The Black Ankle Boot Search – An Update

As Monday dawned and the thought of back to school/routine/work etc dawned with it, I can’t say I felt particularly thrilled at the prospect of normality. Then I published the Acne Pistol boot post and you lovely lot and your responses here and on Twitter had me back in the swing of things and loving every minute.

As a first post back to blogging proper after the holidays, it was brilliant to see all the discussion and hear different viewpoints and it reminded my why I love doing this so much – so a HUGE thank you! But enough of the mushy stuff and lets get down to business…ankle boot business to be precise.

Weighing up your responses I would say it’s 50/50 for and against the Acne Pistol boot. For every person who said they found them uncomfortable and wished they hadn’t invested, there was another who thought they were literally the best boot ever and loved them to bits. Once worn in, truly comfortable and to be worn everywhere…with everything.

I had some great alternatives suggested to me from both the high street and high end so I thought I’d track them down, add a couple of my own and share them here. Some were more Chelsea boot style and others of the Gaucho variety but all were good and you may prefer them to the Acne Pistol.

I was directed to Topshop by lots of people for great boots that had been tried and tested, proved sturdy and were reasonably priced. There were lots that I loved, though some were suede and some had a slightly higher heel than I really wanted. Here’s a few that made my favourites…

1. Mighty black leather zip boots – £45 2. Alert chunky Chelsea boots – £70 3. Aggro high Chelsea boots – £75 4. Artreu western ankle boots – £75

And there were lots of other great suggestions too including Clarks and the infamous Ash Jalouse boots at ASOS, which, if they weren’t suede I would have definitely brought. Although I do have a great pair of tan ASOS suede boots that are very similar as English Mum reminded me!

1. Macay Holly black leather boots – £69.99 Clarks 2. Poncho Gaucho country boot – £175 Russell & Bromley 3. Ash Jalouse suede ankle boots – £145 ASOS 4. Yodel ankle boots by Miss KG – £85 Kurt Geiger 5. Perla leather western style ankle boot – £99 Dune 6. Aggie ankle boots – £228.90 J.Crew

Or if you can wait until AW13, my sources at Stanwells tell me they’ll be having some very lovely Fiorentini + Baker boots in black arriving. Some things are definitely worth waiting for.

As for me, I’ve always been a tad impatient when it comes to matters of the footwear kind, so have ordered the Clarks Macay Holly boot. Knowing how comfortable Clarks shoes generally are, I’m keen to see how these babies turn out – I’ll keep you posted!

What do you think of these alternatives and do you have a favourite?

Header image from here.

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  1. says

    Hi there! Before I read your last paragraph i thought how much I loved the Clarks boot best and then the Topshop Aggro boot. I will be interested to see how you find the Clarks ones, they are a great design and look a perfect height heel wise x

  2. says

    I love when you do posts like these…! So I am a bit of a clarks convert! I used to buy most of my shoes from Russell and Bromley and I adore their shoes, but the prices are becoming prohibitive, especially for ‘fashion’ choices. So when I fell on hard times last year I looked to Clarks and frankly – have not looked back! I have the Melanie Jane gaucho boots in brown suede and they are FAB – seriously considering getting them in black. Plus they do half sizes. I also have patent and brown brogues from there – but that’s a whole other post!

    The cut of these style of boots is important if you want to wear with dresses/tights – the lower on the ankle the better. I hope you are very happy with your Clarks version :-) save that £300+ you would have spent on Acne ones!! Lou x

  3. says

    Great update – there a number that I like including the Dune, Ash Jalouse and first Topshop pair. I agree the perfect pair of black ankle boots are difficult to find, especially if you want to be able t wear them with everything. My issue is heel height, but I did manage to get a pair in Clarks although being suede does somewhat limit me.

  4. says

    My search for the best black boots ever has finished with a pair of high heeled Doc Martins ankle boots – surprisingly comfortable, a sole that means I cannot physically slip over and a lovely high heel. I’m living in the them (and enjoying not having to worry about puddles and suede)

  5. says

    Those Clarks ones were the ones that took my fancy straight away. They look the part and am totally addicted to Clarks’ comfort at the moment! Look forward to hearing how they turn out!

    I’m still wearing my Ash Spiral boots – despite being suede! Rain or shine!


  6. Eveymoo says

    I have about 6 pairs of ankle boots (surprise surprise) – got my black ankle boots from Oasis and love them – fab post as usualxx

  7. says

    Haha thanks for the mensh. I’ve hardly worn my ASOS ones – not comfy at all. You’ve really made me want a black pair now – I like the Clarks one and does look comfy.. *flexes credit card*

  8. says

    Love the Topshop Artreu boots, good ‘in-betweeny’ heel and zip stops them looking TOO cowboy.
    My search for the perfect black boot ended with the Jalouse, perfect with skinny, boyfriend or deep cuff jeans and skirts. They are a kind of tough, weathered suede so are standing up well to the elements!

  9. says

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Clarks Macay Holly as they were top of the list for me amongst the various choices you posted. The best pair of black ankle boots I’ve ever had were from Bally a number of years ago, which served me well for quite some time. Like many others, I have now become a Clarks convert so will be very interested to hear what you think of them.

  10. Claire Bainton says

    So you’ve done it again!!! There I was, completely innocently sipping my first coffee of the day and perusing your daily update… and then I see the Clarks Macay Holly boots. They are just what I have been looking for. I went on the website straight away, but sadly I have stupidly little size 3 feet, there were none in stock so no joy. I wasn’t giving up though – I jumped in the car with the excuse that I had to go to the post office and instead marched straight into my local branch of Clarks….purchase made in less than a minute! (I think the poor shop assistant thought I was a loon) They are wonderful and super comfy, I’m sure you’ll love them. Thank you Amanda for yet another great suggestion for my fashion addiction.

    • says

      Claire – this is amazing! So glad I was able to help – I know how frustrating the search can be! Loved reading this – comments like this make writing this blog so worthwhile. And don’t worry about the shop assistant…I’ve done that sort of thing so many times after setting my sights on something – am sure you were the best customer she had all day! xx

  11. says

    What about the Rag & Bone booties that are everywhere? Personally I scooped up a cheap highstreet pair (real leather $50 cdn on sale last year) and they are perfect.

  12. Carla says

    My Pistols have arrived today, haven’t worn them for any length of time yet, but they really are a great looking boot and fit me perfectly. I also have the Ash Jalouse which is really a IM Dicker knock off and not really comparable to the Pistol. Also the Ash Jalouse isn’t really that comfortable without an inner sole.

  13. Linda Etchell says

    DO NOT BUY ACNE PISTOL BOOTS. I bought a pair in Dec via Net a Porter and they are faulty. The zip comes half way down after taking about 15 steps in them and they are unfit for purpose. Acne will not exchange. Net a Porter only offering store credit. STICK WITH CLARKS AND TOPSHOP if you don’t want to waste your money.


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