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Away To The Sun

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This week I’m bordering on near hysterical overexcitement to be on a bit of a travel adventure for the blog!

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you’ll know by now that I’m currently somewhere in the Mediterranean, cruising in style on the luxurious MS Europa II and taking in some beautiful destinations along the way. I can’t wait to share the adventure with you when I get…

Ankles Out Jumper On

At the risk of sounding like I constantly talk about the British weather, this year I adopted the Ankles Out Jumper On strategy to cope with a somewhat unpredictable spring.

I mean what else is there to do when you’ve just treated yourself to these Boden flats and you REALLY want to to wear them but that chilly breeze just won’t quit?

I refuse to only be in summer shoes for just five months…

A Weekend Retreat On The Isle Of Wight

Last weekend we were asked if we’d like to stay and try out a weekend retreat on the Isle of Wight. More precisely, the recently launched Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat near Cowes.

Which just so happened to fit in very nicely with my pre-birthday weekend celebration. There’s always a pre and generally a post birthday celebration too… when the opportunity presents itself to maximise the #ElevateTheEveryday potential, I believe in grabbing it by both…

Three Versatile Summer Holiday Buys

This time next week, I’ll be away travelling somewhere truly wonderful and I can’t wait to share more details and adventures with you as they happen via Instagram and Twitter – watch this space!

But right now my mind is firmly on packing and making the most out of the suitcase space available. If you’re off on a summer holiday this year, I’m sure thoughts of summer vacation attire are on your mind too –…

Five Ways To Celebrate May

Together with December and all it’s festive promise, May is my absolute favourite month, for so many reasons.

Aside from it being my birthday month (today in fact *does birthday jig all around the room*), it really feels like the true start of spring. Especially after the sudden burst of warmth we had last weekend.

To be able to throw open windows, leave a coat behind when venturing out without checking the weather forecast once more and ignore the sock drawer (most days), is such a great feeling.

As well as turning 47, this month marks the start of my ninth year in the blogosphere and Mr OS and I celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. All that amounts to a LOT of Veuve Clicquot!

So in the spirit of my #ElevateTheEveryday mantra, here’s five ways to celebrate May and make this month feel like the true beginning of spring!