Summer Style Steals To Walk You Into The Weekend

I can definitely confirm that the weekend is well and truly on its way. But as for the sunshine here in the UK?

That one I’m not prepared to speculate on right now.

However, when it returns, and it will (said with a steely glare towards a still steely grey sky), we all need to be summer wardrobe ready right?

I’ve been going a bit pom pom tastic of late and in amongst the daily monochromatic trawlings of my corner of the internet, I find myself attracted to the odd splash of colour here and there…

The Only (Mostly) Monochrome Summer High Street Edit You’ll Ever Need!

Okay…I should probably add a caveat to that. It might not be the only mostly monochrome summer high street edit you’ll ever need but it sure is a good start!

Even yours truly is happy to deviate from the monochrome path and work in a little colour when it comes to the warmer months. Generally in the form of an accessory. And oh boy do I have some summer accessories for you!

The High Street appears to be killing it this year when it comes to those extra summer touches that bring in the #MakeYouSmileStyle factor.

So it’s time to officially cast off the winter gloom and ramp up the fun factor…

Cosy Things Come In Beautiful Packaging

It’s no secret that I love a lazy Saturday morning. If there’s nothing specific that has to be done then I’m happiest hanging out at home, flicking though magazines, drinking coffee and relishing in the thought of not having to be anywhere in particular.

The only thing that makes a lazy Saturday morning better in my opinion is the delivery of a beautiful package that contains something exciting! And having the time to open it, relish the experience and not have to rush.

What can I say…I’m a sucker for pretty boxes and silky tissue paper. Always have been, always will be…

3 Wearable Spring Trends In White

In a batch of SS17 trends that includes pink, yellow, print and er…bralettes apparently, I’ve managed to find three that I love. In white. And don’t worry – the bralette isn’t one of them.

First up is the white shirt but not as we know it. Deconstructed is one of those terms I thought was only reserved for cheesecake attempts on Masterchef but apparently you can do it to a shirt too. And I love it.

I was calling it the elevated white shirt (my own hashtag favouritism) and for me, the more unusual detail it has the better. I think I’m predisposed as they tie in nicely with my ongoing statement sleeve obsession…

Shop The New In Drops | Pre-Spring

I don’t know about you but around this time in winter, I really start looking forward to spring. As in just can’t wait any longer, need to get my ankles out, want to feel the sun’s warmth again looking forward.

And the shops know exactly how to tap into that with their tempting new in pre-spring drops. Teasing us with the promise of new clothes that can be worn without coats, ankle boots with bare legs and fine light layers of cashmere.

Because you need cashmere whatever the weather!