June 27, 2016

On How To Posts & The Great Click Bait Debate

How To blog posts and the click bait debate

I’ve recently had a number of approaches from readers seeking help with either setting up a blog or just asking for blogging tips in general. Firstly, I’m thrilled to see that, despite the murmurings I hear from time to time about “blogging being over”, its still very much a thing and people are still really interested!

I have A TON of blogging advice in my head as anyone who’s attended the workshops that I co-host with hero will tell you. Sadly I don’t have the time to answer queries via email on an individual basis so it feels like a good a time as any to drop another post into the Hints & Tips series.

The difference between the amount of information available when I began in 2008 and what you can find now is vast, which in my view is such a good thing. As the blogging landscape continues to shift and change, there’s always something new to learn or somewhere else to find inspiration. We should take what we can from the stuff we find useful and run with it!

Without the occasional shot in the arm of inspiration or motivation from a fellow blogger, for me this whole thing would be a lot less fun!

…back in the day, I would have consumed these helpful posts as if they’d been dipped in white chocolate…

I was left with a bit of a nasty taste in my mouth recently when I saw a blogger being slated on Twitter for setting themselves up as an “expert in their field” and offering up advice in a number of “How To” type posts.

Back in the day, I would have consumed these helpful posts as if they’d been dipped in white chocolate – I needed all the advice I could get! And still do in lots of areas as the blog world expands and grows.

The general consensus seemed to be that the blogger was only doing it for click bait and the internet was already over populated with a plethora of these advice posts. But I’m pretty sure that for every person who doesn’t need them, there are lots of people who find them helpful at most and at the very least, inspiring. And click bait these posts might be…but aren’t we all looking for ways to increase our traffic? I know that’s one of the questions I’m asked most often!

marble flat lay with olympus camera laptop and copy of vogue

…but aren’t we all looking for ways to increase our traffic?

desk situation flat lay on marble

If these posts don’t float your boat, I have some advice – maybe don’t bother reading them or just unfollow the author. Move on and look elsewhere perhaps? Definitely a more positive way to pass the time than putting out negativity on Twitter… and all without actually naming the blogger concerned.

Anyhoo… to finish on a positive note, as is my wont, here’s a round up of some great blogging advice I’ve seen lately on my Internet travels. Whether you’re starting out on your blogging journey or you’ve hit that “What’s Next?” point, I hope you find something here to help and inspire…

starting out?

Things To Need To Know Before Starting A Blog – Living For The Now

Advice from another Amanda and ALL good! Getting Started,  Choosing A Platform and 5 Things To Prioritise On Your Homepage – Advice From A Twenty Something

Creating A Logo And Theme Design – Thrifts and Threads

Exactly What Goes In To Creating A Blog Post – Monica on The Elgin Avenue (aka The Guru!)

How To Increase Engagement With Your Blog Content – Media Marmalade

onwards through your blogging journey

Top 5 SEO Fundementals To Increase Blog Traffic – by Thrifts and Threads

How to create a media kit + a free template from Living For The Now

What It Takes To Turn Your Blog Into Your Career – Media Marmalade

How To Have The Compensation Conversation – Advice From A Twenty Something

The Importance Of Editorial Calendars And How To Set One Up – Chloé Digital

I hope by reading some of these you come across a ton of useful information that leads you onto yet more and more. I can highly recommend falling down an inspirational, knowledge filled rabbit hole once in a while!

4 comments on “On How To Posts & The Great Click Bait Debate”

  1. Really helpful post Amanda, just need to find some time to read EVERYTHING now. Nice to see your positive content as always x

    PS: If anyone besides Amanda reads this comment, I wholeheartedly recommend the bloggers’ workshop hosted by Online Stylist and Hero.

    1. Thanks so much Antonia! So great to see your blog and Instagram looking amazing – I’ve just spent a happy five mins browsing over coffee! So glad you enjoyed the hero blog workshop and hopefully there’ll be more in future! Amanda xx

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