March 27, 2017

Meanwhile | On Life Styling, The Merits Of Black & The Dog…Again!

online stylist wearing black outfit with jaeger bagThis week

I’m singing the praises of all black and embracing the attract and repel theory when it comes to where The Online Stylist positions itself.

I’ve been combing through the results of the blog survey feedback and I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who completed it!

There were so many useful insights that I’ll be incorporating for the refresh. And if you’d still like to add your views, it’s open for a while longer here.

Whilst the majority of readers embrace my mostly monochromatic tendencies and minimal leanings, some would like more colour. What can I tell ya? You might see the odd hue of nude, blush, copper or even brown appear once in a while.

Hell even a flash of blue denim here and there. I really pushed the boat out on this particular day and carried a bag that was almost red. Almost.

“Attract & repel,
rinse & repeat…”

But greige and monochrome is where my blogging style journey has taken me and here is where I stick.

And as Jenna Kutcher advocates, I can’t make everyone happy. I am not Nutella.

Attract and repel – rinse and repeat.

all black outfit with red lipstick

on the merits of wearing all black

This month

I’m champing at the bit (champing or chomping?) to get started on the blog refresh. Prep is getting underway ahead of the build and the re-branding work (at the time of writing) is 99% complete.

I must have spring fever because the excitement factor at having a new look is literally keeping me awake at night!

street style shoot in winchester

This time three years ago

I had just undergone another blog refresh (was it really three years? – I knew another was overdue), and I was writing about the dog…again. Some things are a constant then.

And speaking of the dog, I think I’ll add a caveat to the wearing all black thing.

Don’t do it in the company of a yellow labrador!

life styling

This life

Can you really design the life that you want? I write a lifestyle blog so of course I’m an advocate of designing a life you love.

“She designed a life she loved” is one of my favourite Pinterest quotes so I’m leaning towards the idea that you can. To a degree anyway.

Some things I have no control over. So I take a view on those, figure out how to make the best of the situation and steer right on round.

Its fun to indulge in a little life styling…

When it comes to my own life styling, I constantly look to other blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, books and magazine for inspiration.

It may not turn out to be exactly as I want and there’ll be all kinds of messy in between but its fun to try right?

p.s. I don’t actually like Nutella. Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t?

STYLE CREDITS: Sunglasses – Céline | Cashmere Scarf – Lois Avery | Lips – Charlotte Tilbury in Tell Laura | Jumper – H&M | Shirt – hush | Watch – Christian Paul c/o | Nails – Essie in Wicked | Bag – Jaeger, now sold out. Similar here | Skirt – Dorothy Perkins (old) : similar here | Ankle Boots – Topshop


Photography: Marlene Lee

12 comments on “Meanwhile | On Life Styling, The Merits Of Black & The Dog…Again!”

  1. No you’re not, I’m not a fan of Nutella either. You can get a chocolate spread based on dark chocolate and no nuts, that is delicious, it’s like comparing synthetics to silk or cashmere.
    As for dog hairs, we’ve got a rottweiler, so mostly black with a little brown thrown in, and we have pale wood floors, five minutes after I’ve vacuumed you can guess what it looks like!
    Can’t wait to see what the revamp looks like.

    1. Now the dark one I’m liking the sound of! The milk is too sickly.
      Oh my – sending love and strength to your vacuum cleaner – the pressure!
      Thank you – am SO excited to get started on the revamp!
      Have a great week!
      Amanda xx

  2. Love attract and repel. I had a Facebook comment recently criticising me on posting too much about Disney. Dude, I LOVE Disney, and if you don’t like it, then there’s an unfollow button right there for you to click! Oh, and I’m with you on the monochrome too xx

  3. The lipstick looks great with black (there’s the colour!)
    My daughter doesn’t like Nutella. Mind you, she also dislikes cake, so her tastes are questionable.

  4. I don’t like Nutella either!

    I like these thoughts very much and you can certainly choose which direction you wish to steer your ship.

    Amanda, you look fabulous in these photos. SO beautiful. You were made to wear monochrome and charcoal cashmere. Xx

  5. Hi Amanda, I really look forward to reading your blog – it is a lovely reward as a break from trying to write my thesis. I love your style. Could you tell me if skinny jeans are still fashionable – it seems that very lived in Scando frayed hem jeans tend to be in – does this mean skinny jeans are on the outer? I want to buy a couple of pairs of jeans and wondered if you could recommend a style. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Nicole!
      Thanks so much – thats wonderful to hear and I hope your thesis is going well?
      I think skinny jeans are a classic and there will always be a place for them. If you love the shape and find them easy to wear then I would stick with them.
      I do love to change up my jean shapes though and for spring and summer I LOVE a cropped skinny kick flare. Topshop MOTO Dree Cropped Kickflare are great to try out on a budget. I love mine!
      Amanda x

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