How I’m Slowly Learning To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

The words imposter syndrome have been bouncing out at me from so many places lately – it seems just about everyone I come into contact with either has or still is experiencing it on a regular basis.

If memory serves, I’ve always brought a hefty amount of imposter syndrome baggage along on the journey of life.

But never more so since I entered the blogging world. Which is odd when you think that building something for yourself, by yourself and out of nothing should do wonders for your self-confidence!

Digging deeper that that, where does it all begin? What makes the difference between a quietly confident woman and one who, if she’s not careful, can end up constantly tripping over her own self-doubt…

The School Summer Holiday Juggle & How I Attempt To Maintain Some Balance

Note the use of the word attempt in the title…because I truly believe in this and other similar situations, that attempting to maintain a balance is all you can do.

If you run your own small business or are a team of one and have a family life too, I don’t feel that the term work life balance can really apply. In fact I think the same goes if you don’t have a partner and/or kids.

I believe there’s no one set degree of balance we should be aiming for. We should be designing our own.

I love my family and I also happen to love what I do. Both are in my life and therefore both have become my life…

10 Tips For A Successful Family Holiday

Over the years we’ve had some very successful family holidays…and one or two not so much.

Any holiday, not just a family one, always has the potential to be a bit of a disaster.

I can recall two other really bad holidays that included snakes, robberies, a break up with a boyfriend, wasps everywhere and a toilet that flushed by itself 24/7. Constantly. For a week.

But when there’s kids in the equation, the scope for stress increases somewhat!

Our recent three day trip to Majorca was every bit the success and part of that was, I strongly believe, down to it being an impulsive one. More on that theory here if you missed it.

The Best Lightweight Summer Knits

I sometimes think I have the ability to control the weather with my blog post schedule.

Today’s post is all about a UK unpredictable summer favourite, those ever practical lightweight summer knits.

And right on cue the skies have clouded over and here I am reaching for exactly that!

Even when the sun has been out all day long, I still get chilly in the garden of an evening. Mind you, I am that person that feels the cold anywhere at any time.

The July Beauty Edit

Having not published one since April, it’s no wonder that the July beauty edit has turned out to be a bit of a bumper edition. You can’t keep a good beauty product addict down for long!

So lets get straight to it.

The two brands seemingly taking over my makeup bag at the moment are Bobbi Brown and NARS. And not just because of their sleek black packaging (although I am a sucker for that) – they’re just SO GOOD!

I think I may have developed a bit of a NARS obsession. Having already waxed lyrical on Instagram about their Radiance Primer and the Illuminator in Copacabana, I’ve since gone on to order a Matte Velvet Lip Pencil in Red Square and Dolce Vita…