The April Beauty Edit

2017 seems to have re-ignited my love of hunting down new and previously untried beauty gems.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll always have my goto brand favourites that would make the shopping list cut over and over.

But in amongst the usual suspects are a few newbies creeping in. I’ve set myself a mission to achieve a healthier, less made up with added glow look on the make up front so I’ve been trying a few new products out in the process.

It sounds like a tall order but the plan is to attack from both the skincare and makeup front to hopefully achieve some sort of glow factor improvement as I (rapidly) approach the end of my forties…

Inspiration For A Stylish Easter

Ah Easter – you’ve always been a bit of strange holiday to me!

Not being religious and preferring cheese to chocolate means that Easter and I don’t have perhaps quiet the relationship we could do.

Not that I think you need to be remotely religious to enjoy Easter but the chocolate thing bugs the bejeepers out of me!

It’s a bit overkill when you have to go out and buy near on twenty Easter eggs and then your child receives twenty back. No one, I mean no one can eat that much chocolate surely? Now if they were made of cheese maybe…

Perfect And Practical Handbags For Every Budget

I used to be a die hard Shoe Gal. But now I think bags have taken over as my sartorial catnip of choice. Most days.

New bags don’t give you blisters when you wear them in. And they come in so many guises – tote, cross body, clutch, shoulder etc etc. The options are endless. Almost as endless as my desire for bags.

But lately, after an almighty wardrobe edit at the beginning of the year, I noticed that like shoes, I’m constantly reverting to favourites. And the word practical has been creeping in…

Working With Brands | How To Successfully Manage A Blog Collaboration

First of all…celebrate!

You saw, you pitched, you negotiated…and you got the gig. Congratulations!

Something I’m repeatedly guilty of is not taking time to celebrate those all important achievements. Instead the particular To Do item in question gets ticked off and I’m already focusing on what’s next.

Securing a brand collaboration on your terms is a big deal – give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy an indulgent treat. Any of the three C’s work for me: Coffee, Cashmere or Champagne!

And then…move onto the real work of getting organised and ready to execute your content in a professional and timely manner…

Meanwhile | On Life Styling, The Merits Of Black & The Dog…Again!

I’m singing the praises of all black and embracing the attract and repel theory when it comes to where The Online Stylist positions itself.

I’ve been combing through the results of the blog survey feedback and I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who completed it!

There were so many useful insights that I’ll be incorporating for the refresh. And if you’d still like to add your views, it’s open for a while longer here.

Whilst the majority of readers embrace my mostly monochromatic tendencies and minimal leanings, some would like more colour. What can I tell ya? You might see the odd hue of nude, blush, copper or even brown appear once in a while…