The Importance Of Having Time To Create

Last week felt like one of those wading through treacle weeks.

You know the ones. You begin with the best laid plans, a carefully crafted To Do list and a new found balance (finally!) between completing your immediate priorities and getting around to some tasks you’ve been meaning to do. Forever!

And then the same old shizzle happens. One of the tasks you thought you could complete in one day ends up taking two and half days. On top of that, an unexpected freelance deadline lands in your lap.

Oh and you haven’t created any blog content for over a week and the jitters are starting to set in. You’re soon going to be launching your newly re-branded blog and you didn’t really want to disappear off the face of the content earth ahead of this momentous event.

You get to Friday. The frown lines have deepened. You’re not sleeping well and you feel like you’ve completely lost your mojo. What the hell happened to skipping to the desk in the morning humming the “I love my job” mantra in your head?

How To Retain Your Sanity During A Blog Redesign…& A Sneak Preview!

The title of this post is not to insinuate that undertaking a rebrand and redesign project will drive you insane!

If anything, its one of the most exciting, amazing and important things you can go through as a blogger or business owner. Ask anyone who’s been through the process and I’m sure they’ll say the same.

But because it feels monumental, pivotal and crucially important to get right, all at the same time, the process can feel a little stressful at various touch points.

This week I celebrated my ninth year year in blogging (because all things big and small need celebrating right?), so I’ve been through this process or at least a derivative of it, a few times now…

What’s Next For The Online Stylist In 2017…

This blog always has been and always will be my passion project. Not a week goes by when I don’t count my lucky stars at the thought of sitting down to my desk and putting 100% effort into something I truly love.

To exist in the blog world and to continue to earn an income from it means that change is a constant. The pure genius of these small corners we create is that they’re always evolving.

And we can evolve with them in ways of our choosing.

I started blogging with no business agenda meaning that every single post/subject/category/tweet etc came from an emotion. A fleeting thought, an opinion or a big idea that I REALLY felt the need to share. I’ve always been a sharer…

6 Organisation Tips For A New Work Year

After taking a suitably long break from blogging and all it entails over the Christmas holidays, I was more than ready and raring to jump back into the hot seat come January 2nd.

But this year, rather than give into my normal habit of making blog post production my first priority, I decided to suppress my inner content monster urges (never easy!) and figure out what I actually need to do to get the year off to an organised start.

In a fit of demob happiness and with just a pinch of naivety, I’d earmarked a few tasks to be completed prior to downing tools for the Holidays. But we all know how that one goes on the time front when there’s the small matter of a family Christmas to bring to fruition.

My saving grace was that I did manage to make a back to work plan/To Do list before I finished – otherwise there was serious danger that any goals and ideas for 2017 would have been lost in the cheese and wine haze that followed…

The business of blogging | Part Two

Following on from last week’s epic tale of what I’ve learned this year about the business of blogging, I’m excited to bring you part two – thank you for coming back for more!

I was thrilled with the overall response to part one and the thing that leapt off the page for me was the sharing is definitely caring mantra. If we pick up some valuable hints and tips along the way of our chosen self-made pathways, why shouldn’t we share without worrying that in might inhibit our own successes? I’m a strong believer in give and you’ll get back.

As a one woman show, the one thing I always struggle with is time – there’s never enough of it. Unfortunately I can’t pass on the gift of extra hours in the day but I can share a few more things that have worked for me this past year in the blog business world – they might save you time…and a little pain in the future!

I hope you find them useful…