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By advertising on this blog, you’re reaching a highly engaged audience of varying ages with a keen interest in style and fashion and an appreciation of life’s indulgent luxuries, both small and significant.

A source of inspiration for a stylish life, The Online Stylist is updated daily and focuses on fashion, lifestyle, food and beauty.

The blog has been featured in Woman & Home, Easy Living, The Sunday Express Magazine, Red Magazine, Essentials, Woman’s Own and on, Grazia Daily and For a full list of coverage click here.

Advertising Services

Banner ad’s
Gifting for outfit posts/product reviews
Sponsored posts
Featured styling for selected retailers
Partnerships with selected brands

For more information and a full media kit, please contact Amanda at:


All fashion, lifestyle and beauty pitches relevant to the subject matter and existing content of the blog are always welcome.

Subject to approval, The Online Stylist accepts gifted product samples from PR’s, brands and designers to be showcased on the blog. Gifts are only accepted if they are a natural fit with my own taste and personal style. They are always declared either in the body of a post and/or listed as “c/o” (courtesy of) or “thanks to” in a footnote at point of first feature.

I won’t endorse a product or encourage others to buy it unless I’m 100% happy with it. I reserve the right not to showcase a gift or include a product review if it proves unsatisfactory.

Please note I operate a gifting/product review policy, full details of which can be obtained by dropping me an email at:

Sponsored Posts

I occasionally place sponsored posts for brands and products that are relevant to blog content and are a good fit with my own personal style and shopping choices. I retain full editorial control for such posts and will provide the content. Please get in touch with specific brand details and links at: in order for me to consider your request.

In order to comply with legal requirements all sponsored posts are declared, either in the body of the post or as a footnote. They will be marked as “written in collaboration with (brand name)” or similar.

Please note I don’t accept pre-written posts, paid text links in isolation or guest posts.


I use selective affiliate links in my blog posts meaning that if the reader makes a purchase from clicking the link, I receive a small commission payment. Wherever possible I link to the original product in posts, however I may give alternate suggestions where appropriate.

Blogging at The Online Stylist is my full time occupation. I’ve worked incredibly hard over a number of years to build a following and to generate an income that allows me to continue to write here.

I’m a perfectionist and pride myself on producing a consistently high standard of content and imagery and maintaining the integrity of this blog. The views and opinions expressed here are purely my own and will always be honest.

For more information and a media kit, please contact Amanda at

View my blog profile at Fohr Card.  

As bloggers we ask for fair compensation because we believe this will help establish the medium of blogging as a whole, establish credibility and instill a sense of professionalism in our trade. Fair compensation will provide a greater service to companies, to our readers and to ourselves in the long run.

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