April 23, 2018

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Spring

4 ways to make the most of spring

how I plan to make the most of spring

Phew… it’s been a busy few weeks over here at Online Stylist HQ, also known as my desk in the living room… and sometimes even the sofa. When H was on Easter school holidays, it forced me to step away from that desk and enjoy the emergence of spring… even if it was a somewhat hesitant one!

Isn’t it funny that somehow, the busiest of schedules can quite literally force us to escape work for a while? And to remember that there’s a whole world out there, still bustling along as you’re nose down in work? I’ve really grown to appreciate this and I think that since taking on a new attitude to work this year,  I’ve found it a whole lot easier.

So with that continued, more balanced mindset, I have a plan to make the most of spring, this gloriously fresh season.

If you’re looking to do the same, I thought I’d share four simple ideas…

white lighthouse in the sunshine

perfect white painted lighthouse against a blue sky

Spring clean more than your wardrobe

This season is the ideal time to go through every item in your wardrobe and edit and sort… something I’ve already done! But it’s also the perfect time to declutter other areas of your life.

Think of spring as an invite to go through all areas of technology and clear out old files, texts, and photos. I started this process in the New Year but need to get back and re-visit the task. It’s amazing how quickly you can amass a lot of “stuff” that serves as nothing more than a hard drive or cloud storage space clog-up. Not only that but taking the time for a thorough edit really makes everyday work so much slicker.

In the same vein, declutter those commitments that aren’t serving you well anymore. Or that you find yourself cancelling on every week.

Ponder the people you spend time with – could you distance yourself from anyone bringing constant negative energy? It might be time to spring clean relationships as well or address any underlying issues that have been causing you low level stress for a while now.

yachts moored on a calm river

dressed for spring walk on a warm day

online stylist wearing khaki white company parka

W E A R I N G :   Sunglasses – Quay Australia | Cotton Parka  – The White Company | Shirt – Arket (old) : similar here at & Other Stories | Bag – Mango (old) : similar here | Jeans – J.Crew | Sneakers – Converse

Try a new colour

Let’s face it, I’m a neutral hoarder – this is not news! Grey, white, navy, and black are among my best friends. This is what I’m absolutely comfortable in and whilst that won’t ever change on a grand scale, spring serves to remind me that a little bit of colour wouldn’t completely kill me…  I don’t think…

Here’s me giving colour a try… yep a blue shirt and khaki toned parka is probably about as close as I’ll get to that one but Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s a (small) step out of my comfort zone.

If you’re a paid up member of Neutrals Anonymous alongside me (I now have VIP status), introducing a little colour might be a fresh take on the wardrobe to brighten it up. One item at a time will do!

One style element that I’m always drawn to are lighter, more seasonal accessories. I’m already breaking out the baskets and straw bags and once the weather warms up little more, out will come the sandals – I can’t wait!

spring walk on the beach on a hazy sunny day

sail boats on the river

Host al fresco

After being cooped up indoors, moaning about the never ending winter for what seems like eons, I’ve been craving a little soiree outside.

If you love to entertain, the thought of hosting a get together won’t be a struggle, but like me, maybe you’re probably fed up with being indoors?

I blame it on Pinterest, but I’m dreaming of a evening outside under twinkle lights, a long wooden table and maybe even cushions and blankets on the grass instead of chairs.

I’d keep things nice and easy on the prep and effort front with lots of cheese, meats, fruit on wooden platters and finger foods – as much as I love our new kitchen, I don’t want Mr OS and I to be in it if everyone else is out in the garden!  The main thing is that conversation and wine is flowing and guests can enjoy a moment to anticipate the (fingers crossed), long summer ahead.

Now I just need to find an excuse to bring this one to fruition – answers on a postcard please!

view from Hurst point to the Isle of Wight

standing on the shore looking out to sea

family walks by the river in spring

Resurrect the family walk

If family walks are part of your routine but they’ve been sidelined due to the long winter, welcome them back. If you’re looking for more quality time, these are the best excuse to get everyone together while being active and exploring nature.

Admittedly, you’ll have to take into account that crucial point at which it turns from family fun into a moaning session.

Case in point the walk we did here. It was a long way out to the lighthouse but we did it anticipating we could catch the ferry back. Cue one (very) small wooden boat and a long line of people with the same idea later and we had to deal with the walk back. Enough said!

Whether you have young kids with little legs that sometimes can’t go the distance or teens that, well, sometimes don’t want to go the distance, it’s good to know yours and your family’s limits. Otherwise you’re in for a whole world of pain!

staring up at the lighthouse

That said, there’s a lot to be said for getting out in the fresh air, chatting without agenda and being away from technology. After all, relationships and nature are both known to boost our endorphins, so this combination takes some beating for feel-good things that cost nothing.

Even a short walk on a sunny evening after dinner will tick so many important boxes.

With all that said, I have a very pretty-faced labrador making “Walk Me” eyes from across the room and the sun is currently making an appearance (insert ecstatic face emoji here), so I’m off to put at least one part of my spring plan into action.

I hope these ideas help to give you a boost into the new season. Feel free to drop me a comment below to let me know how you’re planning to make the most of spring!

Amanda xx

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6 comments on “4 Ways To Make The Most Of Spring”

  1. Brilliant blog post Amanda,I agree with every word. Love getting outside with the dog and the Decluttering is underway.
    The only excuse you need for alfresco get togethers is it’s not raining!!
    Love the photos they are stunning.

  2. A walk on a sunny evening after dinner – such a simple idea but I can’t remember the last time I did that. I work shifts so I get only four evenings out of ten where I’m either not working or don’t have to get up at 5am the next day. A walk after dinner on one of those four evenings is definitely going to happen!

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