December 11, 2015

Looking Back At Style

looking back at styleEarlier this year I set off on a style definition mission. I’m very partial to a new project – particularly one that involves anything to do with clothes, style, shopping or anything remotely associated with any or all of these!

Having defined the style I aspire to, I have to say I now place a few more criteria restrictions on myself when making a purchase…for the most part. This definitely helps to make my closet feel much more cohesive these days. Although this hasn’t always been the case.

A few months ago I happened across I this post from the gorgeous Monica over at The Elgin Avenue and thought how much fun it would be to create my own looking back at style post.

I don’t think I was doing many outfit posts pre 2011. Perhaps the very first incarnation was this closing post on my old blog and then this one in 2010 for Baukjen or as it was back then, Isabella Oliver 365.

2009 – 2011

2010 1

2010 2

2010 3

So I think we’ve established that from 2009 through to 2011 I had a penchant for daft wooly hats, HUGE quiffs, ruffles and bright blue, billowy jumpsuits!

Hemlines appeared to a lot shorter and from that smile in the last pic, I’d say I’d probably just cottoned to the wonders of cashmere. The words slippery and slope come to mind…


2012 1

2012 2

2012 3

2012 appears to have been spent matching my jacket colours to the random front doors and dressing up like Olivia Palermo. Because really, that would mean you could easily mistake me for her *face palm*.

There was the emergence of daytime sequins, the discovery of St Tropez Everyday Tan and a random episode of hanging about with cows down on the farm. Okay then…

Highlights for the year included one week ownership of a Chanel bag (“It’s like Netflix for purses!”), the Fold styling session where I met my friend Jo in person for the first time and that Kors shoot in Hyde park. Still on a style high from that one some three years later and will probably never stop referring to it. Sorry Michael.


2013 1

2013 2

2013 3

It’s 2013 so can I get an Awww! for a cute baby Biscuit on her first outfit shoot and outing to the beach?! It was the year to stick with stripes but also one to try out a bit of LK Bennett ladylike.

Oh and to stand in the middle of a traffic island in Knightsbridge on the hottest day of the year and have a photographer shoot you as you try desperately not to perspire in the borrowed clothes you’re wearing.


2014 1

2014 2

2014 3

In 2014 I learnt how to shoulder-robe and embraced the hair bun as often as possible. I miss my sometimes wonky bun.

It was the year of the Birkenstock, the stupidity bravery of offering myself up for a beach shoot, the brick wall stop for a quick snap on the way out the door and THAT skirt from Coast. I LOVE that skirt and still feel this is my most favourite outfit so far.


2015 1

2015 2

2015 3

And finally here we are in 2015…or the year in which my mostly monochrome fascination took a firm hold. Off came the hair, on went the layers, culottes and numerous pairs of Ghillie flats. Oh and the occasional hunt for a shirt dress, preferably one with stripes, haunted my waking hours for the first five months of the year.

Looking back and compiling this post makes me realise two things. One is that I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time messing about in front of the camera and two; style blogging has made me open to all sorts of suggestion and influence. Experimentation happens frequently.

And then I go right ahead and put it out there online for everyone to see. What a wonderfully curious way to make a living!

If you’re a blogger, I’d love it if you shared your own looking back at style journey so far in a post of your own. Don’t forget to link back to this post or leave me a comment on so I can take a look.

And if you’re worried about doing so, just take a look at what I posted here with some pics of the pre-style blogging days. And pre a sense of style it would seem!

You can see pretty-much every style snap I’ve ever taken on this Pinterest board! Now if you’ll excuse me, I really have to go and dig out that wooly Heidi plat hat…

9 comments on “Looking Back At Style”

  1. Great post. I remember some of these outfits and my own attempts to emulate and be inspired.
    Thank you for your lovely blog. A joy then and now x

  2. I remember the blue jumpsuit from the ‘fortynotout’ years – totally ordered it online that day. It DID NOT look as good on me as it did on you! Congrats on many years of fab outfits, keep up the good work! X

    1. Wow Helena – thats just brilliant that you remembered it and gave it a go! Sometimes you just have to try these things. I loved it at the time but fairly quickly it became one of those never again pieces! Thanks so much for your ongoing support – it really does mean a lot! xx

  3. I love this post! My favourite outfit from them all has to be *THAT* skirt …… I love the whole ensemble …. the frou frou ness of the skirt perfectly balanced with the sweater and shoes! I so enjoy reading your posts Amanda! Happy New Year full of fashion finds and temptations!

    1. Ah thanks Erica! And frou frou ness must be added to the dictionary now if its not there already! A very Happy New Year to you too…I’ll see what I can do on the fashion temptation front! xxx

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