Life’s Small Pleasures

I know life can’t be all one long round of indulgence, luxury, glamour and excitement. If it was, those special moments would soon lose their lustre and would never be appreciated in the same way.

But as the warm fuzzy glow of December inevitably morphed into the dull grey of January and I was left clinging wildly to the feeling of well-being and fresh starts, I made a vow to indulge in life’s small pleasures more often. You know the type – those that make you smile, stop and be thankful for what you have and envelop you in the equivalent of a feel good factor, cashmere blanket.

For me it’s as simple as a walk on the beach, starting every week with brightly painted nails, taking time over great food or just stepping away from the desk and flipping through a magazine over lunch. Definitely one of my resolutions this year.

Here’s a few things on my Life’s Small Pleasures list so far:

  • Spend time baking with Junior Child
  • Buy fresh flowers
  • Actually read my now carefully edited selection of magazines when they arrive as opposed to letting them pile up
  • Ensure there’s always a scented candle to be lit when the mood takes me
  • Wear heels more often
  • Indulge in early nights between freshly washed sheets with a good book
  • Own more cashmere (there’s no such thing as too much)
  • Open a bottle of champagne for no reason. Although I’m quite adept at that one already!
  • And the last one is to share some of them here and via Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest…yep, there’s a board already. I’m on the hunt for indulgent ideas and inspiration from some of my favourite blogs, online magazines and lifestyle sites and will be tweeting them under #LifesSmallPleasures

    I’d love to know what you would add to your  list.

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    1. Jennie says

      As always yours words are wise and true! I’ve been thinking about this stuff lately too. I am determined to spend more time walking in the park with the deer or along the muddy river path for tea and cake – such simple things that bring much pleasure and hardly cost a thing. I want to edit my wardrobe, take stock of what I have, WEAR it and enjoy what I already own without always getting caught up in the endless search for the next thing. Plus the big one, the ultimate luxury for me, to wash my hair more often! xx

      • says

        Muddy walks with tea and cake at the end – that one’s definitely going on the list! I like the wardrobe resolution too…not saying I won’t add in a few things but definitely looking *properly* in my wardrobe every day to find new combo’s! xx

    2. says

      I think you’re right that all too often we let life’s small pleasures pass us by as we become bogged down with the rest of our life. It’s a nice reminder to take a moment to be grateful for the little things that make life so much better :)

      Lovely post, xxx

    3. says

      I’m a huge believer in cherishing happy moments and enjoying life’s small pleasures. More cashmere could never be a bad thing, I recently bough a pair of red cashmere gloves and they are so soft and warm, they make me happy! Probably on top of my list would be to take walks in the countryside as I’m happiest when I’m pottering about in meadows and river banks.

    4. says

      Great list, I would also add ‘wear more lipstick’. Today is sunny on Anglesey, so I’m going to pick up the kids after school and take them to the beach, thanks for the inspiration. Mandy x

    5. sara mathews says

      matching undies works for me as does home made soup for lunch at work; earl gray tea in a nice cup; hoovering (I know but I love it) and cuddles with loved ones


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