Frugal Friday And A Few Summer Sale Finds

Even me, who generally starts hankering after the first signs of autumn by the second week of August, is keen to hang onto the warmer weather wear opportunities for as long as possible this year.

Must be all those white cotton dresses!

Speaking of which…even though this Topshop midi dress isn’t in the sale, for £49 it looks a lot more expensive. And is now Er, winging it’s way to me in time for the weekend…

In the US? Then check out the Nordstrom sale – I live in the UK but even I know this is a BIG event! Though for these Eileen Fisher flats, I could maybe be persuaded to move!

5 Essentials To Pack For Your Summer Vacation

What is it about coming back from one vacation that instantly makes you want to go on another?

Maybe its all the shopping, outfit planning and packing opportunities? Although these days I find its actually more about the lack of outfits.

Instead, I find myself welcoming the chance to concentrate on just a few really good basics, some fun and some treasured pieces together with one or two little luxuries to enjoy whilst I’m away from home. Happy holiday memories being made right there!

Summer Style Steals To Walk You Into The Weekend

I can definitely confirm that the weekend is well and truly on its way. But as for the sunshine here in the UK?

That one I’m not prepared to speculate on right now.

However, when it returns, and it will (said with a steely glare towards a still steely grey sky), we all need to be summer wardrobe ready right?

I’ve been going a bit pom pom tastic of late and in amongst the daily monochromatic trawlings of my corner of the internet, I find myself attracted to the odd splash of colour here and there…

The Only (Mostly) Monochrome Summer High Street Edit You’ll Ever Need!

Okay…I should probably add a caveat to that. It might not be the only mostly monochrome summer high street edit you’ll ever need but it sure is a good start!

Even yours truly is happy to deviate from the monochrome path and work in a little colour when it comes to the warmer months. Generally in the form of an accessory. And oh boy do I have some summer accessories for you!

The High Street appears to be killing it this year when it comes to those extra summer touches that bring in the #MakeYouSmileStyle factor.

So it’s time to officially cast off the winter gloom and ramp up the fun factor…

Obsessing Over Blush And Nude Tones

It occurs to me that as a mostly monochromatic human being, obsessing over blush and nude tones is a little out of character.

Nonetheless, this is what I’ve been doing lately. And with good reason.

It’s not just the cherry blossom that’s everywhere right now or the Moscow Mules recently purchased from Dune. Or the pale pink beach huts I see most days on our walks.

The two colours you see above are a sneak preview of the shades I’m incorporating into the new look Online Stylist blog over the coming weeks…