Can We Talk About Really Big Sleeves Please?

But seriously… can we? I’m OBSESSED with the things!

It goes back to last year and this shirt and now there’s the ASOS White version pictured here.

Following on from this purchase, I’ve added this shirt, this one (short for summer – with bows!) AND this one to my collection. Notice how the sleevage is growing in size with every addition.

Soon I’ll just be one giant walking sleeve.

It’s not just shirts. Oh no. There’s also been a couple of cosy Zara knits with really big sleeves acquired of late too. They came with the kind of sleeve that requires a spot of nifty clothes pegging in the arm region when washing dishes. True (Instagram) story…

Elevate The Everyday Wardrobe | Dungarees

Following on from Wednesday’s post and my asking for your input re future blog content, I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment. As in…I got to thinking…

Man I loved that SATC line!

Sarah Jessica Parker related digressions aside, hands up who remembers the Style Snaps series? I used to really enjoy these quick hit wardrobe snapshots of the days I considered to be a Good Outfit Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a well thought out, styled outfit shoot on location too but in the interests of staying relatable (there’s that word again!), I thought it might be fun to resurrect Style Snaps with a new format.

Embracing The Everyday Jeans Uniform

As my style has slowly morphed from less fussy and more into paired back, calmer territory, jeans have become my goto for most of those dressed down, everyday outfits.

And for the slightly dressier ones too.

There’s no getting away from it. One of the things I hear most often is “HOW do I break out of my everyday jeans uniform habit? It always comes back to me reaching for jeans!”

This is often accompanied by anguished looks and much wringing of hands. You know what? I say stop trying.

Give in to the power of the jean and just change them up a little more often. They’re practical, comfortable, versatile and go with all manner of footwear. There aren’t many things in my wardrobe that I can say all those things about!

Cosy Things Come In Beautiful Packaging

It’s no secret that I love a lazy Saturday morning. If there’s nothing specific that has to be done then I’m happiest hanging out at home, flicking though magazines, drinking coffee and relishing in the thought of not having to be anywhere in particular.

The only thing that makes a lazy Saturday morning better in my opinion is the delivery of a beautiful package that contains something exciting! And having the time to open it, relish the experience and not have to rush.

What can I say…I’m a sucker for pretty boxes and silky tissue paper. Always have been, always will be…

The Story Of How Blogging Found Me

My initial title for this post was going to be How I Got Into Blogging as it’s a question I get asked a heck of a lot. But really, I think blogging found me – I didn’t go looking for it. At least not consciously.

I was actually looking for somewhere and something to write but I didn’t think there was any book material in my head at that point. At school my favourite subject was English. I passed my O Level – which by the way, makes me really old – no GCSE’s here!

I was however notoriously bad at maths. I actually managed a U for Ungraded in my maths CSE – yep…couldn’t even get anywhere near O Level level! My Actuary husband with the most clever mathematical brain I know is probably shaking his head right about now.

Anyhoo, despite the horrendous maths history, I ended up working in finance for 90% of my career. Go figure. Or in my case, don’t.