May 06, 2016

Minimal Skirt Styling

minimal skirt styling

Over the years (and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on the blog before) I’ve come to realise I’ve become somewhat skirt averse.

When I stand in front of the wardrobe of a morning, a skirt is generally the last thing I opt for. I’ll pick jeans, trousers, culottes or even a jumpsuit over a skirt any day. I sometimes consider myself to be genuinely at odds with the skirt.

Many style moons ago I wore short versions with opaques and ankle boots in winter and occasionally could be found in a surf shop style skirt in swishy cotton come the summer months.

Neither of those hold any appeal now. I NEVER felt right in the surfer girl skirt get up and as for the winter minis? Constantly living in fear of having to bend over to tend to the needs of the child or dog and tugging at the hemline all the live long day does not fill me with good feelings toward the humble skirt.

But since Pinterest has become my font of all inspiration when it comes to a “How to style a… (insert random item of clothing here)” type question, I think I may have found a few ways to incorporate it back into my wardrobe. Minimal skirt styling is the way forward. Of course. Light dawns on marble head.

There’s one particular blogger who in my opinion is rocking the minimal skirt in multiple hues of monochrome right now – F.I.G.T.N.Y. I would happily take inspiration from her skirt stylings any and every day of the week.

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Long in length and worn with long layers seems to be the answer for me. See also leather and wrap skirts…and indeed leather wrap skirts for that matter. I’m drawn to pencil or straight shapes worn with the simplest of flats, slides or trainers. And I’m not ruling out something with billow and flow either, providing it’s counterbalanced with a no fuss partnership.

What do you think about the minimal skirt styling inspiration here and have you suffered from a skirt aversion in the past?


Header images via F.I.G.T.N.Y.


4 comments on “Minimal Skirt Styling”

  1. I am very much with you on this!
    In my younger days I was very much a trousers girl – I don’t think I even owned a skirt through my twenties and most of my thirties. I then went through a dress phase in my late thirties, the remains of which I’m now in the process of culling from my wardrobe. I now wear skirts very much as you suggest – minimal, long or leather, with long shirts or jumpers and trainers or brogues.
    In fact, I must get that lovely M&S one out again – it needs another wear! Xx

    1. It’s funny how it goes in phases isn’t it Sharon? Glad to hear you’re back in skirt mode and and I really do think this kind of look works. Raising my coffee cup to our skirt wearing days continuing on! xx

  2. I can’t wear midi skirts as my legs are too short and they just look awful on me, finishing on the chunkiest part of my calf. As most skirts appear to be midi at the moment it leaves me very limited on choice. My best lengths are knee or ankle (not floor) neither of which appear to be very ‘in’ at the moment. So if you can’t find a skirt that suits you, it may be that your length isn’t the length of the season.

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