How I Got On With A Two Day Digital Detox

If today marks the first day back to routine post school Easter holidays for you then welcome back to normality!

We only had just over two weeks off but this one felt like a really  l o n g  break. Which in some ways was good and others not so much.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that I thrive on structure and routine – take me out of those familiar scenarios for too long and I soon start to feel a little out of sorts.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a break from the norm and time to switch the brain off completely. I just think I need it in shorter bursts.

So I was intrigued as to how I’d get on with a bit of a wellbeing experiment suggested by one of my favourite bloggers, Natasha from Candy Pop...

How I Celebrate Summer & Make The Most Of Those Longer Days

Along with the rest of the UK, these last few days of glorious sunshine have found me revelling in warmth and feeling completely giddy with joy at the prospect of summer being just around the corner.

It feels amazing to be outside, carefree, coat-less and soaking up that precious Vitamin D!

Now that we’re officially on British Summer Time, it’s all about making the most of the longer lighter days and evenings and maximising the hours spent outdoors.

With the warmer weather comes a welcome change to routines, small adjustments and new daily rituals…

Inspiration For A Stylish Easter

Ah Easter – you’ve always been a bit of strange holiday to me!

Not being religious and preferring cheese to chocolate means that Easter and I don’t have perhaps quiet the relationship we could do.

Not that I think you need to be remotely religious to enjoy Easter but the chocolate thing bugs the bejeepers out of me!

It’s a bit overkill when you have to go out and buy near on twenty Easter eggs and then your child receives twenty back. No one, I mean no one can eat that much chocolate surely? Now if they were made of cheese maybe…

Meanwhile | On Life Styling, The Merits Of Black & The Dog…Again!

I’m singing the praises of all black and embracing the attract and repel theory when it comes to where The Online Stylist positions itself.

I’ve been combing through the results of the blog survey feedback and I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who completed it!

There were so many useful insights that I’ll be incorporating for the refresh. And if you’d still like to add your views, it’s open for a while longer here.

Whilst the majority of readers embrace my mostly monochromatic tendencies and minimal leanings, some would like more colour. What can I tell ya? You might see the odd hue of nude, blush, copper or even brown appear once in a while…

Hero Founder Laura Turner On Business Community, To Do Lists & Cashmere

Regular blog readers will often find me waxing lyrical about Hero in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

An online shopping destination, an insanely beautiful bricks and mortar boutique AND a creative hub too; Hero was set up by my good friend and former blogger, Laura Turner.

I got to know Laura via Twitter when she began blogging and we became firm friends in an instant. Soon we were trekking off to London for blogging events, laughing at each other’s dorkish (our word!) attempts at personal style posing and generally sharing our love of anything remotely Instagram worthy.

Laura went on to set up Hero which I can only describe as like walking right into your very favourite lifestyle blog. If you’re ever in Stockbridge, I highly recommend you drop in – but I doubt you’ll leave empty handed!

Laura is one of the most inspiring and amazing women I know who makes juggling multiple projects and a family look entirely effortless to the onlooker…