May 15, 2017

Why Everyday Luxuries Are Really Important To Me

everyday luxuries lois avery cashmere shawl and jo loves fragrance

We all deserve to indulge in everyday luxuries…

It might sound like quite an indulgent title for a blog post. As in, I think I deserve a luxury every single day.

Well depending on what you class as an everyday luxury then I do. And so do you!

Life is tough enough without going about depriving yourself of small indulgences and moments of joy.

You know that I’m all about #ElevateTheEveryday. So much so that I’m thinking about getting a tiny tattoo of that particular hashtag somewhere about my person.

Yeah…I’m only half joking about that one. Must be the fast approaching mid life crisis (I turn forty eight tomorrow).

It’s not about saving
your good stuff for best…

But moving swiftly away from self inking matters and back to things that make you feel good, the whole thought process behind everyday luxuries is all about not saving your good stuff for best.

What a pointless school of thought that is…and yet one I used to subscribe to for many years.

Jo loves memoir and pomelo fragrance

Jo Loves red truffle 21 candle

Italian Days Cashmere Shawl – Lois Avery | Pomelo Fragrance – Jo Loves c/o | White Lacquer Tray – The White Company

Not anymore. There is no best china in our house. If I have a beautiful piece in my wardrobe that I coveted and saved for, I’ll find a way to work it into what I’m wearing.

Champagne does not require an occasion. Cheese would NEVER be off limits. And staying in my PJs until 11.00am on a quiet Saturday is perfectly acceptable.

Except maybe to our postman. Sorry about that if you’re reading…

Life is too damn short…

The upshot is life is too damn short to be frugal with things that lift a day out of the doldrums and into something a bit more special.

We all need more mood lifters on a more frequent basis!

Jo Malone My Story

I’d love to know what’s on your Everyday Luxuries list. Here are a few that get mine off to a flying start…

Time to sit down with a really good book.
Sitting on the edge of the bath in the morning, wrapped in a really fluffy towel, slowly sipping tea.
Opening a fresh notebook and making those first scribbles.
Lighting a scented candle beside my desk whilst I work at home.
Really good coffee. Three cups of it throughout the morning. I’m a Nespresso girl over and over.
Cashmere anything.
Having painted nails. Red, black, white, greige or a dark wine hue are the only shades for me.
A subscription to Spotify. I live for music.
Opening a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for no reason.
A sheepskin rug draped on my office chair.
Picking up a bunch of flowers with the supermarket shop.
Really good butter on thick cut toast.
A good all over spritz of fragrance post shower.
Cheese. An abundance of cheese. Especially a baked camembert to dip bread into…
Having something planned to look forward to in the very near future.

light a candle and settle down with a book

Red Truffle 21 Candle – Jo Loves c/o | Jo Malone – My Story

Speaking of good books and scented candles, I recently had the pleasure of popping into Jo Malone’s new store on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia to be introduced to her beautiful fragrance range, Jo Loves.

I asked for her memoir for Christmas and devoured it over the course of a few evenings. If you haven’t yet read it, do so and soon. Her extraordinary story is incredibly inspiring and very moving in places.

I was a complete convert to pretty
much most of the fragrances…

If ever you’re in Belgravia I urge you to indulge your senses and book in for a Fragrance Tapas session in store. It’s a heavenly experience, an amazing way to figure out the scents that you are truly drawn to and it’s complimentary.

After spending a happy hour inhaling the most beautiful aromas and combinations of ingredients, I was a complete convert to pretty much most of the fragrances. Jo just knows what works and understands that some things truly belong together.

scented candles cashmere fragrance and a good book

My highlight was when the lady herself walked in and I was lucky enough to be introduced briefly.

I honestly didn’t know whether to shake her hand or give her a huge hug.

Luckily common sense prevailed and I choose the former. I completely blame her book for my total fan girl moment!

Ever since my visit I’ve been drenching myself in Pomelo on a daily basis – that is one seriously uplifting fragrance & perfect for spring and summer.

I think for the colder seasons I’ll be switching to Smoked Plum & Leather – a scent that has to be experienced to be believed. Spritz, close your eyes and you’re in New England in the fall.

Like I said. Fan girling!

Your homework for a Monday? List five of your everyday luxuries and enjoy one every day this week.

Oh and try something from Jo Loves. Any of it. You’ll love it all!



6 comments on “Why Everyday Luxuries Are Really Important To Me”

  1. Jo came to the Emirates Lit Fest here this year and she is extremely inspiring in person. While people were queuing afterwards for the book signing, she had someone go down the line and spray everyone with perfume – clever lady. When Jo Loves launched I ordered a candle and room spray as a Christmas present for myself – called Christmas trees. It’s utterly bewitching to inhale something reminiscent of fresh pine needles only nicer.
    Agree about luxuries every day – and them not having to be expensive.
    I always drink tea out of bone china – it tastes better and makes me feel so good.
    Would love to smell that plum and leather fragrance

    1. That is just brilliant – thanks for sharing Sally! I love the innovative ways she comes up with to promote her business! After reading her book I was blown away by how creative she is. And I couldn’t agree more about the scent of fresh pine needles and drinking tea out of a beautiful cup or mug.
      Everyday luxuries are where its at!
      Amanda xx

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