Can We Talk About Really Big Sleeves Please?

But seriously… can we? I’m OBSESSED with the things!

It goes back to last year and this shirt and now there’s the ASOS White version pictured here.

Following on from this purchase, I’ve added this shirt, this one (short for summer – with bows!) AND this one to my collection. Notice how the sleevage is growing in size with every addition.

Soon I’ll just be one giant walking sleeve.

It’s not just shirts. Oh no. There’s also been a couple of cosy Zara knits with really big sleeves acquired of late too. They came with the kind of sleeve that requires a spot of nifty clothes pegging in the arm region when washing dishes. True (Instagram) story…

Six Coping Strategies For Dealing With The Mean Reds

I’m not sure whether to refer to it as The Void or The Mean Reds. The former sounds very dark, intense and kind of Matrix-esque.

The latter would imply tearing up of the house is afoot in the manner of a slightly unhinged Holly Golightly. With George Peppard standing nearby, ready to provide solace when the feathers have settled.

I think I’ll take Audrey Hepburn over Keanu in this instance. Both wore a trench coat but Audrey’s was more classic Burberry.

Either way, I’m referring to the place that I’ve heard countless people describe to me as the one they’ve been to on and off these past couple of months.

The place inhabited by a cloud, generally formed at this time of year that follows you around, occasionally drizzling a persistent grey mist leaving you feeling damp and chilled to the bone…

Street Style Inspiration To See You Into Spring

Happy March 1st! It’s way past that time when we’re officially allowed to get excited about spring and new wardrobe opportunities.

But this year I’m thinking a bit more along practical lines and am prepping for the mixed bag of weather that is surely still ahead.

Practical? Odd – must be an age thing.

The reality of spring in the UK is that whilst we might see guest appearances from the sun now and again, we’re equally likely to still see some snow. Or at least a few frosty, sub zero mornings in the foreseeable future…

Working With Brands | Fielding Offers And Pitching Ideas

Welcome back to the Working With Brands series! Its time to talk fielding offers and pitching ideas – two things that as a blogger, creep up on you. One a whole lot faster than the other in my experience.

Assuming you’re at the point in your blogging journey where there’s a need to talk about renumeration for your efforts (more on that here), it really helps if you can possess the following by the bucket load:

Negotiation skills, diplomacy and a healthy appreciation of your own talent and abilities.

Together with knowing when to lead with your business brain and when to let the creative brain take over, these skills are essential for building a steady income from blogging.

They all get easier with practice if that’s any consolation. I’ve lost count of the number of times, someone has said to me “Okay…but I HATE having the money conversation!” And that coming from fellow bloggers and brands!

Let’s start with the easier one first…

Coffee Catch Up

I was chatting through the technicalities of blog post categories a few days ago with Chloé Digital – with a refresh on the cards, there’s a lot of back end clearing up to be done. Doesn’t sound very appealing does it? But it’s very necessary as I’m fast learning.

Starting to look back over old posts is proving to be a really useful process in terms of new content idea generation. If you’re stuck at a blogging impasse, I highly recommend delving deep into your own archives.

Recent delving lead me back to this series. So shall we?

Grab a coffee…