White Roses And Wisdom

If you asked me right now what is the most challenging role I’ve ever undertaken then my answer would be firm and definite.


I’ve always stood in the tell the truth camp when it comes to being a mum – from the baby years until present day – almost twelve (going on eighteen) in case you were wondering. And we have a long way to go yet.

The love part comes easily. The trying to be the best parent you can be thing? Not so much!

So perhaps you’ll understand then that when The White Company got in touch to ask if I would like to create some content for Mother’s Day, I wavered for a moment…

Six Coping Strategies For Dealing With The Mean Reds

I’m not sure whether to refer to it as The Void or The Mean Reds. The former sounds very dark, intense and kind of Matrix-esque.

The latter would imply tearing up of the house is afoot in the manner of a slightly unhinged Holly Golightly. With George Peppard standing nearby, ready to provide solace when the feathers have settled.

I think I’ll take Audrey Hepburn over Keanu in this instance. Both wore a trench coat but Audrey’s was more classic Burberry.

Either way, I’m referring to the place that I’ve heard countless people describe to me as the one they’ve been to on and off these past couple of months.

The place inhabited by a cloud, generally formed at this time of year that follows you around, occasionally drizzling a persistent grey mist leaving you feeling damp and chilled to the bone…

My Five Dog Walking Essentials

Since having Biscuit, as much as some days I curse having to go out (generally when the weather is really bad!), I’ve grown to love and appreciate our dog walks.

Fresh air, physical activity, a chance to clear the mind and just be in the moment with a four legged friend who’s having the time of their life is highly underrated.

Before I leave the house there are a few dog walking essentials I always ensure I have with me…and we’re not just talking about the glaringly obvious choice of poop bags here..

The Story Of How Blogging Found Me

My initial title for this post was going to be How I Got Into Blogging as it’s a question I get asked a heck of a lot. But really, I think blogging found me – I didn’t go looking for it. At least not consciously.

I was actually looking for somewhere and something to write but I didn’t think there was any book material in my head at that point. At school my favourite subject was English. I passed my O Level – which by the way, makes me really old – no GCSE’s here!

I was however notoriously bad at maths. I actually managed a U for Ungraded in my maths CSE – yep…couldn’t even get anywhere near O Level level! My Actuary husband with the most clever mathematical brain I know is probably shaking his head right about now.

Anyhoo, despite the horrendous maths history, I ended up working in finance for 90% of my career. Go figure. Or in my case, don’t.

Working With Brands | 6 Tips For Getting Started

This next post in the Working With Brands series was going to cover fielding offers and pitching ideas but as I began putting it together, I realised there were a few pointers that really should be covered off first. More or less, it’s turned into a huge essay edited down to 6 tips for getting started!

Despite the fact that I sometimes feel like one of the original blogging dinosaurs (especially on a Monday morning!), I constantly have to remind myself that there are more and more people just starting out on their blog journey.

So what follows is a summing up of how I began dipping my toe into the sometimes murky waters of working with brands in terms of gifting and later on, sponsored content. Without considering these aspects first separately and then hand in hand, I don’t think I would be as far down the down the line on my own working with brands journey as I am now…