Out With The Old, In With The New

The decorations are packed away, seasonal excesses have been replaced with good intentions and Mr Online Stylist has gone back to work as of this morning. Every year at this point I get a little wistful for the warm glow that feels as if it’s been temporarily misplaced. But then if something is that good, I figure it’s okay to miss it. And know with certainty, it’ll come around again before we know it.

So out with the old and in with the new – time to look forward, get back to routine and put some plans into action. Come on in 2013, you look good!

How did you spend your New Years celebrations?

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  1. says

    Happy New Year to you too! I always like to have all the decorations down and the house cleaned ready for New Year! Out with the over indulgence and in with some wintery walks and looking forward to the Spring! X

    • says

      Happy 2013! There’s something about getting all the decorations away beforehand – it just feels too depressing doing it after! And yes…am looking forward to spring already…have a great January! xx

  2. says

    A Very Happy New Year to you and your family!

    With a 16 month old, we spent the evening cooking Haggis, watching Jools Holland and then having a ‘lounge rave’ listening to Channel Four’s House Party and reminiscing about years gone by out clubbing in Bournemouth :-)

  3. says

    Happy, happy new year to the OLS family! I prefer to have my decorations down before the new year as well – although the “naked” tree is STILL standing in the living room (giving the husband the evil eye) at the moment. I must admit, I didn’t make it to ring in the new year – I was asleep. But still, I’m expecting this to be a great year!

  4. Lou says

    wow can’t believe ye all take down your decorations so early – we never take them down until 6th Jan or Little Christmas its a tradition in Ireland so bear rooms not until Sunday for me will be sad to see them go the room always looks empty and the soft little twinkle lights always to cheer me up but another year gone by where does the time go?

  5. says

    I am nearly there with the xmas decs, the worst bit is putting the boxes back in the attic. It seems to have gone so quickly this year, is that a sign of age creeping up?
    We had my husbands nephew over for christmas and a new friend for christmas dinner who we recently met. Then we both succumbed to a gastric bug for 3-4 days! It was our wedding anniversay on the 2nd Jan, but didnt manage to celebrate as we wanted but am sure we will make up for it at some point!
    I have a few things that I want to kick start/alter etc ths year, so lets see what happens!
    Lol G x

  6. says

    Every time I click on to your blog you seem more and more glam. Looks like you’ve had a good holiday time. Happy new year darling, I wish you and your family all the best in 2013 xx

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