March 14, 2017

White Roses And Wisdom

white roses and wisdom

White Roses And Wisdom

If you asked me right now what is the most challenging role I’ve ever undertaken then my answer would be firm and definite.


I’ve always stood in the tell the truth camp when it comes to being a mum – from the baby years until present day – almost twelve (going on eighteen) in case you were wondering. And we have a long way to go yet.

It’s definitely not all white roses and wisdom around here most days…

The love part comes easily. The trying to be the best parent you can be thing? Not so much!

So perhaps you’ll understand then that when The White Company got in touch to ask if I would like to create some content for Mother’s Day, I wavered for a moment.

As Holly goes through the transition of going from child to teen, we’ve been presented with some of our toughest challenges yet. It’s definitely not all white roses and wisdom around here most days!

tea and blankets on the sofa

keeping a note of inspirational motherhood quotes

cradling a cup of tea

Am I really best placed to be dispensing words of wisdom?

Am I really best placed to be dispensing words of wisdom when I spend a LOT of time questioning my own parenting skills and wondering if I’m making the right decisions?

Well if you count the spirit of honesty and the ability to hold up a hand and admit we don’t always get it right for anything, then I feel I’ve had plenty of practice of late!

So I accepted the offer to work with one of my favourite brands once again and in doing so, was able to focus on the good stuff about what being a mum means. Something I’m guilty of not doing enough.

wicker basket laden with white roses

white company basket full of roses and eucalyptus

arranging white roses in a vase

white company vase full of roses

When some days make you feel like you’re just managing to keep your head above water, it’s easy to forget the good stuff about your kids and those things you manage to do well as a parent.

Many days go by where I don’t feel very wise at all – I’m sure most mums feel like that most of the time. But here are a few wise points we’ve come to stand by as a family over the years…

Always talk. Talk about your feelings, no matter how scary they might be at the time. They’ll be a whole lot easier to bear out in the open.

Ask me anything. Anything at all. Even the things with answers that make me inwardly wince as I dispense them!

Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t let fear stop you from trying. If you fail, get up, re-group and try again. But only if you truly believe the thing you’re trying for is worth it.

Be mindful of others and show someone a kindness. You never know the difference a simple act of thoughtfulness might make to someone’s day, week, month or even life.

Celebrate the small stuff of life and find joy in the simple things. Fresh cut white roses, a quite moment with a cup of tea, a new note book or a freshly sharpened pot of pencils.

Time spent at the beach, snuggling up in a blanket on a grey Sunday afternoon, starting a new book or cuddling the dog. These are things that will make you happy.

Believe in yourself no matter what. That quote that I see ALL over Pinterest
What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?
…that’s the one I want H to remember all her life.

We’ll always be here to pick up the pieces no matter what. And no judgement. Ever.

white balloons on the beach

passing on wisdom from mother to daughter

mother and daughter on the beach together

In creating this post, I began thinking about the stuff we DO get right as parents, the good things about having a pre-teen and the fun we have together.

Not to mention the opportunity to mess about on the beach with a big bunch of white balloons! If you’re having a blah day, I highly recommend it.

wrapped up in blankets on the beach in winter

And if you’re wondering what to buy a mum you know who deserves something wonderful, I think that any of the pieces featured in this post would make her feel appreciated come Sunday 26 March.

Not least the gorgeous framed print that just about sums it all up:

“What is done in love is done well”

If Holly has a family of her own one day and I get to pass on any sentiments that might help her motherhood journey, they’ll come from a place of honesty, love and reality.

Which feels like a pretty good place to start.

style credits

CLOTHING:  Cocoon Jumper | Brompton Boyfriend Jeans | Superga Leather Plimsolls | Little White Company Knitted Hoodie

MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS:  Framed Print | Mini Bud Vase | Large Hambledon Vase | Rose Diffuser | Rose Candle | Chartwell Throw | Artisan Mug | Sentiment Pencil Set | Notebooks | Kubu Carry Basket

In the run up to Mother’s Day, The White Company are running a #MumsWisdom competition over on their Instagram feed.

Take a look here to see how you can win their entire Mother’s Day gift edit just by sharing the best piece of advice your mum has given you!

This post was in collaboration with The White Company – a brand I feel in complete synergy with. Thank you for supporting sponsors of The Online Stylist!

5 comments on “White Roses And Wisdom”

  1. Amanda, I think this line might be one of the best things you have ever written (and the bar is incredibly high):

    “The love part comes easily. The trying to be the best parent you can be thing? Not so much”

    That is it. There is nothing I can add to this other than to say your images are absolutely beautiful.

    J xx

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