November 04, 2016

Winter style with Jaeger

jaeger winter style

a new style formula

I generally find winter style a difficult one to get to grips with. As well as the usual suspect layers and various guises of cashmere, it generally comes with a standard formula that includes jeans and boots.

Not that I’m complaining about that – denim and ankle boots are a favourite and great for keeping warm. But after about a month or so of that partiuclar mash up, I start to miss other leg attire and footwear options.

Enter a visit to the newly opened Jaeger store this week on Marylebone High Street and Hello! to a few pieces that I’ll definitely be adding in to my winter style uniform mix this season.

First of all we need to talk about my new found love for the flannel trouser draped atop a trainer combo. Not only is this stylish, comfy and oh so easy to wear but you can sneak in a pair of wooly or thermal socks underneath and no one will be any the wiser!

my jaeger winter style

online stylist shooting street style for Jaeger in London

online stylist wearing jaeger cashmere coat

shooting for jaeger in Marylebone London

I also need to profess my undying love for this midnight blue wool/cashmere mix Boyfriend Coat – yep… you had me at cashmere. I don’t think I’ve owned a navy coat since the one with the velvet collar and gold buttons circa me age eight. And now I can’t think why. It still sits in my mostly monochrome framework but makes a welcome change from my standard issue black and grey.

Add in the pull on black shirt and an oh so clever bag that with a quick unclip/clip motion transforms from a tote to a cross body back pack and I felt I’d just nailed my winter street style vibe in five minutes flat.

winter style uniform from Jaeger

online stylist wearing jaeger grey flannel trousers

jaeger navy blue cashmere boyfriend coat

WEARING: Cashmere Wool Boyfriend Coat | Cotton Silk Pocket Shirt | Laboratory Wythe Back Pack | Flannel Wide-Leg Trousers  – all c/o Jaeger | Nails – Essie in Wicked | Trainers – hush

As well as this look, I was sorely tempted by a few other gorgeous pieces whilst browsing the new store in including some amazing grey leather wide leg trousers and a wool ribbed tabard from their Jaeger Laboratory vol. 2 collection.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look here – drawing inspiration from British architecture, street style and sports, the collection has some slightly edgier pieces and I fell hard for pretty much the entire line.

You can visit the new Jaeger store in Marylebone at:
12 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 4NR

…and don’t forget to check out those grey leather wide leg trousers whilst you’re there!


This post was sponsored by Jaeger – a goto brand full of timeless classics and style staples. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help to maintain The Online Stylist’s place in the blogosphere!

Photography by: Moeez Ali

4 comments on “Winter style with Jaeger”

  1. Hi Amanda – impressed by your outfit on Instagram, I had a quick look at the Jaeger website and popped into my local store, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I remember buying a couple of things when they first launched Jaeger London over ten years ago (one top I still have and wear!), but I don’t think I’ve looked at Jaeger since.
    I love your trousers – I’ve ordered a pair of black crepe wide leg trousers which I’m very excited about (the Brighton store is only small but the manager was great and really helpful) – I also saw a lovely leather jacket, some great cashmere and your lovely coat. And yes, I spotted the leather trousers on the website – seriously cool!

    1. Hey Sharon! Fantastic – am so pleased you were inspired to pop in and take another look! I was so impressed with so many pieces I saw in store this week – I LOVE the Laboratory line! The quality is incredible and as you say with the things you bought a few years ago, they last. Which is a good thing as I can see myself living in both the trousers and coat this winter.
      It was such a pleasure to work with a fantastic brand on this! Have a lovely weekend and let me know if you give those leather trousers a go!
      Amanda xx

  2. I really like jaeger especially for workwear and was sad to hear that their regent st store had closed. But really buoyed that they have opened on Marylebone high st arguably a more stylish base for them anyway. Will check them out soon! Love the coat may be the winter coat I have been searching for and their prices seem to have dipped a little too.

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