Shooting for Michael Kors in Hyde Park

Following on from my shoot for the recent Michael Kors campaign, I’m really excited to be able to share the pictures taken by my own blog photographer extraordinaire @Patrick295, aka Mr Online Stylist. Whilst he excels at his day job as an actuary, the man is pretty darn amazing behind a camera lens so I was thrilled that he was there to capture these images.

Having spent a happy hour editing 236 photos down to 39, I then spent a further hour with furrowed brow trying to decide on which should go into this post. So here are a few of my favourites…though that’s not to say you won’t see a few more popping up on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram at some point. I think I’ve waxed lyrical enough about this experience so I’ll give up the words in favour of pictures…

During the shoot we played with the Michael Kors style themes of Movie Star or Rock Star. The fringed poncho and faux fur snood definitely said Movie Star to me and I LOVED wearing them. Although I did enjoy my Rock Star moment with the leather sleeved coat and my own Kors gold aviators! Do you have a favourite look?

Hamilton tote seen throughout – c/o Michael Kors. Outer wear throughout loaned for shoot – available in Michael Kors stores, Michael Kors online, Net-A-Porter and My Wardrobe.
Faux fur snoods loaned for shoot available in Michael Kors stores & online as above and here at Net-A-Porter and at My-Wardrobe. Astor buckle bangle – Michael Kors online & in store. Rose gold watch – Michael Kors at Net-A-Porter. Black Michael Kors bag loaned for shoot.
Paige Hoxton skinny jeans – c/o Donna Ida. DVF boots (old) – Yoox.

26 Responses to Shooting for Michael Kors in Hyde Park

  1. Carole says:

    Rock star does it for me! Looking good, lady (as usual!) and what a fantastic experience!! You are inspiring me big time 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    Amazing! Loving the snoods as well as the purple Hamilton. You looked fabulous! 😀 xx

  3. Amanda you look AMAZING! Totally love the tweed/leather coat. Congratulations! x

  4. Simone says:

    Absolutely gorgeous…..I love the poncho on you, you really suit looking expensive!!! The rock star look is fab on you too though, love that coat.

    Great shots, the colours of the trees are beautiful.

    Lucky girl!! Xx

  5. Barbara (MsHGolightly) says:

    You look fantastic and I must say Mr OLS’ pics look nothing less than the professional ones!
    I’m just wondering where you found the strength to part from all those incredible MK beauties at the end of the shoot. I think I’d have run away with the snoods!


  6. Clare says:

    You look amazing, just fabulous. I have the faux fur snood very definitely on my Christmas list and am currently hovering over the buy button on a fringed poncho in the outnet. Not in camel but a rather more toddler friendly black. x

  7. louboo says:

    I know I should be looking at the clothes but your hair looks fabulous! Very Carrie-esque! What a great set of shots, amazing 🙂 L x

  8. Jayne Fisher says:

    Simply gorgeous ! I had to show everyone today what a glamorous friend I have! Want that coat so much x

    • Aw Mrs F!!! Thanks so much for commenting and for showing everyone – you’re very lovely! When I see comments from my non-blog life, best friends on here it means SO much! What a day it was…want to do it all again! And yes…I want that coat too! xx

  9. Jennie says:

    You look COMPLETELY and UTTERLY amazing in these photos Lady! If I had to pick a favourite I think it would be the sixth one down. Seriously, you look so happy, natural, and comfortable in front of the camera and so damn young! Special mention should also go to Mr OLS and his stunning photographic skills – you clearly are a wonderful team! More photos, please … xxx

    • And what an amazing comment…thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was easier to turn and smile at Patrick now and again when someone else was also snapping away – kind of provides a distraction. Love his photos and SO glad I have them…am sure I can squeeze a few more on Tumblr/Pinterest and Sunday Snapshots! 😉 xxx

  10. tina says:

    Can’t decide on a look, they’re all gorgeous. Maybe the last one. And I have some serious hair envy!

  11. Edie O'hara says:

    For me it’s No. 7 but no. 6 is fab and no. 1 is brill and no. …

  12. Loving the snoods, and the black bag. All the photos are amazing – your husband did well. Also loving that you updated your header images with the MK shots!

  13. I’m sorry for not commenting earlier (I have a good excuse though; I was in New York so I’ve just spent half an hour binge-reading all your posts I missed), but I just wanted to say – nay, gush – how much I LOVE this post!

    You were absolutely made to work with Michael Kors, and Mr OLS certainly did you justice with these gorgeous pictures. I really like both looks on you, but I think ‘Rockstar’ just wins it for me (I think you need a parka just like this, btw).

    Briony xx

    • I think being in a Sandy swept New York is a perfectly valid excuse! Thank you B…and am very proud of Mr OLS’s photos. Any you’re right re the parka…found one just like it in Gap and its now mine! xx

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