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The Best Of Black Friday


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Whether you choose to embrace or completely ignore the Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale concept, there’s no denying it’s now officially A THING.  It’s a great time to pick up a bargain for yourself whilst ticking lots off your Holiday Season shopping list.

So in the spirit of adopting American customs, I’m getting on board this retail train with a happy…

Sleeping With The One

Panic not. I am not about to reveal intimate details of married life with Mr OS – you may already know that this is not that kind of blog.

This is more along the lines of how far would you travel for a really good nights sleep? Me? I’d go to London for sure.

And that’s just what I did when Made asked if I’d like to come and stay in their apartment and test…

Christmas Sweet Treats From Bettys

From now until Christmas, any work day tea breaks I manage to fit in are going to be feeling very festive indeed thanks to the lovely folk over at Bettys.

I recently received this scrumptious Christmas Hat Box Hamper packed full of seasonal foodie gorgeousness.

Contained within a beautiful keepsake box designed by Yorkshire artist Emily Sutton is everything you could possibly want when you think of enjoying sugary seasonal delights. Which for me is…

Win A Winter Indulgence Candle From The White Company!

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching and that seasonal glow is slowly starting to seep in. So what better way to share the festive cheer with my wonderful readers than to offer up the chance to win a beautiful Holiday Season gift from one of my favourite brands?

In my opinion, nobody does Christmas better than The White Company. Every time one of their festive themed brochures lands on my doormat I…

Holiday Gift Guide | Stylish Stocking Stuffers

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Hands up who still hopes for or gets a stocking on Christmas morning?

It doesn’t matter how old you are – seeing lots of exciting shaped gifts peeking atop what’s essentially a decorated wooly sock will still fill you with excitement whether you’re nine or forty nine. You hear that Santa?

Here’s what I’d love to find stuffed into my stocking when I wake up…