How I’m Slowly Learning To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

The words imposter syndrome have been bouncing out at me from so many places lately – it seems just about everyone I come into contact with either has or still is experiencing it on a regular basis.

If memory serves, I’ve always brought a hefty amount of imposter syndrome baggage along on the journey of life.

But never more so since I entered the blogging world. Which is odd when you think that building something for yourself, by yourself and out of nothing should do wonders for your self-confidence!

Digging deeper that that, where does it all begin? What makes the difference between a quietly confident woman and one who, if she’s not careful, can end up constantly tripping over her own self-doubt…

The Best Lightweight Summer Knits

I sometimes think I have the ability to control the weather with my blog post schedule.

Today’s post is all about a UK unpredictable summer favourite, those ever practical lightweight summer knits.

And right on cue the skies have clouded over and here I am reaching for exactly that!

Even when the sun has been out all day long, I still get chilly in the garden of an evening. Mind you, I am that person that feels the cold anywhere at any time.

Five Reasons Why An Impulsive Trip Is Good For The Soul

I’m pretty sure there are way more than five reasons why an impulsive trip or holiday is good for the soul.

But for the purpose of this post, I’m focusing on those that sprang to mind following our trip to Majorca.

When you consider the practicalities such as affordability, work and the commitment of having kids at school, impromptu holidays all of a sudden feel like a distant memory.

Then there’s securing last minute dog care, trying to find accommodation that fulfils your family’s needs and wants (air conditioning is a non-negotiable for me!) and the task of getting flights that match up at a fairly reasonable time of day. And that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Oh and don’t forget that moment of horror when, as you’re all celebrating that you overcame all of the above successfully and efficiently, you realise that your daughter’s passport runs out two weeks before you’re due to fly…

Why You Should Take The Day Off & Play Tourist In Your Own County

This week Mr OS and I got to take Monday off and head out for the day. It was a postponed birthday celebration from the week before, put on hold when H got sick with a throat infection.

In the end it turned out to be pretty serendipitous as not only did we get to combine it with our 13th wedding anniversary celebration but the weather this time was warm and sunny as opposed to last week’s drizzle.

We headed over to the Isle of Purbeck via the Sandbanks chain ferry for a walk to Old Harry rocks followed by lunch at The Pig On The Beach.

Not truly an island but a peninsula, Purbeck encompasses the most beautiful landscape with sweeping sandy beaches, nature reserves and cliff top walks.and of course the magnificent Old Harry Rocks…

Can We Talk About Really Big Sleeves Please?

But seriously… can we? I’m OBSESSED with the things!

It goes back to last year and this shirt and now there’s the ASOS White version pictured here.

Following on from this purchase, I’ve added this shirt, this one (short for summer – with bows!) AND this one to my collection. Notice how the sleevage is growing in size with every addition.

Soon I’ll just be one giant walking sleeve.

It’s not just shirts. Oh no. There’s also been a couple of cosy Zara knits with really big sleeves acquired of late too. They came with the kind of sleeve that requires a spot of nifty clothes pegging in the arm region when washing dishes. True (Instagram) story…