Style Stalker | Anine Bing

So I may be a little late to the party here but I have a new style crush. Enter the insanely beautiful Anine Bing.

Danish, a former model since the age of 15, mum of two and LA resident, Anine launched her own contemporary women’s label in 2012.

Anine’s uber cool brand has stepped away from the seasonal collection approach, instead launching new pieces each month. Hooray for instant gratification I say!

She describes her label as simple with an edge – a combination of rock n’roll and bohemian chic.

I describe it as Oh My God – I Want It All Now!

Four Unexpected Style Pairings To Try This Spring & Summer

When you think about exactly what it is that makes you look twice and nod in silent appreciation with an exclamation of “Wow…she looks AMAZING!” (or sometimes in my case out loud!), what is it that draws a reaction?

For me its the matching up of the unpredicted. When someone wears something in a way I wouldn’t immediately have thought of, I’m instantly hooked on their style.

Personally I think its a lot easier to carry off those unexpected style pairings in spring and summer.

The warmer weather adds more scope for high/low partnering – one thing covered, one thing exposed without actually freezing in the name of being a style head turner…

Monday Workwear Inspiration | Creamy Neutrals

After three (yep – three…count ’em!), days of sunshine last week, I think it’s high time we go full tilt into the spring dressing thing for a new working week.

For me that means breaking out the St Tropez Everyday now and again, increasing ankles out opportunities and maybe even test the waters when it comes to a bit of bare leg action.

Now don’t go getting all concerned about the very real chance of my getting frostbite. I’m a grown up who sometimes chooses to face a little cold leg discomfort for the sake of some feel good dressing…

Street Style Inspiration To See You Into Spring

Happy March 1st! It’s way past that time when we’re officially allowed to get excited about spring and new wardrobe opportunities.

But this year I’m thinking a bit more along practical lines and am prepping for the mixed bag of weather that is surely still ahead.

Practical? Odd – must be an age thing.

The reality of spring in the UK is that whilst we might see guest appearances from the sun now and again, we’re equally likely to still see some snow. Or at least a few frosty, sub zero mornings in the foreseeable future…

Style Stalker | Three Looks From Olivia Palermo

Dear Olivia Palermo, welcome back to The Online Stylist – it’s been a while. I’ve missed you!

Whilst I’m a confirmed no-fuss, COS wearing, monochrome loving minimalist most of the time, it doesn’t mean to say I don’t regularly check up on Ms Palermo via the magic of Pinterest.

Admittedly, most of what Olivia wears only looks so darn good because she is wearing it. She of the slender frame, glossy locks and ability to look good in a bin bag tied with string. I once tried playing Dress Like Olivia and look how that turned out… *insert shame faced emoji here*