The Anticipation Of Christmas

The quote “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive” encapsulates the feeling I have throughout the Christmas run up. Not because I don’t enjoy the day itself – I do in so many ways. But the real magic is in the anticipation.

The family traditions we build in each year, the decorating, the planning of menus, the shopping for gifts, the music and films – those things all play a huge part in the excitement for me.

But seeing it all through a child’s eyes is pure joy. Every year I find new ways to whip Junior Child up into a subtle seasonal frenzy about the the holiday season and all the rituals that we carry out. She looks forward to each and every one of them – from the first lighting of the Holiday candle at the beginning of December to the cooking of the ham on Christmas Eve.

My emotions run high and I cry at just about everything with a Christmas theme! In amongst all the madness I always stop to marvel at the husband and daughter that I spent so long thinking I’d never have. And that makes me cry too.

So now it’s time to slow down, step off the crazy blog train for a while and relish a slow weekend, the magic of Christmas Eve and all the excitement of Christmas Day. I’ll be popping up now and again but not as often as usual – time out is my gift to myself and I intend to use it wisely.

Enjoy the rest of your journey towards the big day! xxx

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  1. says

    Hi Amanda! Gorgeous festive photos …. I hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas:) I look forward to many more fabulous blog posts in 2013!
    ~Anne xx

  2. Jennie says

    … And now you are making me cry! Beautiful words and so true. You know I love Christmas too and whilst the 6 weeks spent planning for 1 perfect day can be exhausting, I am completely addicted to the excitcement& anticipation. Merry Christmas to you and I can wait to follow OLS’ fashion journey in 2013! Xxx

  3. littlebrownbird says

    Lovely post! Thanks for your fab blog throughout the year. Wishing you, your OH and JC all the joys of the season and here’s to more fashion fun in 2013 xxx

  4. sara mathews says

    Happy Christmas Amanda and thankyou for a year’s worth of happy reading. Here’s to good food, good company and good cheer (and possible a sneaky elasticated waistband)

  5. simone says

    You made me cry.

    Gorgeous post Amanda, I love that you love Christmas so much…I love it too but I need to ramp it up a little to match you :)

    I love the build up & anticipation too, it’s my favourite part almost.

    We have a stack of Christmas films, we’ve already watched our current favourite “Elf” several times :)

    My 7 year son believes totally in Father Christmas and cannot stop talking & wondering about him…..I fear this may be the last year of that so I appreciate every single moment of that magic.

    Off into town today, am planning to go via Bond Street just so I can see all the gorgeous windows.

    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family,
    Simone XX

  6. simone says

    PS I don’t know anyone else who drinks Advocaat….that makes you extra special I think, you’re truly a Christmas goddess 😉 Am thinking I need some! XX

  7. says

    Merry Christmas Amanda, to you and your gorgeous family. It has been lovely getting to know you during 2012 – thank you for all your bloggy friendship & support. Enjoy the break and here’s to a happy and prosperous 2013! Avril x

  8. says

    You made me cry too!! I am so pleased for you Amanda – you really are someone who makes life happen so it’s no surprise to me that you have made such a wonderful festive time for everyone. It’s contagious. You deserve all good that comes to you sweetpea. Love to you…and happy christmas :-) Lou x

  9. Jayne Fisher says

    My wonderful festive friend has made me cry!! Lots of love to you all and guess what……’s only 3 more sleeps!!!! Xxx

  10. says

    Ah love your blog and totally agree the anticipation of Christmas is wonderful. Always makes me very emotional and contemplative, it is such a special time of year.
    Gorgeous snap shots of your family … love how this year SC has transformed into JC still as wonderful as ever! What a joy family is and no better time than Christmas to celebrate with the ones we love x xx x x

    Look forward to reading of your adventures in 2013 and who knows, perhaps we will one day get to have that glass of fizz together! X

    Merry Christmas XXXXXXX

  11. Deb says

    Lovely moving words this is the first one without my dear mother and I will miss her so much, laid up with flu but hoping to be ok , thanks for great blogs this year!

  12. says

    Aww this all sums up exactly how I feel..but with your usual stylish twist! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and thanks for being my fashion fix in 2012. Much love x x

  13. says

    Such a lovely post, so nice to see the whole family involved and loving the festive season. It sounds like you have some lovely traditions that you build on each year. Christmas in the Start house looks wonderful.

    Happy Christmas!

    Lisa x

  14. Troff says

    Ah…. Ditto, just what we talked about earlier in the week. We have been installing our individual traditions the last couple of years and it’s so much fun as the little ones grow up.. Lovely photos. You all have a wonderful Christmas and don’t forget the raindeer food for the garden. You know you love sparkles!!! Xxx

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