March 09, 2017

Can We Talk About Really Big Sleeves Please?

online stylist in monochrome with grey long coat

The Really Big Sleeves Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand…

But seriously… can we? I’m OBSESSED with the things!

It goes back to last year and this shirt and now there’s the ASOS White version pictured here.

Following on from this purchase, I’ve added this shirt, this one (short for summer – with bows!) AND this one to my collection. Notice how the sleevage is growing in size with every addition.

Soon I’ll just be one giant walking sleeve.

It’s not just shirts. Oh no. There’s also been a couple of cosy Zara knits with really big sleeves acquired of late too. They came with the kind of sleeve that requires a spot of nifty clothes pegging in the arm region when washing dishes. True (Instagram) story.

online stylist wearing white bell sleeve shirt

black trousers and white shirt style staples

white shirt with really big sleeves

I can already hear my iron hissing at me…

Shirt or sweater, quite frankly they’re a pain when it comes to the matter of a coat. Imagine stuffing said really big sleeves into a snug fitting coat sleeve. I can already hear my iron hissing away in readiness in the cupboard under the sink. Or is that me hissing at all the extra ironing demands?

So shoulder robing it is.

But then there’s the small matter of wearing these babies out to dinner. Pass the salt please…*insert Just Dipped My Sleeve Into Red Wine Jus face emoji here*.

Peninsula barracks in Winchester

sat looking over the pond in Peninsula Barracks

shoulder robing grey coat

Simple. There is to be no wearing of oversized sleeves where any food is to be consumed.

Shoulder robing and a lack of dinner are sacrifices I’m prepared to make for the chance to sport a statement sleeve.

I take my sleeve duties very seriously.

online stylist photoshoot at peninsula barracks

WEARING: Sunglasses – Céline | Coat – Fenn Wright Manson | Bell Sleeved Shirt – ASOS  White : still available in black | Nails – Essie in Wicked | Trousers – Mango : these are similar | Loafer Mules – Jessica Buurman or Gucci

I’ll tell you where they do work though.

In the grand location where we shot these photos. Peninsula Barracks in Winchester was just about big enough for me and my sleeves.

When can I move in?

Have you sucumbed to big sleeve mania yet and more importantly, is your iron up to the challenge?


Photography: Marlene Lee

4 comments on “Can We Talk About Really Big Sleeves Please?”

  1. I’m getting into the statement sleeve vibe too. Baby steps though as some are an utter b*gger to iron!

    Then there is the practicality of being able to type while wearing the said statement sleeve….a whole different ball game 😉

  2. All the new shirts, whether with big sleeves or not, look great, but the potential of a huge increase in one’s ironing workload has been underestimated. Such shirts are therefore not for every day, unless you are able to pay someone else to do your ironing.

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