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How I’m Slowly Learning To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

The words imposter syndrome have been bouncing out at me from so many places lately – it seems just about everyone I come into contact with either has or still is experiencing it on a regular basis.

If memory serves, I’ve always brought a hefty amount of imposter syndrome baggage along on the journey of life.

But never more so since I entered the blogging world. Which is odd when you think that building something for yourself, by yourself and out of nothing should do wonders for your self-confidence!

Digging deeper that that, where does it all begin? What makes the difference between a quietly confident woman and one who, if she’s not careful, can end up constantly tripping over her own self-doubt…

At Home With Aspinal Of London

It seems only natural that a love of style pertaining to what you wear will quickly spill over into where you live too.

A couple of years ago, as I began to expand the blog content to include more lifestyle elements, I would find myself constantly falling down interiors rabbit holes on Pinterest and Instagram.

This in turn has spilled over into real life and has lead us to look at each room in the house to see what we can do to bring it in line with our current tastes over the next few years.

So when Aspinal Of London got in touch recently and asked if they could do an Online Stylist home shoot, despite it being right at the beginning of the school summer holidays with work schedules about to go into overdrive, I jumped at the chance…

5 Things To Consider Before Making That Investment Bag Purchase

You know the investment bag purchase I’m talking about.

The one you’ve coveted all your life but still (Ahem… at the age of 48), not gotten around to treating yourself to yet.

And before I go any further – a note on spending that much money on a bag.

I know people who will baulk or maybe even weep at the thought of shelling out for an expensive handbag… regardless of whether they can or can’t afford it.  The concept isn’t for everyone and so I say each to their own.

Owning any luxury item doesn’t make you a better person. It won’t enrich your life in the same way that some things that cost nothing do.

But if you work hard and either save up for a once in a lifetime purchase or can afford to curate a collection over the years then I say more power to you. Whatever floats your boat, you only live once etc…

Blogging | My Theory Of Reflect Vs Collect

Sometimes in the process of teaching others you have a moment of reflection yourself. Quickly followed by a revelation.

This happened for me whilst hosting the first Advanced Blogging workshop at hero recently.

As bloggers we’re constantly collecting ideas in the form of inspiration. We see new blogging trends bubbling excitedly to the surface and some older, tried and tested ideas being re-hashed again and again.

Sometimes they both work. Sometimes they both disappear without a trace.

We see plenty of bandwagons being jumped on and driven exceedingly well. And some wagons wobble, de-rail… and occasionally crash in spectacular fashion.

That’s the nature of the blogging beast…

How Establishing A Morning Routine Boosted My Productivity Levels

I always have been and always will be a creature of habit.

I thrive best on 80% routine with that other 20% left over for the odd surprise here and there to shake things up a bit. But not too much.

Having been a nine to fiver since the age of sixteen, I found it easy to live by the deadlines and usual demands of a regular working day.

So when, by a serendipitous chain of events, I found the blog taking off and me becoming the boss of well, me, the adjustment period was (and still is), huge.

As I learn more about working for myself, the one single thing that helps me to get the day off on the right foot is establishing a morning routine…