Going Where The Palm Trees Are…

Ever had a mad five minutes?

A mad five minutes that starts with a conversation about wanting to be where the palm trees are, basking in the warmth of the sun and ends with you sitting in your PJs booking flights?

That was us a few weeks ago and so now I’m off. Away with the family, in search of those palm trees in Majorca for a few days!

The chance for a rest couldn’t have come at a better time if I’m honest. It’s the turn of that stage. You know the one where for your own sanity’s sake you have to STEP AWAY from the computer, get a grip and accept you can’t take on extra work and still keep up blogging business as usual…

Why You Should Take The Day Off & Play Tourist In Your Own County

This week Mr OS and I got to take Monday off and head out for the day. It was a postponed birthday celebration from the week before, put on hold when H got sick with a throat infection.

In the end it turned out to be pretty serendipitous as not only did we get to combine it with our 13th wedding anniversary celebration but the weather this time was warm and sunny as opposed to last week’s drizzle.

We headed over to the Isle of Purbeck via the Sandbanks chain ferry for a walk to Old Harry rocks followed by lunch at The Pig On The Beach.

Not truly an island but a peninsula, Purbeck encompasses the most beautiful landscape with sweeping sandy beaches, nature reserves and cliff top walks.and of course the magnificent Old Harry Rocks…

Love Simple Style At Home? Try These…

Is it okay to have a mixed approach to minimal living?

Half modern farmhouse, half slick Scandi apartment?

If Scandinavian design is a balance of minimal aesthetics and functionality with values rooted in the daily joy found in simple things then I think Scandi farmhouse is where I would ultimately be aiming for.

We reside in neither a farmhouse, modern or otherwise, or a sleek Scandi apartment. Our abode is a 70’s mid-terrace three bed in a New Forest village meaning that any form of farmhouse vibe would look a bit out of place once you walked in…

Summer Style Steals To Walk You Into The Weekend

I can definitely confirm that the weekend is well and truly on its way. But as for the sunshine here in the UK?

That one I’m not prepared to speculate on right now.

However, when it returns, and it will (said with a steely glare towards a still steely grey sky), we all need to be summer wardrobe ready right?

I’ve been going a bit pom pom tastic of late and in amongst the daily monochromatic trawlings of my corner of the internet, I find myself attracted to the odd splash of colour here and there…

How To Retain Your Sanity During A Blog Redesign…& A Sneak Preview!

The title of this post is not to insinuate that undertaking a rebrand and redesign project will drive you insane!

If anything, its one of the most exciting, amazing and important things you can go through as a blogger or business owner. Ask anyone who’s been through the process and I’m sure they’ll say the same.

But because it feels monumental, pivotal and crucially important to get right, all at the same time, the process can feel a little stressful at various touch points.

This week I celebrated my ninth year year in blogging (because all things big and small need celebrating right?), so I’ve been through this process or at least a derivative of it, a few times now…