Divine Relaxation From Lounge Lover

With more relaxation time and indulgent luxuries at the top of my To Do list from now on, it would seem fitting that the two should go hand in hand. I started a quest some time ago to gather stylish pieces for downtime dressing and now it’s gathering momentum.

There’s no better feeling than taking time out and switching off, but to do it wrapped in something cozy, beautiful and stylish makes it even more of a treat.I was really pleased to be introduced to Lounge Lover recently and have been looking forward to sharing this gem of a brand on the blog. Created in 2005 by Belgian designer Sylvie Gabriel, Lounge Lover is an affordable collection of minimalist, wearable classics.

I love their ethos of “transporting the wearer from their busy lives to a soft, happy place” – I definitely consider this to be essential element of my pursuit of life’s small pleasures.

I’ve been embracing the concept of luxurious lounging in the gorgeous Poupées Russes cut out wrap that they kindly sent me before Christmas. I love that it can be worn buttoned in different ways or just left loose – either way it’s a joy to snuggle into.

I’ve worn it belted, over colour and my personal favourite…with sequins on New Years Eve after we got home from an early evening cocktail party. I love the cut out shoulder detailing and whilst I’ve been layering it over long sleeved tops for winter, I can already imagine a tanned shoulder peeking out when it comes on holiday with me. Relaxation forward planning!

Talking of vacations, as well as lounge wear they also carry a great selection of travel wear – perfect for that elusive airport chic that I try (but sometimes fail) to attain when packing for a holiday. If you’re off in search of snow soon, what could be better than spending your flight cozied up in the Winter Chill Resort hooded over sized sweater?

As part of my quest for downtime inspiration, I asked Lounge Lover founder Sylvie how she relaxes:

“For me downtime is all about quality even if it can’t be about quantity. A great companion, like my husband or my two girls, is the most important thing. But to help create a relaxed environment you can’t beat the feel of soft, cosy fabrics against your skin, music that reminds you of good times, and a beautiful scent – I love Jonathan Adler’s Muse Noir scented candle, and wrapping up in Lounge Lover’s Winterchill Jumpsuit.”

What would you choose from Lounge Lover to wear for some stylish downtime and how do you relax?

Lounge Lover

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  1. says

    This looks gorgeous! I just got the Baujken square scarf which I think will be ideal for travel and flights! Just need to book one now!


  2. Claire Bainton says

    Yet another lovely post. As soon as my bank account is replenished at the end of the month I’ll be paying Lounge Lover a visit. Tried to be naughty and order the S/M cream top that is similar to yours but wouldn’t go in the shopping basket, so must be out of stock. Loving your idea though – tanned shoulders and grey marl has to be a win win x

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