What’s Next For The Online Stylist In 2017…

This blog always has been and always will be my passion project. Not a week goes by when I don’t count my lucky stars at the thought of sitting down to my desk and putting 100% effort into something I truly love.

To exist in the blog world and to continue to earn an income from it means that change is a constant. The pure genius of these small corners we create is that they’re always evolving.

And we can evolve with them in ways of our choosing.

I started blogging with no business agenda meaning that every single post/subject/category/tweet etc came from an emotion. A fleeting thought, an opinion or a big idea that I REALLY felt the need to share. I’ve always been a sharer…

6 Organisation Tips For A New Work Year

After taking a suitably long break from blogging and all it entails over the Christmas holidays, I was more than ready and raring to jump back into the hot seat come January 2nd.

But this year, rather than give into my normal habit of making blog post production my first priority, I decided to suppress my inner content monster urges (never easy!) and figure out what I actually need to do to get the year off to an organised start.

In a fit of demob happiness and with just a pinch of naivety, I’d earmarked a few tasks to be completed prior to downing tools for the Holidays. But we all know how that one goes on the time front when there’s the small matter of a family Christmas to bring to fruition.

My saving grace was that I did manage to make a back to work plan/To Do list before I finished – otherwise there was serious danger that any goals and ideas for 2017 would have been lost in the cheese and wine haze that followed…

The business of blogging | Part Two

Following on from last week’s epic tale of what I’ve learned this year about the business of blogging, I’m excited to bring you part two – thank you for coming back for more!

I was thrilled with the overall response to part one and the thing that leapt off the page for me was the sharing is definitely caring mantra. If we pick up some valuable hints and tips along the way of our chosen self-made pathways, why shouldn’t we share without worrying that in might inhibit our own successes? I’m a strong believer in give and you’ll get back.

As a one woman show, the one thing I always struggle with is time – there’s never enough of it. Unfortunately I can’t pass on the gift of extra hours in the day but I can share a few more things that have worked for me this past year in the blog business world – they might save you time…and a little pain in the future!

I hope you find them useful…

Blogging For Business | What I’ve learned in a year

I recently posted a blog link to Twitter with a narrative pertaining to the fact that I’d managed to grow my Instagram following from approximately 7K this time last year to just over 14K now.

Having scheduled said piece of social media with an appropriately pretty picture and moved on to the next item on the To Do list, I pulled myself up short with a “Hang on a minute – you flippin’ did it! You only went and achieved one of the MAJOR things you set out to do last October!!!”.

As I realised that I’d almost bypassed my own goal without so much as a self-congratulatory pat on the back, something we all do often I think, it took me back to October 2015 and the talking to I gave myself about where I was supposed to be heading…

Essential Monday Reading To Motivate & Inspire

Since I’ve been working for myself, I generally feel positive, motivated and raring to get back to my desk on a Monday. Doing a job I’m 100% passionate about and committed to is clearly a contributing factor in that and something never to be taken for granted.

If it’s been a great weekend filled with quality time, happy moments and some rest then I feel inspired, recharged and rejuvenated enough to begin the week again. But it also works for me on the on the flip side too.

When I have one of THOSE weekends – you know the parenting hell ones when you can’t do anything right and sink despairingly into a large G&T by the time Sunday evening rolls around?

Then it makes me even more keen to get back to my desk on Monday morning and feel at least I can be in control of something again…