Winter Coat Spring Shoes

“…pretty darn cool and dare I say it, comfy to boot, I LOVE these shoes…”

Wearing: Sunglasses – Chanel, Coat – Marks & Spencer – also love this one, Shirt – Gap, Tote – past season Dior, Watch – c/o Michael Kors – available here, Coated Denham jeans – c/o Feather & Stitch, Skater shoes – Topshop

A while ago I wrote a blog post about the arrival of the skater shoe to the masses. And whilst I don’t always take my own advice, I thought when it comes to shoes I’d be foolish not to listen. Having ordered two pairs from Topshop, the Tika2 High Vamp in black and a pair in grey tartan, I’ve come to the conclusion that I talk a lot of sense. On this occasion at least.

At £20 each they are such great buys and I’ve been wearing them at every opportunity. Which, given the prolific amount of rain we’re having, I grant you isn’t as often as I’d like right now. Pretty darn cool and dare I say it, comfy to boot, I LOVE these shoes and would say they’re solely responsible (sorry) for re-igniting my adoration for Topshop.

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  1. says

    Love the skater shoe but always feel a bit short and dumpy if not wearing at least a little heel (short leg syndrome!). Any tips on what to wear trouser-wise to elongate legs if wearing flats? If it’s poss? You look fab in them btw! Your coat is amazing too! X

    • says

      Thanks so much Lisa! Oh gosh…trousers for elongating the legs when wearing flats…not an easy one. Would probably avoid cropped trousers and go for slouchy (silky?) material – slightly tailored/tapered shape , leaving them as long as you can on the hem without them dragging on the floor! Would avoid pattern too and perhaps stick with one colour? Also you could try a pointed kitten heel in metallic – beautiful alternative to a flat. Hope that helps? xx

      • Carole says

        Great advice, thank you! I’ve been toying with the idea of a pointed-toe shoe so now I shall go forth and purchase with impunity 😉 (And yes, I do have short legs…just getting better at disguising them!) xx

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