February 22, 2018

5 Wellness Habits To Adopt Before Spring

5 wellness habits to adopt before spring

the wellness habits helping to fuel my spring fever!

You know me by now. Yep… the one sitting over here with a tendency for over-excitement at anything to do with rituals and simple pleasures!

And an overwhelming penchant for celebrating the forthcoming season… sometimes months weeks in advance.

By May, I’m in full on summer mode with Rosé and sunsets forming a fitting end to a busy day. By the end of September, I’m the one Instagramming every fallen leaf and Pinterst-ing cozy coffee moments.

I S  I T  R E A L L Y  S T I L L  O N L Y  F E B R U A R Y ?

And by the end of February, where I (still) find myself now, I’m coming down with a case of spring fever in a serious way. Is it really still only February people??

We may have some weeks to go before spring actually pops it’s pretty, fresh head up through the muddy earth. But I find that the lead-up and anticipation of the next season lurking just over the horizon is almost as much fun as the actual season itself.

cosied up on the sofa under a cashmere blanket

With warmer temperatures a mere exposure of a bare ankle away, I find myself giving more focus to wellbeing and self-care. This should of course be a year-round pursuit but I know I’m not the only one who allows the winter cold (and the pressing need to hibernate under blankets) to scupper a few good habits.

A D O P T I N G  A  L I G H T E R  M I N D S E T  F O R  S P R I N G…

Maybe it’s the freshness that spring brings with it or just a new lighter mindset? Whatever the reason, wellness habits feel like a top priority for the season ahead and they keep cropping up in both my mental and Pinterest mood boards.

If I could streamline all those thoughts and mood pins into five goals and wellness habits to share with you for the season, they’d pretty much look like this…

cashmere scented candle and cosy throw

Embracing Paired Back Beauty

Since embracing the less is more approach to makeup coverage at the start of the year (Bobbi Brown you are my skin saviour!), I feel a little ahead of the game with this beauty perma-trend.

In my late forties, I find that accepting that my “glow” will turn out nothing like the re-touched, filtered “natural beauty” shots I see in magazines and online is half the battle.

I refuse to cake my face in makeup on a daily basis to try and achieve the unattainable. Going with what you’ve got and making the best of it is the way forward.

My skin is what it is and as I countdown to fifty, I’ve learnt how to care for it in the ways that suit. By that I mean with products that fulfil my skins needs but that also form an important part of those elevate the everyday rituals.

As time becomes more precious, I not only appreciate the indulgence of a luxury product both on my face and the bathroom shelf, but I’ve also learnt to streamline my beauty routines for both night and morning.

Anything that allows my head to hit the pillow or put me in front of the Nespresso machine quicker is alright with me!

paired back beauty buys


More Plant-based foods

This can be a bit of a struggle if you live with others who are out and out meat-eaters and insist there needs to be meat with every meal. But I would still recommend having a few veggie-based recipes to hand too.

I eat meat in most and fish in some forms but I really don’t feel it has to be on my plate for every dinner to be complete. I don’t think any of us feel that way Chez Online Stylist… perhaps with the exception of Biscuit!

When you’re a parent, it soon becomes your life’s mission to try and get more fruits and vegetables into your kid’s diet. As the years tick onwards, I’m just now trying to adopt that for myself too. I find that lunchtime is an easy one for me to try and up the veg intake and focus on other sorts of protein.

cosy corner with candles and white tulips

My friend and fellow blogger Monica recently included a link to an amazing lunch recipe in her Croissant Reading email. BTW this email is my weekend treat… if you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so here on Monica’s homepage!

It was this Houmous, Greens & Avocado Bowl over on Camille Styles and I made it this week – oh my goodness this is just delicious! I managed to get through until dinnertime without snacking and I wasn’t left with any of that afternoon slump that I talked about here.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

recipe and blog links

15 Vegetarian Dinners That Are Packed With Protein – Camille Styles
Half Baked Harvest
Love & Lemons
The Awesome Green

everyday luxuries cashmere fresh flowers and scented candles

Try Some Supplements

I’ve pretty much taken some sort of multi-vitamin supplement for most of my adult life and in the last few years, added in some omega 3 and fish oil capsules too.

As life marches onward, charting its progress with the achy, creaky things you only start to notice past the age of forty five, I’m becoming more open to the idea of supplements for both health, wellbeing and general beauty too.

Spring feels like the natural season to get your body feeling its best, so trying out a few supplements here and there feels appropriate.

It’s all quite new to me so I’m aiming to strike the right balance and adopt a sensible approach.

Knowing my own weaknesses, I need to ensure that I don’t fall prey to all that slick marketing. For instance, I’m fairly sure if I take this I will look like Elle Macpherson. Although in all seriousness, if you’ve tried The Super Elixir and love it, do tell!

I recently tried a nutritional supplement in the hopes it would help with all manner of things (sleep deprivation, hormone fluctuations etc), only to find it made me feel nauseous most of the time. I think you have to be open-minded and have an appreciation that what works for someone else may not suit you.

I did dabble with some teas and supplements from Pukka a while ago so I might look into some more of those. And I’ve just been sent a bottle of Neuro Rest, a natural sleep remedy from Utmost Me, to try, so I think that’s a good start.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything that you’ve found to work well?

Supplements to try


Smoothie Bowl Recipe using The Super Elixir Alkalising Greens via Caroline Høgh Groth

scents of spring the white company cashmere candle

At home workouts

Working out at home has always been an option, yet it’s not something I’ve truly given much attention to.

While the days are still quite chilly, a handful of push-ups, some pilates inspired planks followed by a few minutes of some moves to get the blood pumping doesn’t seem like the worst idea in the world.

At the very least, a couple of online yoga videos a week is sure to help towards some spring wellness goals.

There are so many free online resources right there on your computer or mobile device… and they come with the added benefit of no monthly membership outlay or having to actually get to a gym.

Though I think I may be on the receiving end of the disapproving side eye (and/or enthusiastic participation) from Biscuit if I attempt a work out in her living space. If I dance round the room (which happens more frequently than you might think), she joins in without fail.

I’ll keep you posted on how this one goes!

More Online Workouts

Yoga With Adriene
The Nike+ Training App (as recommended to me by Mr OS).
The Body Coach on YouTube

minimal spring vignette

Self Care

And finally, saving the best for last!

This one forms a big part of my positive mantra set for 2018, so in my view there is simply no better time to start bestowing self-love and care upon yourself than when spring begins to show up.

Self care is completely necessary for a well-lived life, body and soul.

It comes in many forms but for the simplest, why not set aside 20 minutes of me time in the morning (perhaps that involves an earlier alarm?), a walk to break up your work day or a cup of nighttime tea when the house is (finally) quiet. This does happen on a rare occasion!

Give time over to yourself without guilt or agenda and I pretty much guarantee your sense of wellbeing will improve in an instant.

Hopefully none of these seem too overwhelming and fairly easy to achieve for the season (and rest of the year) ahead… maybe you’re interested in incorporating similar habits?

I love to hear if you have any wellness practices that can be added to an already full life at pretty much any time.

Feel free to drop me a comment below!
Amanda xx

📌 Pinning My Way To Wellness For Spring 📌

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Wise Words
Elevate The Everyday

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STYLE CREDITS:   Cashmere Candle – The White Company c/o |  Cashmere Throw, Aurelie Vase and Cashmere Bed Socks – all The White Company (borrowed for this Instagram shoot) | Drew Bamboo Table – Habitat | Sonoma III sofa – Next | Jools Prescription Glasses Frames by Superdry

6 comments on “5 Wellness Habits To Adopt Before Spring”

  1. Gorgeous post Amanda. For supplements try Wild Nutrition – lovely company and all natural food state. You can also call for a free consultation and they sill recommend what you need for specific things. Can’t recommend them enough!
    Laura x

  2. Loved this post Amanda. I must try some of the recipes you listed. I really want to try and eat a little less meat… I live with meat lovers but will sneak more veggies in as it’s good for us all!! I have gone from being a gym bunny to doing all my work outs at home! I have been following Robin on The Balanced slide for a couple of years for her fab Pilates work outs and have just discovered Yoga with Adrienne. It felt odd working out at home initially but being able to fit in a Pilates or yoga work out in my pj’s before work etc is great!

    1. Thanks so much Kareema!
      I think work outs at home are the way forward when life gets hectic – at least its still doing something which is such a positive thing!
      And thanks for the tip about Robin’s blog – now bookmarked and following! Pilates in PJs rocks if you ask me!
      Amanda xx

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