Amanda Start


Hello! I’m Amanda and am so pleased to welcome you to Online Stylist!

Here on the blog I hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration for stylish living, positive, happy vibes and lots of ways to #ElevateTheEveryday.

I live on the beautiful South Coast of England with my family and am never happier than when I have coffee in hand and cashmere about my person!

After most of my life spent in Finance (I know – completely unrelated!), via a chain of serendipitous events, a curious nature and an inability to step away from the computer, I forged a new career in the digital world. I wrote here about this crazy journey that began in 2009

It was a love of style and the theory that what we wear can really impact how we feel about ourselves that lead me to blogging.


This often translates into me encouraging you to shop (sorry about that!), and sometimes putting myself in front of the lens to show you what I love to wear. In the case of the experimental early days, I feel I should apologise for that too!

As well as a bordering on unhealthy obsession with monochrome, cheese, Dawson’s Creek, Christmas and red liquorice, I’m passionate about blogging and the digital community.

So much so that there’s now a whole section of the blog devoted to blogging and Instagram. Feel free to dive in!

  • / I BELIEVE...
    Life is better with coffee + dogs.
  • In showing up everyday + leading the best life you can.
  • That style is ageless.
  • There is no such thing as owning too much cashmere.
  • In being a cheerleader for other women.
  • Life is messy but that’s what makes us more relatable.
  • That being by the sea puts everything into perspective.
  • The simplest things in life can bring the greatest joys.
  • Joey was ALWAYS going to end up with Pacey.
  • Mondays should start with a coat of red nail polish and Fridays should end with champagne.
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