A Drop Of Rose From Pure DKNY

In the last Beauty Bytes post I mentioned my growing obsession with rose scented beauty products. I’m sure it goes back to the days of running around my Grandma’s garden, gathering pocketfuls of rose petals then crushing them in water to make my own perfume. Sadly the resulting potion never quite hit the spot but the process itself still holds magical memories.

I was recently sent the new Pure DKNY Rose eau de parfum and given my love of this particular scent, it’s a joy to share my thoughts on this fragrance.

Often a spritz of perfume is one of those last minute, hurried additions before hurrying out the door in the morning. For me, Pure DKNY Rose is a prompt to stop, close my eyes and inhale.

The initial hit of rose is beautifully sweet but by time you reach the end of a deep breath in, there’s an underlying, modern sultriness to it that I love. After my childhood efforts at playing perfumer, I was intrigued to read how I’ve ended up with this perfect rose scent.

The delicate pink blossoms that become the potent raw material of this fragrance begin their journey in Turkey’s Isparta valley in the Anatolian flower fields, where they’re harvested in early summer. It’s a generations-old process that’s virtually unaffected by modern technology – each flower is hand-picked in the cool, pre-dawn hours.

By season’s end, 2500 tons of petals have been bagged, weighed, and transported by truck to the distillery where they are gently rolled and processed through 26 stills to become essential oil of rose.

The end result is the beautiful Pure DKNY Rose. The fragrance will be available nationwide from 3 February 2013 starting at £37 for a 30ml eau de parfum through to £69 for the £100ml bottle.

Are you a fan of modern rose scents?

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  1. says

    To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the scent of roses. Perhaps I need to re-visit this, as I always associate the smell with cheaper perfumes of days gone by. It’s probably time I addressed and updated that impression! Your description of making your own perfume made me smile .. my daughter spent many happy summers some years ago doing exactly the same thing!

  2. says

    I love rose scented products when they have a fresh, modern twist to them. I remember my first perfume obsession was Babydoll by Yves Saint Laurent which is very rose scented! Possibly not right for me now but I adored it when I was 16.


  3. Carole says

    I adore the scent of roses. My quest for a perfume which comes close has so far been disappointing, so I’m looking forward to checking out this one!

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