Current Crave – Acne Pistol Boots

Turns out the all weather, go anywhere, wear all day & with everything black ankle boot is quite an elusive creature. I should know. I’ve been searching for best part of a year. I had a pair that fell apart – too cheap. I also bought a pair recently that I thought were The Ones – almost but not quite They turned out to be a disappointing smudgy grey rather than black.

And so my thoughts keep turning to the much loved Acne Pistol boots favoured by the likes of Rachel Weisz, Keira Knightley, Clémence Poésy et al. Good heel height, right shade and a simple enough shape and design to wear with any look.

Acne Pistol boots – £350 Net-A-Porter

But they’re £350. Eeek. I can’t even think about spending that money right now, not even on an investment piece to be looked after and cherished so it lasts for ever.

Perhaps I’ll save up and hope that they stick around for a while longer, meanwhile keeping my eyes peeled for a pair that could qualify as The Ones.

What do you think of the Acne Pistol boots in black and have you seen any great alternatives? Enquiring minds need to know!

Images: Here, herehere.

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  1. says

    Oh the endless search for an Acne Pistol alternative! My River Island ones were the closest in ‘wear with anything-ability’ but after less than a year, they are a bit wrecked looking so I’ve started wearing them less to preserve them! I think it’s worth saving for the real thing – I’m sure they will be reduced in the summer sales – even if it’s just by 25%, it would make them easier to stomach and the price per wear would definitely make up for it. Joanna at Poppy’s style has several pairs…faint…Avril xx

    • says

      To clarify – one pair of Pistols and 2 pairs of Newburys:) The Pistols are fabulous – I opted for the mocha pair and though stiff at first they soften so beautifully and the color goes with everything. I love them – but have to say my favorite black ankle boot is the Newbury – incredibly comfortable, great height and a beautiful block heel. xx

  2. says

    I too had the same search criteria. The elsive black ankle boot. I bought these actually, and and really pleased with them.
    Smart enough for a dress/skirt (I have a dress on today), not too baggy at the ankle (as I have the problem of skinny ankles) and also casual enough to add a nice bit of height to a skinny jeans, tshirt and blazer uniform. The Acne ones are wonderful, but maybe a BIT too heavy for dresses for me… Food for thought anyway :)
    (Love your blog BTW – nice source of escapism whilst I was on Mat Leave)

  3. Flossie says

    Hello Amanda!
    I bought the black Acne Pistol boot Sept 2011, wore them through A/W, went to bring them out this Autumn but they’re too shabby – in my opinion they don’t hold their shape and get very loose. I live in a city with cobbles and walk a lot but these weren’t the only boots I wore. Would I get another pair – probably not .
    I’m still looking for the perfect ankle boot!

  4. Toni Ibrahim says

    Amanda, I bought these boots!!!! (From NetaPorter – size 41) I was going to order a styling package to get ideas for wearing them but I’ll trust you that it goes with everything – I’ll wear it throughout this week and see if it does. They are quite lovely, a bit snug in the toe area but fingers crossed they will expand over time……hopefully…..I have a wardrobe full of “to die for” shoes that havent “given” or stretched despite repeated wear…….):

  5. says

    Hello! So these boots are suddenly entering my consciousness after reading an article last week saying they were the ‘cool school mum staple’. Hmm at £350 a pop that’s a certain kind of school mum. Dare I say Clarks do a good gaucho boot replica…black leather, looks black not grey online. Anyway – let us know where you end up – this is of interest to all! Lou x

  6. says

    Every season I lust after these Acne boots and think, they’ll be such an investment for all those seasons I’ll wear them. Well, they would have been if I’d bought them when I first saw them!! But every season I can’t seem to justify it. I think they would be an amazing purchase and one you’d never regret!


  7. says

    I bought a similar pair to this{1}~[black]&noOfRefinements=1#BVRRWidgetID at topshop last year. they were the more expensive pair @ £75 but very similar. they are still going strong a year later and look good. I don’t think you could go wrong with £45 for a pair of leather kooky likies. X

  8. says

    Well, I bought the Ash Jalouse boots in the sale at Christmas and I am really pleased with them. I would say that the Acne Pistol boots look great on a very particular body type. Unless you are under 5ft 8 and on the slender side, they can look, very, very big and clumpy. On smaller women with skinny legs in skinny jeans, fabulous! Sadly that rules me out!

  9. Hannah says

    I bought some boots from Top Shop that are similar to the Acne pistol boot. I’ve hunted and hunted, and the Top Shop boot won me over. They are comfortable, cute and go with everything. My boyfriend has said a few times that he likes them. They were £70.

    Good luck in your search. The only Acne items I own are trousers. They’re so wonderfully long. Perfect.

  10. JennieB says

    What a response to the pursuit of the perfect, affordable ankle boot! Hope one of the fashion houses is reading this blog as they could have a best seller on their hands! I’m still looking too!

  11. Kate Bartlett says

    I have the shorter style in both black and camel.
    Love them to death got both on sale
    Work well in Australian winter but are not that forgiving of rain
    Love them!

  12. Carrie says

    Just bit the bullet and bought these with my end of year bonus! I have been through numerous £80-£100 incarnations of these but after 1-2 winters and 1 summer of hard wear they always fall apart, fade etc.
    Hopefully these will live up to the hype and survive for a longer than my cheaper shoes. You know what they say about spending most of your money on shoes and handbags……………….

  13. Emily says

    Everyone has these, or at least a copy of them, and now I’m bored – they just remind me of 2011. I have a pair but don’t wear them anymore. I’m eager to find out what’s next as the market is saturated with Pistol rip-offs.

  14. says

    I LOVE the Acne pistol boots too. Best thing is the heel height – high enough for the boots to look nice but low enough to be able to walk around in them all day if necessary. Even though there’s copies of them everywhere – I think they’re a classic style that will never go ‘out’.


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