September 19, 2017

7 Tips For An Autumn Wardrobe Refresh

7 tips for an autumn wardrobe refresh


There’s only one thing better than the arrival of autumn… and that’s the chance for an autumn wardrobe refresh!

Once the summer starts to wane, and I mean truly wane, the time is right for a sartorial sort out.

Those first few blissful days… when the kids have gone back to school, the acorns underfoot are getting foot stompingly, satisfyingly crunchy and the mornings start to have that deliciously fresh feeing.

That’s when I can’t wait to switch things around on the sartorial front. It’s not called Cashmere Season for nothing!

So, in this my favourite fresh start month, I’m thrilled to partner again with one of my goto brands, The White Company, to bring you my tips for a fun and fulfilling wardrobe refresh.

Because lets face it, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as a thorough wardrobe edit all ready for a brand new season!

And when it comes to stocking up on new season basics, investment classics and of course cashmere, The White Company is pretty much always my first port of call.

Armed with a few good Spotify playlists, coffee and a bucket load of autumnal enthusiasm, I skip off to my wardrobes in the manner of a kid in a candy store. Or should that be a cashmere store?

Here’s how I ensure that my autumn wardrobe refresh is a painless, productive and pleasurable process…

autumn closet edit ready for the new season

online stylist wardrobe edit for the white company


In the process of a complete closet overhaul about a year ago, I edited down everything to the degree that I could pretty much keep it all in one room and eliminate the need for seasonal storage in the attic.

So now I try and be a bit more proactive by having regular mini wardrobe culls as and when. It’s a great way of figuring out what you truly do still wear… and quite satisfying when the mood to pull things out of the cupboards in a fit of minimalism strikes!

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone upstairs in search of a pair of socks, only to have Mr OS call up half an hour later to ask where I’ve got to.

By editing continuously, when it’s season change over time and everything has to come out for inspection, there’s a lot less to go through.

online stylist carrying pile of cashmere sweaters

Wearing: Hooded Cardigan | Cotton V Neck Long Sleeve Top | Zip Detail Joggers

online stylist folding cashmere sweater

carefully folded cashmere ready for storage

Leather Biker Boots | Velvet Lace Up Trainers | Cashmere Curved Hem Jumper

wardrobe staple the white shirt

Curved Hem Rectangle Shirt


When space allows, I like to keep as many transitional pieces to hand as possible and only pack away what I call the deep seasonal stuff.

A somewhat overheated lesson was learned one October when all my summer clothing had been vacuum packed into storage bags and I was left sweating out an unseasonal heat wave in heavy jumpers!

For the most part, when shopping I try to stick to items that will serve across the seasons and avoid too many definitive warm or cold weather purchases.

Call me sad but I really don’t like the process of putting any clothing into the attic, even it is adequately protected. It just feels plain wrong!

use a clothing rail to help edit your closet

invest in a new wool coat for winter

Wool Long Coat


Having treated myself to three more than one gorgeous basket bag this summer, I’ll be using mine for storage in the dressing room throughout the winter. They’re far too pretty to hide!

Other than that I use white canvas zip up boxes that sit atop the cupboards to store those truly seasonal pieces.

That way they’re still to hand and provide reassurance that one winter, when the chance to fly off somewhere that requires a kaftan and bikini presents itself, I’ll be ready!

Warm weather fantasies
keep the cold at bay…

It’s healthy to have warm weather fantasies throughout the colder months right?

I also now keep a rail in the dressing room. Not only does it come in really handy for work and keeping track of items I need to shoot, but at wardrobe edit time it comes into its own.

I use it to hang core pieces on and then pull out other items to build around them. This way you can identify the things you find yourself reaching for again and again. I’m looking at you white shirts and stretch black trousers!

arranging winter footwear wardrobe edit


So to the back (and by that I mean onto higher shelves or into canvas storage boxes atop the wardrobe), goes beachwear, distinctly summer dresses and bags that won’t weather any serious British downpours.

Then it’s on to the shoes. All the brightly coloured, tassel and fringe adorned sandals get put into a storage box and out come the ankle boots. Boy do I love seeing my ankle and biker boots back in rotation again!

Come September I move shorts to the back and bring the sweater piles to the forefront again – all the while doing a little Yay For Sweater Weather jig around the room.

using a folding board for sweaters

white company cashmere roll neck sweater

Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper


Can we just give the floor over to cashmere at this point??

I keep cashmere in storage bags all year round – I bought mine from The White Company some years back and they’ve been invaluable in protecting these precious pieces.

I place a few wooden cedar balls in amongst the layers inside for a little added insurance against the dreaded nibblers.

store cashmere with cedar balls

I had a moth incident once. Never gotten over it and don’t want to go there again!

Being a confirmed cashmere geek, I enjoy nothing more than seeing neatly folded piles of sweaters as they go into the bag. Don’t judge.

I followed in the footsteps of the Wardrobe Icons ladies and got myself a folding board. What can I say? My life made… right there!

Then it’s just a case of bringing the heavier weight pieces to the forefront and leaving the lighter summer knits to the back.

My goto cashmere this year will be a loose fitting roll neck and something long line to wear over skinny trousers and jeans… in grey of course.

relaxing with a glass of wine

cosy evenings indoors with a glass of red wine

time to read and relax

Wearing: Cashmere Curved Hem Jumper in Cloud Marl | Zip Detail Joggers


Not my favourtie part of the process… although that all changed slightly when I discovered how effective baby wipes can be at wiping down the cupboards and shelves. Who knew?

Vacuuming, dusting and baby wipe extravaganza over and done with, its time for the fun part – putting it all back in and maybe re-jigging some of the storage.

Yes… I am that person who likes to colour code within item type for the most part. What can I say? I’m a wardrobe nerd.

making notes for new staples and investment pieces


Possibly bordering on total and utter nerd quota now but as I’m re-arranging the contents, I make a Basics and Investment To Buy list on my iNotes.

Even the best stock of basics requires replenishment from time to time, especially if like me you wear the be-jeepers out of certain great pieces.

And when it comes to investments, as well as protecting them, it’s always a good idea to assess to see if they still truly fit with your style criteria.

Style should evolve with
all the stages of your life…

I’m a firm believer that style should evolve throughout all the stages of your life, so what was once an oft-worn classic may no longer float your sartorial boat.

That’s totally fine. If you no longer love that investment piece, admit it, kiss it goodbye and send it on its way via a friend, charity shop or a pre-loved clothing seller platform.

And then set about the joy of adding a new investment piece that you’ve been coveting for ages to your list.

white company velvet trainers

online stylist wearing white company leather biker jacket

Wearing:  Leather Biker Jacket c/o | Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper | Zip Detail Joggers | Velvet Lace Up Trainers – All from The White Company

Often for me that’s a major piece like a new winter coat. This season it was the turn of the biker jacket. I’ve been warbling on about ditching my faux leather version for the real deal for eons.

This one is simply the best thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to smooth, sniff and soothingly murmur to all at the same time!

A biker jacket, cashmere + joggers
is the ultimate in lazy girl luxe!

And for the basics this season’s list contains more cotton tops… and another pair of joggers to work at home in comfort. When you team them with cashmere and a biker jacket, it’s the ultimate in lazy girl luxe!

The iNote geekery comes into its own when you’re out shopping with funds to spend and wonder what on earth it was that you thought you really needed to add to your closet this season.

It also discourages those impulse purchases too. Mostly.

And there you have it! A potentially slightly geeky, but oh so enjoyable way to update your closet for the new season ahead.


Have you carried out your autumn wardrobe sort out yet and how do you go about deciding on what stays and what goes?

And what will you be putting on your basics and investment list this autumn?

Drop me a note in the comments below – other peoples wardrobes are like catnip to me!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with The White Company – a brand that I adore and am proud to feature as the first post on the new look blog!

Photography : Marlene Lee

Style Credits:  All White Company pieces featured were borrowed for the shoot with the exception of the Leather Biker Jacket which was gifted.

14 comments on “7 Tips For An Autumn Wardrobe Refresh”

  1. We’ve just had a family we litter of clothes. My girls had clothes in their wardrobe which were aged 9-13yrs! Seeing that they are 16 & 19, these items needed to go. I agree that style changes as one gets older, the little voice inside my head that says ‘your too old for that’ constantly needs silencing! I put my summer clothes in the loft and bring down the Autumn/ Winter clothes, it’s like ha I got an early Xmas!

    1. Well that must’ve been one satisfyingly good de-clutter Sue!
      I don’t think its so much about your actual age, more how you feel and also what makes you feel comfortable and happy.
      I get that feeling too when it comes to bringing out the boots again and sorting out sweaters – definitely an early Christmas vibe happening there!
      Amanda xx

  2. I must admit I’m a bit of a geek as far as organising my wardrobe goes. I’m lucky to have a dressing room too, even if I have to share with my OH! I do a big swap around twice a year, get rid of stuff I’ve fallen out of love with (charity shop, here I come!), and organise for the new season.
    I’m geeky enough to have an app to help me organise things. I can see exactly what gets worn and what doesn’t, I can tag things I think I may get rid of (which sometimes helps me fall back in love with some of them). I can identify holes in my wardrobe, but also what I don’t need any more of. All in all I’m more aware of my style, with the aim to be more directed and less of an impulse buyer!

    1. Gosh – am so impressed with your dedication to the cause! An App! I LOVE this!
      But no matter which way you go about it – a refresh for the wardrobe feels amazing doesn’t it?
      And the dressing room was the best thing we ever did. It was a spare room but now guests have a sofa bed in with the clothes. A concept I would be totally on board with if I was the guest!
      Amanda xx

  3. Hi – firstly just wanted to say I love the new look, and the whole ethos behind it. You really have been on a journey this last year – girl you’re a woman now!
    I had pangs of envy reading your post – I’d love to have a finely edited, organised wardrobe but I find it so hard. I love a good quality basic but I also love quirky pieces so the volume is just too much. I still have a big swap around twice a year, but I have to change this as I’ve been storing out of season clothes in the spare room, which needs to become my office, so I need to fit them all in the bedroom (oh, for a dressing room! It’s a small matter of £50k to convert the loft into a room for H, then I can have hers…)
    I am quite organised (I like to organise stuff by type, so casual shirts together, silk shirts together, slogan sweaters, that sort of thing) but I hang onto stuff I love but that doesn’t fit and I need to stop it. We have a fab shop in Brighton called Preloved, where I’ve sold quite a lot but I need to be ruthless and keep going – I feel quite inspired now, so thank you

    1. Aw Sharon – thank you so much!
      I do feel all grown up now!
      I know what you mean – editing back takes discipline – sometimes I’ve done it only to go out and buy more impulsive stuff. Only today I *may* have had to step away from all the lovely heritage tweed on the Mango site. I love it but don’t think it’ll last.
      Letting go of the old stuff is hard too but go on… I challenge you to have one almighty sort out! You’ll love it!
      Amanda xxx

  4. Love that cashmere roll neck. Charcoal cashmere…..a recurring theme in my wardrobe. I’m doing much the same but selling the items that I’ve barely worn in order to buy new items to fill any gaps. And I totally agree with having a great leather biker jacket as a key luxury piece. Bought mine online from Whistles sale with my fingers crossed about 5 years ago and still get excited when it’s time to wear it again. Great blog and love your style.

    1. I love that recurring charcoal cashmere is a recurring theme in your wardrobe Victoria!
      A brilliant idea to sell on the old stuff to provide funds for the new. And so with you on the leather jacket. For years I’ve worn my old faux leather one from Zara and honestly its done me so well but this baby… nothing compares I have to say!
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
      Amanda xx

  5. A wardrobe edit is on my list to-do this week! I’m totally with you on transitional pieces & building an all year round wardrobe with our climate these days! Whilst I always feel satisfied when the jobs done, it’s one of those things that I don’t find particularly fun to do & keep putting it off. Maybe you and Marlene should come round and help me?! Jo xxx

    1. Yay Jo – it must be Wardrobe Edit Week!
      In fact I’m sure there must be a National Wardrobe Edit Day??
      I think the year round closet is definitely the way forward – the minute you put anything into storage you can pretty much guarantee a freak weather happening.
      I LOVE a good wardrobe edit and wish I had more time to do it more often. I’ll send Marlene round – she’s a firm but fair decision maker when it comes to what goes and what stays!
      Amanda xx

  6. And I thought I was the only one to sort their wardrobe from season to season …….. I feel like I’ve ‘come home’! (I even fold my knitwear in tissue paper ….. I love the ‘crunchy’ sound it makes….stops the creases too)!
    As for the leather biker jacket, I can see why you fell in love with it. I’ve just worn mine for the first time today (at your blogging workshop). An impulse buy a couple of years ago from Mint Velvet (real women doin’ it for real women).

    1. Hey Janine!
      Loving the crunchy element from the tissue paper – not one I’d thought of!
      Your jacket was gorgeous by the way and it was so great to meet you at the workshop – I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful!
      Have a great week!
      Amanda xx

  7. This has really inspired me to sort out my crazily unorganised wardrobe Amanda. Love all your tips, especially the one about the rail to help focus what you actually have and need. I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothes, especially dresses?! but I’m definitely going to charity a lot of stuff and make way for some new and much more organised space! Thank you!

    1. You’re so welcome Karen and thrilled to have helped on the wardrobe sort out inspiration front! Its a favourite pastime of mine I have to say.
      Have fun getting organised…ready for lots of lovely new winter gorgeousness!
      Amanda xx

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