Nine Favourite Instagram Feeds To Elevate The Everyday

favourite instagram feeds

You possibly already know by now that Instagram is my most favourite thing in the world ever – second only to you of course my beautiful blog. I don’t want to offend my first love!

I said it here and here too, Instagram feels like a place of positivity, beauty, inspiration and somewhere I could hang out for hours on end. And sometimes do.

I have a gazillion and one favourite Instagram feeds and am always on the look out for more, so here are nine that you may or may not already be following. And why nine you might ask?

Because it’s all about the magical 3 x 3!

tonal grey blue instagram feed


Interiors, travel and lifestyle blogger Abi is obsessed with grey, features beautiful interiors and her feed is full of restful tones that make me sigh with happiness. We need to meet!


mint green smeg fridge with cacti

I only discovered Natasha’s gorgeous account this week and you might think I’m going against my monochrome obsession here but hey, even I need a little pop of candy colour now and again!

the perfect summer outfit flat lay


Travel, style, food in my favourite hues – Johanna is one cool mama in NYC and I totally dig her strap line of  “I take photos, roam, travel, blog whenever + do what I want”. Sounds like my kind of lifestyle!


style blogger erica davies


If I’m totally honest, I have a bit of a girl crush on Erica and am happy to confirm that she’s as smiley and gorgeous in real life as her Instagram feed is. Oh and she can ROCK a red lip! 💋 Her blog The Edited is all kinds of fabulous too.


lumira candle laptop and note book

It’s not often that I fall for a brand feed and I still don’t know how I discovered The Light Side in Australia but I do know I love me a scented candle. And their feed is packed full of beautiful imagery, regrams and fun quotes.

style blogger wearing cone sleeve style black top


Kaitlyn Ham is one of many uber cool Aussie bloggers that I follow and I crave everything she wears and love her imagery, especially on her blog, Modern Legacy. She is queen of the detail shot and has an edgy editorial vibe to her style shoots.


oversized watch styled with marble and white manicure


I met Shini years ago at my first London Fashion Week show and back then, thought her blog photography was stunning. Some years on and her Instagram feed takes it to a whole other level…and is delivered with grace and a sense of humour that I love.


the perfect tonal capsule wardrobe


I’m including Alex’s feed because a) I love her style b) it makes me want to buy EVERYTHING she wears and c) she is every bit as lovely in real life. Another girl crush in progress me thinks. And if you want to shop Alex’s Instagram feed, you can… right here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


monochrome desk situation with iphone and laptop


Love a good #DeskSituation pic? Want inspirational quotes AND blogging tips? Then Chloe Digital’s Insta feed is the one for you. Not only that but I’ve been subscribed to their excellent site development and maintenance service for bloggers for the past year and have never looked back.


There you have it – just a snapshot sized drop in the ocean of some of my favourite Instagram feeds. I hope you love them too!

Drop me a comment below to let me me know your favourite 3 x 3’s…I can never have too many to gaze at. And if you’d like to follow me on Instagram, I’m @onlinestylist 📸  😘

4 Responses to Nine Favourite Instagram Feeds To Elevate The Everyday

  1. Sara says:

    Spooky – I just signed up to the chloe digital peeps last night – then saw this post this morning…! Looking forward to working with them even more now!


  2. Chloé says:

    Great list! Thank you so much for the CD love! x

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