Life’s Small Pleasures

One of the best things about starting this series of posts is that it’s making me actively seek out the smile inducing, feel good factor moments in life. Self served happiness if you will.

If you follow my Instagram feed, you may have gathered that food is a big thing in this house. Friday nights are made for sitting down with Mr OLS, a glass of something bubbly and some favourite recipes. Then comes Saturday morning breakfast…

…and Sunday brunch.

If you’re a food fanatic then I heartily recommend Kate’s blog – I’m Not A Celebrity. I always look forward to her Foodie Fridays posts – not to be read if you’re feeling at all hungry. She’s also rather lovely.

A love of good food equates to more regular exercise. Since New Year’s day we’ve been down to the beach on several occasions…

Walking along against a bracing breeze, throwing stones into the water, partaking in a spot of winter paddling, looking for shells and stopping for a hot chocolate is the perfect antidote to winter. It’s also been a factor in one of the biggest decisions we’ve made for a while – the Online Stylist family is to be completed by a dog.

Having had dogs before, I know it’s not a decision to be taken lightly but one that I feel will enrich our lives in lots of ways – especially Junior Child’s. With plans afoot to hopefully adopt a Puggle in the spring, we’re all about the Puppy Planning in this house now. I’ll keep you posted!

Via: bippity boppity boo

One of the many people I’ve spoken with about the Momentous Dog Decision has been my lovely blog friend Lou. Reading her eloquently written blog Lou, Boo’s And Shoes with it’s carefully curated, beautiful imagery is definitely on my list of Life’s Small Pleasures.

And finally to the unexpected joy of waking up to a snow day. A thick blanket of snow brought with it the opportunity of snowman building, walks through fairytale frosted forests and several snowball hurling episodes…

Did you get to enjoy a snow day and have you added anything to your own Life’s Small Pleasures list?

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  1. says

    Such a lovely post and what great pictures. We didn’t get to enjoy a snow day in Dublin. It arrived yesterday morning but was gone by lunchtime much to The Child’s disgust! I must admit, that having bought a gorgeous pair of (as yet unworn) snowboots 18 months ago, I wasn’t too happy either!

    • says

      Thank you! The disappearing snow thing is normally what happens to us too so it made a change. And I do feel the need to invest in some snow boots, despite the fact that snow is rare. A good excuse for retail therapy methinks! x

  2. Jennie says

    I love this series of posts – so timely and thoughtful. I’m all for making more of an effort over the everyday. I agree, the snow yesterday was amazing and the park so unrecognisable under snow that it felt like I took a short holiday! xx

    PS JC is looking more like you as she gets older!

    • says

      I love how the snow can change the look of everything and bring that eerie quiet – so peaceful. JC is growing up so fast – when we take our glasses off and sit side by side, I can definitely see the likeness now! xx

  3. says

    Awwww thanks honey. If I am contributing to anyone’s moment of time out/relax/appreciate the beautiful things in life then that’s a plus! I blog because I love it, so it’s really sweet to hear you like what I post. Sorry we missed our chance on Monday (damn snow!) but we will do it again! Soon! Lou x

  4. Carole says

    Woo hoo – a dog, a dog!!!!! Man, I would LOVE to have a dog, but instead I will vicariously have yours :-) I’m loving your beach outfit btw! xx

  5. says

    What a timely series as I have been hoping to attempt to enjoy “life’s small pleasures” more often this year and, so far, failing miserably but I’ve still got 343 days left to succeed!

    I’m glad to see that you are enjoying, and recording, those moments!

  6. says

    I love these posts, SO uplifting! We’re also having the dog dilemma – but we’re still stuck on the make and model (what is it with teenaged boys and unsuitable dogs? We’re not having a husky for goodness’ sake!). Looking forward to seeing how you get on!


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