Summer Friday Evenings In The Garden

That Friday feeling never gets old does it? In winter, 5.00pm on a Friday signifies time to light candles, hunker down (I love that word – there should be more hunkering) and get cozy indoors. During the summer it’s a different matter. When Mr OLS gets in from work and pries me away from the… Read More

Back to Backpacks…Again?

I’m sure the last time I wore an actual backpack apart from here, it was made from a very scratchy purple nylon, had multiple ink stains around the bottom and was full of school books and Duran Duran cassettes. The first resurgence that caught my attention came via The Row – I remember lots of… Read More

If you need me…

…I’ll be here. Well not exactly there but you get the general idea. Right about now we should be airport bound, bags packed and ready to kick back for a week of much needed R n R on the Greek island of Kos. There’ll be a few scheduled posts popping up here and there otherwise… Read More

Time To Pack

Yes it is…finally! When you book a summer holiday the day before Christmas Eve, it seems to take an age to come around. We’re flying off tomorrow and I hope by the time you read this post, I’m almost ready. If I’m not, I’ve failed miserably at my own mantra of being organised and not… Read More

Pinspiration Shopping

I put off joining Pinterest for so long. And now I think I know why. Apart from spending many a happy hour falling down the most stylish rabbit holes, it has an uncanny knack of draining my wallet. Collating anything remotely covetable is dangerous. The board I look to the most for inspiration for what… Read More