online stylist disclosure page

online stylist disclosure page

affiliate linking

In order to facilitate an income, I use selective affiliate links via third parties within the text of my blog posts, via some clickable product images and within all products featured in the SHOP pages accessed via the homepage menu bar. I also may use affiliate links across my social media platforms.

Affiliate linking means that, if the reader makes a purchase from clicking the link or the image, I receive a small percentage of the sale in the form of a commission payment. This does not impact the cost of the product to the reader. You can find more information about affiliate linking here.

Any blog post that contains affiliate links will carry a disclaimer at the top with the word AD and will state that affiliate links are being used. If only some links are affiliate, those will be specifically marked as AD in addition to the disclaimer at the outset.

I partner with Reward Style to facilitate the majority of my affiliate links and you can read their Privacy Policy here.

paid for content

Maintaining the Online Stylist blog and its social media channels is my full time occupation and is therefore maintained as a business. In order to support this, I occasionally partner with carefully selected brands on sponsored content and other commercial activity.

This content will always be clearly marked as as AD in the blog post title and with disclaimer text at the start of the post.  I only ever partner with brands that I feel are a genuine fit with Online Stylist blog and my own lifestyle choices and the content is always under my editorial control.

The words “AD – Paid For Content” will preface any Instagram captions and on Stories Frames too. The same will apply for Twitter, FaceBook and Pinterest if appropriate.

All views and opinions expressed here are purely my own and will always be honest.

gifted product

I sometimes feature gifted items within blog posts and on Instagram. In these instances, (where there is zero obligation to post such gifts), I retain full editorial control and the brand has no input. In these blog posts, the disclaimer text will state that gifts are contained in the post with use of the words “[Gifted Items]“. Links to said items will be marked as [Gift].

Should I create a dedicated blog post in exchange for gift(s) with some brand input, the blog post title will be prefaced with “AD [Gifted Item]“.

If of my volition I decide to feature a gift from a previous paid or gifted collaboration in a later post, I will add a disclaimer stating ” xx gift was part of my previous collaboration with Brand X”. The relevant CMA timeline for this is gifts received within one year.

Events, trips, free travel or accommodation

If I attend any of the above and write about it on the blog or on Instagram, the blog post title and/or Instagram caption/Story frames will be prefaced with “AD – Gifted Trip“.

If you have any queries or require clarification regarding any of the above information, you may find this blog post helpful.  Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with me at: onlinestylist@me.com.