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Meanwhile | On Life Styling, The Merits Of Black & The Dog…Again!

I’m singing the praises of all black and embracing the attract and repel theory when it comes to where The Online Stylist positions itself.

I’ve been combing through the results of the blog survey feedback and I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who completed it!

There were so many useful insights that I’ll be incorporating for the refresh. And if you’d still like to add your views, it’s open for a while longer here.

Whilst the majority of readers embrace my mostly monochromatic tendencies and minimal leanings, some would like more colour. What can I tell ya? You might see the odd hue of nude, blush, copper or even brown appear once in a while…

Five Tips For Putting Yourself First When The Going Gets Tough

I’m really grateful for the slow shift that seems to have happened from the Never Stop Hustling mentality to Hey…Take Some Time For You. Thank goodness and about time!

No one is capable of giving one hundred percent twenty four seven. You might be able to manage the pace for a short while but you won’t be able to keep it up without some respite.

I know the Don’t Stop, Keep Going mentality exists in businesses large and small. Just as it’s natural to want to give it your all when your business is just you, it’s equally understandable that in times where practically every industry is making cuts left right and centre, the Give Me More Effort For Less mantra is rife in just about every office I know…

Monday Workwear Inspiration | Creamy Neutrals

After three (yep – three…count ’em!), days of sunshine last week, I think it’s high time we go full tilt into the spring dressing thing for a new working week.

For me that means breaking out the St Tropez Everyday now and again, increasing ankles out opportunities and maybe even test the waters when it comes to a bit of bare leg action.

Now don’t go getting all concerned about the very real chance of my getting frostbite. I’m a grown up who sometimes chooses to face a little cold leg discomfort for the sake of some feel good dressing…

Hero Founder Laura Turner On Business Community, To Do Lists & Cashmere

Regular blog readers will often find me waxing lyrical about Hero in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

An online shopping destination, an insanely beautiful bricks and mortar boutique AND a creative hub too; Hero was set up by my good friend and former blogger, Laura Turner.

I got to know Laura via Twitter when she began blogging and we became firm friends in an instant. Soon we were trekking off to London for blogging events, laughing at each other’s dorkish (our word!) attempts at personal style posing and generally sharing our love of anything remotely Instagram worthy.

Laura went on to set up Hero which I can only describe as like walking right into your very favourite lifestyle blog. If you’re ever in Stockbridge, I highly recommend you drop in – but I doubt you’ll leave empty handed!

Laura is one of the most inspiring and amazing women I know who makes juggling multiple projects and a family look entirely effortless to the onlooker…

White Roses And Wisdom

If you asked me right now what is the most challenging role I’ve ever undertaken then my answer would be firm and definite.


I’ve always stood in the tell the truth camp when it comes to being a mum – from the baby years until present day – almost twelve (going on eighteen) in case you were wondering. And we have a long way to go yet.

The love part comes easily. The trying to be the best parent you can be thing? Not so much!

So perhaps you’ll understand then that when The White Company got in touch to ask if I would like to create some content for Mother’s Day, I wavered for a moment…