January 05, 2018

3 Positive Mantras I’m Adopting For 2018

3 positive mantras for 2018

3 positive mantras for 2018

So how’s 2018 shaping up for you so far? Are you feeling in the flow with any goals and intentions you might have already set? Note the distinct lack of the use of the “Resolution” word around here!

Or are you still in the post-Holiday Season hibernation zone and not quite there yet?

As I’ve shared previously, this year is definitely going to be one of less for me – and I have to admit, even just having this in mind at this early stage of the game feels pretty darn good. Whilst trying to do less in a busy life may not always fall in favour, just making this simple mindset shift has already made a huge difference to how I feel.

That and taking a proper break at Christmas and stepping away from the desk for over a week.

As with any goal, I know that doing less isn’t always going to come easy. Up until recently, social media and human nature have declared, on repeat, that we should always be busy, hustling or running ourselves ragged in order to succeed.

But the tide is slowly turning and along with it, I’m seeing a subtle shift in attitude and approach.

I ‘ V E  A L W A Y S  B E E N  K E E N  O N  T H E
I D E A  O F  P O S IT I V E  A F F I R M A T I O N S . . .

To help get myself firmly in the right mindset, along with clearing my calendar more often and relinquishing those pesky personal pressures, I’m arming myself with a few positive mantras for 2018.

I’ve always been keen on the idea of positive affirmations, but beyond frequent Pinterest splurges here, I’ve never fully stopped and taken the time to find some that could actually work for me.

And I’ve definitely never been intentional about placing them into my daily internal lingo. A meaningful Pinterest quote is all well and good but unless you can apply it easily to real life then it only serves as stylish brush letting in a monochromatic print to hang on the wall.

Online Stylist home office space

A mantra should be your support system of sorts – one to rely on daily to help keep you on track.

I love the idea of having some that really feel like mine. A phrase I can repeat as I start the day and can rehearse and reiterate whenever I feel myself falling from the intention of doing less.

So, after some intensive research excessive Pinterest and blog trawling and asking friends for their thoughts, I sorted through the ones that really stood out for me.

Because, as with any goal or intention, I believe a positive mantra will only work if it really means something to you.

My positive mantras for doing less in 2018

With the doing less at the forefront of my mind, these three stood out to me. I hope one (or all three!) will hit home and inspire you too…

Self care comes first

2018 is not only the year of doing less, but it’s also the year of self care. This has been on the back-burner for quite some time (read the last two to three years), so I’m looking forward to shifting my focus this year.

With that adage that goes along the lines of fixing your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs ringing in my ears, this is an excellent mantra for when you start to feel bogged down with tasks, calendar requests and demands from others.

You don’t always have to jump when someone says so. You can say no more often (I know several people who have “No” as their word of 2018!), and you can push back and offer an alternative so that the needs of others are fulfilled on your own schedule.

Before you de-value yourself once more and add one more thing to that To Do list, stop.

Let self care be at the top of that list.

clean minimal desk set up

I have enough, I do enough, I am enough

2017 was a huge year of professional growth and #LadyBoss moments for me. And whilst that felt empowering, it was in equal parts exhausting. End of year fatigue set in on 1 December like never before.

As a business owner, in fact, just as a woman in general, it’s so easy to feel like we can do more and should be more – even when we are and have enough already.

I love this affirmation to start the day with and I think it might take pride of place on this year’s mood board above my desk.

It’s a positive reminder that I’m pretty sure most of us will relate to on some level or another.

Keep it simple

No affirmation could be more simple… and therein lies it’s perfection.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself making a decision or a particular situation (and therefore life), more difficult for no good reason. This I intend to change right away.

Whether this mantra guides you in those personal decisions that have the ability to impact life in really significant ways or are as pure and simple as keeping less in your closet, I hope this one speaks to you in some way.

I know it has for me. And watch out closet… I’m coming for you!

Seeing these on the page in black and white reiterates how achievable they are and if I can keep them at the forefront of my mind, doing less in 2018 should be a cinch.

Do you feel the same positivity flow through you whilst reading them?

Whether you relate to my personal mantras above, or want to create and find your own, I hope that they can provide that support system we all sometimes need.

Over To You!

I’d love to hear if you’ve experimented with mantras in the past – or if you currently have any that guide you in daily life.

Feel free to share in the comments below or pop over to Instagram where I’m championing the hashtag #SimplifyIn2018 and say Hi!

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8 comments on “3 Positive Mantras I’m Adopting For 2018”

  1. Love the blog and has got me thinking…simplifying your life…is simple but as you say most effective. Something I need to do. If I’m confused or can’t make a decision – whatever the situation, I ask myself ‘ how’s it working for you?’. It makes me evaluate the surrounding circumstances, what I’m doing and hesitate before jumping in, possibly stops me from making repeat mistakes. Thanks for the blog really set be up for the day.

    1. Thank you Dawn and you’re so right – to make everything more simple is to be effective… and doesn’t it sound so appealing after all the craziness of Christmas? Although I do love the craziness too!
      I love your method of evaluating before jumping in – all too often I jump I think. More haste… less speed!
      Amanda xx

  2. Happy new year !
    I have always adhered to the keep it simple mantra (k.i.s.s aka keep it simple silly!)
    This year it sounds like you will be embracing minimalism re closet etc ?
    Have loved reading your blog recently !
    Enjoy your ‘ less is more ‘ year

    1. Hi Ashley… Happy New Year to you too!
      It’s a good mantra to adhere too and I think that this is the year EVERYTHING gets paired back… including the closet. I think I have a knack for getting carried away with clothes but 2018 is the time to strip it right back.
      I’ll be borrowing your Keep It Simple mantra as I attack the rails!
      Amanda xx

  3. Oh yes to this! I agree and love your plans. I too am going to try more self-care and focus more on what I love doing this year. I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of producing content and not thinking. Happy new year lovely xx

  4. Happy New Year Amanda. I totally agree….I started on a self care path took a step back to slow down a little and take the time to do things I enjoy ( or rather need such as Pilates for my back) in November as it was just all getting a bit too much. It has helped tremendously and I will continue in 2018.

    1. Happy New Year Kareema!
      Well done re the Pilates and I got back into it for the same (back related) reasons. Its so important to look after both our bodies and minds isn’t it?
      Here’s to lots more of that this year!
      Amanda xx

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