79 a month) but I’m starting to think they are worth it! X

    1. Hi Linda,
      No I haven’t but thank you – I think I might look into it! Especially as I think I may be experiencing some early hormonal effects of the menopause. I’m 48 next month and having spoken with my Dr, it seems entirely likely!
      Thanks so much for sharing your tip!
      Amanda xx

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