November 16, 2018

18 Ideas For Minimal Holiday Season Decorating

minimal holiday season decorating

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minimal holiday season decorating

If you’ve been reading OS blog or followed along on Instagram for some years, you’ll know that not only do I love Christmas but in the past, I had a tendency to go ALL OUT when it came to decking the halls. Some might say I still do but I deny all knowledge of this.

I mean we’re not quite talking the Clark W Griswold scale of the twinkle lights on the house or yomping off into the countryside to chop down our own tree. But there has been more than one occasion where Mr OS has given me that look that says “I don’t think there’s anymore space in the house for decorations!”

Since we installed the wood burner and gradually began redecorating around the house, I’ve been attempting to pair back the Christmas colours to a more monochrome palette. And cut back on the sheer number of surfaces that I feel a need to adorn. No really I have.

I think said it before but a certain teen gives me a hard time about my monochromatic tendencies at Christmas. 2016’s Holiday Season decorations took some cajoling let me tell you – there were reindeer antlers at dawn over the Santa tree topper that had red and green in it!

Each year I’ve been replacing a few of our original decorations with things that reflect our interiors tastes in the here and now. And (don’t fall off your chair) but I don’t feel the need to get every single thing out of the boxes come December. Less is more… even when it comes to Christmas. And my less is possibly more than a lot of people’s less!

As for all the original stuff gathered over the years – I’m saving that to give to H so that she can deck her own halls one day down the line. If ever there was a John Lewis ad in the making, surely that’s a story line they can use! On a side note – I think they played a blinder this year with Elton.


I know there will be those who will be shaking their head and saying that the word minimal should not be seen in the same sentence as Christmas and to that I say, each to their own.

I’m starting to think of it along the lines of my unfussy leanings when it comes to clothes and the dressing conundrum that weddings present. Not that I go to many these days but still.

Why would the woman who likes the minimal lines of COS and Arket all of a sudden stick a fascinator on her head because she has to step inside a church? Just because you feel you have to to fit in with everybody else, doesn’t mean you have to.

You do you.

Anyhoo, after that smidge of digression, because I know your busy and the pressing matter of Christmas adornment is lingering tantalisingly round the corner, I’ll get to the point with a few ideas for minimal holiday season decorating…


Set of 2 Tree Log Holders – Cox And Cox  |  2  Cone Light – Amara  |  3  Scandi House Tea Light Houses – Cox And Cox  |  4  3D Slim Tree – Amara  |  5  Chunky Knit Stocking – Lauren Aston Designs  |  6  Dressed Nordic Star – The White Company  |  7  Winter Scented Ceramic Bell Decorations – The White Company  |  8  Paper Honeycomb Ball – Amara  |  9  Standing Star Lantern –  Amara  |  10  Moose Ornament – Amara  |  11  Set of 3 Paper Trees – Amara  |  12  34 Assorted White Baubles – Amara  |  13  2 Paper Star Garlands – The White Company  |  14  Set of 3 Tree Ornaments – Heals  |  15  Cotton Wreath – Cox And Cox  |  16  Small Pine Cone Wreath – Amara  |  17  Mini Conifer Tree – The White Company  |  18  Metal Tree Ornament – Amara

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Header Image: Beaded Star Decoration at The White Company

4 comments on “18 Ideas For Minimal Holiday Season Decorating”

  1. I don’t think I can call our Christmas decorations minimalistic, but there are tendencies.
    My tree is definately not minimalistic, from the tree skirt (patchwork in greens and whites that I made about 12 years ago), to the decorations that can be anything from full on glitter to fabric hearts, topped with a Danish Georg Jensen star. The colour scheme has been green and white for the last few years, including the White Company bells.
    The rest of the house is where the minimalist tendencies come in – I love Danish minimal decorations, so I hang glass and ceramic baubles and hearts from the bannisters and have Kahler ceramic tree candle holders on the window sill (we don’t have a mantle, so two long window sills that are high up are where I go let loose).
    I tend to buy one or two items each year, so my style develops, but still reflects our house and it’s decor. This year I’ve bought a cool snow globe (the one with birch trees – we must have 30 plus in the garden), and it can stay out all winter, rather than just for Christmas!

    1. I think the tree is the hardest thing for me to be minimal about Sue and now I think about it, ours ends being more maximalist monochrome! I love the sound of your Danish decor around the house – it sounds gorgeous! More candles, natural elements and simple shapes are where its at for me now – its funny how our taste evolves over time isn’t it? xx

  2. I love these ideas! It’s nice to make your home cosy during the festive period, but going overboard on home decor definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’m definitely a fan of the more simple and stylish Christmas trees as a way to add a bit of festivity. How fantastic that you’ve installed a wood burner too! I bet that makes your house feel lovely and cosy when it’s freezing cold outside.

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