August 09, 2017

5 Things To Consider Before Making That Investment Bag Purchase

ready to make that investment bag purchase

Ready To make that investment bag purchase?

You know the one I’m talking about.

The one you’ve coveted all your life but still (Ahem… at the age of 48), not gotten around to treating yourself to yet.

And before I go any further – a note on spending that much money on a bag.

I know people who will baulk or maybe even weep at the thought of shelling out for an expensive handbag… regardless of whether they can or can’t afford it.  The concept isn’t for everyone and so I say each to their own.

Owning any luxury item doesn’t make you a better person. It won’t enrich your life in the same way that some things that cost nothing do.

But if you work hard and either save up for a once in a lifetime purchase or can afford to curate a collection over the years then I say more power to you. Whatever floats your boat, you only live once etc.

My dream investment bag purchase has changed a number of times over the last few years so I’m glad that I’ve still yet to commit.

givenchy Antigona clutch céline sunglasses

In the style experimental, easily influenced by every blog I looked at years, it was always a Chanel 2.55 that I wanted. I even got to spend the week with one so perhaps thats how I got that one out of my system.

In the same vein but way more affordable, I pledged allegiance to Michael Kors bags and over the years have owned one or two and was also very lucky to be gifted one after a shoot I did in London.

Fast forward several years and after seeing them everywhere, their shiny affordable luxe appeal quickly began to wane.

When you’re attending a senior school open evening with your daughter and she points out that the fourteen year old walking in front of you is carrying the Jet Set Tote in black, the aspirational factor has a tendency to dissipate faster than you can say “It’s possibly a fake but still, its the principal of the matter!”

I still dream of owing some Kors one day
but this time it’ll be something in cashmere…

I still adore the Kors label – his breed of Manhattan luxe will aways be one of my favourite shows to live stream and I still dream of owning a piece of clothing – preferably a little something in cashmere. One day.

Then Sophie Hulme popped up on my radar and for the longest time I lusted after an Albion Leather Box bag in medium.

Never quite being brave enough to save and then shell out for one, instead I got impatient, caved in and bought the small cross body bag which I absolutely love.

And acknowledging my more recent style leanings and cravings means that these days it’s all about the CÉLINE  Medium Box Bag in black.

The céline box bag is the bag I covet
with every fibre of my (minimal) being…

This is the bag I covet with every fibre of my being and am willing to part with my hard-earned money for. I will carry it like a minimalist badge of honour and love and cherish it always.

So back to the moment of truth. You’re thinking of investing…

what should you consider?

Consider second hand

When I looked in store at CÉLINE last year, they were still selling the box bags but if new isn’t an option then I’ll happily consider second hand. From the right place.

I’ve yet to make a major purchase via Vestiaire Collective but have so far only heard good things about this pre-owned luxury fashion site.

Right now there’s at least one black CÉLINE Classic Box Bag in medium available which I’m having to studiously ignore due to a number of financial business commitments I have in the pipeline.

But my time will come…and when it does I’ll definitely be checking out what Vestiaire has to offer in the way of CÉLINE.

My Vestiaire Picks

Occasion Vs Everyday

Will you want to carry it everyday or will it it be an occasion bag? Personally I don’t believe in saving the good stuff for a special occasion that might never happen.

Every bag looks way better on your arm than it does on in shelf, hidden away in its dust cover.

That said, if you have plenty of cocktail opportunities at your disposal then maybe the dream statement clutch is way more your bag (yes… fully intended), than the everyday, carry the kitchen sink tote.

Which leads me onto…

sophie hulme bag white hydrangeas

Size is everything!

In this case, it really is. In all honesty, as much as I love my Sophie Hulme cross body bag, the more practical option to ensure maximum usage would have been to save a little longer and size up to the medium Albion.

Whilst having the smaller version has forced me to stop carting so much cr*p around on a daily basis, a little more room on occasion would be useful.

But I’ve learnt to love my black cotton totes as an additional carry-all so we’re good.

But if you know you can’t make do with a smaller bag for any occasion, wait, save up some more and hang out for the one that you can use as much as you want to.

I think they call that a case of do as I say not do as I do!

are you a style match?

A.P.C. Bag | Acne Sweater | Topshop Denim Cut-offs | CÉLINE Bag | Equipment Shirt | Baukjen Leather Trousers | Sophie Hulme Tote | Topshop T-Shirt | Anine Bing Jeans

It is possible to love and covet a bag that won’t actually suit anything you have in your wardrobe.

Before you make the pilgrimage to buy your dream bag, are you really sure you have your style nailed yet?

As mentioned above, my sartorial incarnations have been numerous so I’m glad I’ve waited this long.

I think céline goes better with COS…

These days my investment bag list includes the more minimalist leanings from the likes of A.P.C., Mansur Gavriel, Givenchy and J.W. Anderson. Oh and a Gucci Soho Disco shoulder bag wouldn’t go amiss either.

I think the CÉLINE box bag will compliment my copious amounts of COS way better than the Chanel would have done.

If you’re not done perfecting your own style trials, DO NOT buy that bag yet. It could end being a serious regret – albeit an investment regret.

Get it insured

If you’re finally about to be introduced to the bag of your dreams and skip off into the sunset together, don’t forget about insurance.

Check your household policy to see if you can list valuable items and make sure they’re covered outside the house too. You might need to purchase this as an extra.

There’s also specialist designer handbag insurance available and whilst I’m sure it’s pricey, it might be worth looking into.

When, one fine day, I make my CÉLINE purchase, in all honesty I’ll be turning to the Actuary husband for advice.  He’s the expert on all things insurance and I bow to his expertise.

If he wants style advice, I’m here for him too!

So that’s it. No more excuses for putting off the once in a lifetime purchase.

Once you’ve got the funds together, take a deep breath and repeat after me… “Life is short – buy the bag…”

STYLE CREDITS: Shirt – ASOS WHITE : short sleeved version here | Givenchy Antigona Clutch | Nails – NARS in Ecume | CÉLINE Sunglasses | Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette | Sophie Hulme Small Cross Body Bag | Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour | Bluetooth Headphones – Sudio

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4 comments on “5 Things To Consider Before Making That Investment Bag Purchase”

  1. I love the Loewe puzzle bag, although I’ve yet to see one in the flesh, maybe that’ll cure me! (In the past it’s been both mulberry and chanel).
    As it is I’ve invested in middle price range good quality bags. It would be fair to say I have a few! And I do use them, this summer I’ve been using a small shoulder (convertible to cross body) bag that was my first purchase after deciding to stop buying cheaper alternatives. It’s about 7 years old, so by now cost per wear must be way down.
    I do dream of an investment bag, but I may have to conceded I’m too much of a chameleon for it to be my bag!

    1. I think thats exactly the worry when it comes to investing in the big bucks bag – what if your tastes change and you no longer love it?! Argh!
      It sounds like your mid=price strategy is working well though – I have one or two of those too but know I’ll aways hanker after that CÉLINE… am sure it’ll be worth the wait! xx

  2. Hermes Birkin is a true icon…but how practical…will I want longer straps? Will I get nervous if I’m using it in the rain? More importantly can I live in it…when I have to sell my house to buy it?

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