Working With Brands | Fielding Offers And Pitching Ideas

Welcome back to the Working With Brands series! Its time to talk fielding offers and pitching ideas – two things that as a blogger, creep up on you. One a whole lot faster than the other in my experience.

Assuming you’re at the point in your blogging journey where there’s a need to talk about renumeration for your efforts (more on that here), it really helps if you can possess the following by the bucket load:

Negotiation skills, diplomacy and a healthy appreciation of your own talent and abilities.

Together with knowing when to lead with your business brain and when to let the creative brain take over, these skills are essential for building a steady income from blogging.

They all get easier with practice if that’s any consolation. I’ve lost count of the number of times, someone has said to me “Okay…but I HATE having the money conversation!” And that coming from fellow bloggers and brands!

Let’s start with the easier one first…

What’s Next For The Online Stylist In 2017…

This blog always has been and always will be my passion project. Not a week goes by when I don’t count my lucky stars at the thought of sitting down to my desk and putting 100% effort into something I truly love.

To exist in the blog world and to continue to earn an income from it means that change is a constant. The pure genius of these small corners we create is that they’re always evolving.

And we can evolve with them in ways of our choosing.

I started blogging with no business agenda meaning that every single post/subject/category/tweet etc came from an emotion. A fleeting thought, an opinion or a big idea that I REALLY felt the need to share. I’ve always been a sharer…

Working With Brands | 6 Tips For Getting Started

This next post in the Working With Brands series was going to cover fielding offers and pitching ideas but as I began putting it together, I realised there were a few pointers that really should be covered off first. More or less, it’s turned into a huge essay edited down to 6 tips for getting started!

Despite the fact that I sometimes feel like one of the original blogging dinosaurs (especially on a Monday morning!), I constantly have to remind myself that there are more and more people just starting out on their blog journey.

So what follows is a summing up of how I began dipping my toe into the sometimes murky waters of working with brands in terms of gifting and later on, sponsored content. Without considering these aspects first separately and then hand in hand, I don’t think I would be as far down the down the line on my own working with brands journey as I am now…

Working With Brands | Design Your Own Media Kit

Want to know the blogging question I’m asked the most often? “How DO you go about working with brands?” The short answer would be, how much time do you have…as my answer will be L O N G!

Before the advent of bloggers freely sharing advice on their own blogs, this was definitely the question I asked the most often…both of others and myself! So I thought I’d kick off a new series here in Hints & Tips to cover some of the most common points about working with brands, all broken down into bite sized pieces.

Whether you’re just starting out as a blogger or are a bit more established and ready to take that next step towards generating an income, the question as a whole can honestly feel a bit daunting. I had no clue and so just tried a number of things over the years to see how they worked out.

Some fell flat, some flew and I aim to keep figuring out better approaches and strategies as the landscape continually shifts… but honestly, I don’t see it as a one size fits all secret formula…

6 Organisation Tips For A New Work Year

After taking a suitably long break from blogging and all it entails over the Christmas holidays, I was more than ready and raring to jump back into the hot seat come January 2nd.

But this year, rather than give into my normal habit of making blog post production my first priority, I decided to suppress my inner content monster urges (never easy!) and figure out what I actually need to do to get the year off to an organised start.

In a fit of demob happiness and with just a pinch of naivety, I’d earmarked a few tasks to be completed prior to downing tools for the Holidays. But we all know how that one goes on the time front when there’s the small matter of a family Christmas to bring to fruition.

My saving grace was that I did manage to make a back to work plan/To Do list before I finished – otherwise there was serious danger that any goals and ideas for 2017 would have been lost in the cheese and wine haze that followed…