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Interiors | Shelf Space

So far in February, my days have pretty much followed this pattern: wake up, get through morning routine, blog, arrange things on bookcase, blog, order another shelf space object, blog, re-arrange things on bookshelf AND shelf above sofa, blog, eat dinner, read books about styling shelf space, go to bed, put out light.

Put light back on, scribble down idea for shelf styling, put light out, dream about styling shelves to perfection.

I’m amazed…

Pinspired | Almost Spring Layers

I think by the time Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’re allowed to utter the words “almost spring” as often as makes us happy. And gets us through until March.

Thoughts have already started to turn to the possibility of a bare, faux glow leg here and an exposed ankle there. I say thoughts…even one as obsessed as I am hasn’t dared to put the leg plan into action just yet.

But in the spirit of…

Fresh Flowers And Strong Coffee

I’m not sure if there’s any better combination in life than fresh flowers and strong coffee is there? For me it’s definitely the case as they pretty much dominate my Instagram feed – predictable I know but my motto is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Funnily enough it was only once I hit mid thirties that my appreciation for both of these grew in equal measure. Suffice to say, receiving a bunch of…

Five Ways To Elevate The Everyday

Hooray for the weekend and the point in winter when we can officially say spring is just around the corner. I don’t know about you but the thought of warm sunshine, bare legs and dresses and feels me with joy!

Continuing the quest to share ways for injecting a little luxury or a smile into your day, here’s five more ways to Elevate The Everyday.

Don’t forget to share your ideas by tagging @onlinestylist on Instagram (@_onlinestylist on Twitter) using the hashtag #ElevateTheEveryday. There’s a dedicated Pinterest board too for more inspiration…or just somewhere pretty to hang out!

Have a wonderful weekend! Amanda xx

Header photo by Marlene Lee

How I Got Serious With Instagram – Part One

Instagram and I are in one heck of an ongoing serious relationship. If Instagram is the cool calm and collected husband with the ability to seduce with one scroll of his perfect looking feed, I am fast becoming the obsessive wife, ever eager to please.

All crazy relationship similes aside, I did wonder at the point of starting this post just how I was going to avoid actually end up writing a book on…