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Photograph by Sophie Dahl

Having read both cook books from cover to cover and recently added her two novels to my Books To Buy list, I was overjoyed to discover Sophie Dahl has set up At The Kitchen Table.

“So at this kitchen table, there’s a lot of cake. There are babies on knees, there’s probably a dog or a cat skittling around underfoot. There’s likely some Nina Simone playing. There are blowsy flowers. There may be some flaws, chipped china, bruised hearts and conundrums. There’s also a roof beam raising sense of joy. Some slow cooked stew laced with a dirty laugh. A kitchen table for me is the hearthstone of family. A place of connection and comfort. It represents so very much.”

Officially my new favourite place to find all things wonderful.

I’m finding the only way to combat the never ending days of dreariness and rain is it set up a bright corner on my desk. Having a candle and flowers in my eye line as opposed to a rain soaked window helps on the motivation front. As does the coffee.

Photograph from Park & Cube

Always on the look out for blogs I’ve yet to discover, I pounced on the Marie Claire fashion bloggers to follow list. I had already discovered Park & Cube after meeting Shini at the first LFW show I attended some four years ago. Her blog is utterly gorgeous and I regularly find myself swooning over her photographic skills. Having read through the Marie Claire list I felt compelled to share some favourites that I know will satisfy my ongoing craving for stunning imagery and a unique sense of style…

Photograph from Shine By Three

Margaret Zhang documents her world travels and fashion evolution via her blog Shine By Three. And the accompanying Instagram feed? Pure visual heaven.

Photograph from A Portable Package

Then there’s A Portable Package by Irina Lakicevic, a dentist with an appreciation for minimalism and sculpted aesthetics. Not to mention a killer sense of style.

Photograph from Where Did U Get That?

If you’re a street style fan, check out Where Did You Get That? Karen Blanchard, an ex-londoner now living in New York, made it her mission to discover as many Big Apple shopping gems as possible and decided to write a blog about it. She now asks people Where Did You Get That and documents it through fabulous photography alongside her own outfit posts. I was in New York heaven reading this blog and love her Union Jack heart in the side bar listing the things she misses about London.

Photograph from Luxirare

If you’re feeling hungry as you read this, Luxirare – with it’s tagline of Killer Clothes And Fine Cuisine, is likely to tip you over the edge and send you scurrying to the kitchen. If in doubt, look at this Frittata recipe…I did warn you!

J.Crew leather pouch at Net-A-Porter

I think a lack of sunlight and a postponed London trip that means I STILL haven’t been able to worship at the alter of J.Crew on Regent Street has me craving anything and everything bright. Enter their mint green leather pouch. Now that’s better…

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  1. says

    Sophie Dahl really did inherit her grandfathers writing genes – she has the most beautiful way with prose, it’s a delight to read!!

    I LOVE Park & Cube, been following her for a while now. her blog is beautiful.


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