Sundays And Soufflé

I was recently asked to contribute to my favourite local boutique, Stanwells Sunday Post newsletter and when I saw the end result, I had to share it here. Not just because it has me wrapped up against the cold in a gorgeous Parajumpers coat…although I have to say wearing that for the photos was wonderful.

The main pull for me was the cheese. Or to be precise, the recipe from one of my favourite local restaurants, The Jetty – Alex’s Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé With Dorset Cheddar Crust. Yes I know. Wipe that drool off your keyboard quick.

Mr Online Stylist took me to The Jetty for my birthday lunch back in May and I had this soufflé as a starter…and promptly fell head over heels in heavenly, cheesy love with it. So when I saw that Stanwells had posted chef Alex Aitken’s recipe I had to share it here.

I’ve never attempted a soufflé before – the very thought terrifies me. But for this much cheese in a ramekin I could be persuaded. And talking of cheese…the grin below contains far more than my daily allowance.

Have you made soufflé before and will you be trying this one? Wishing you a relaxing Sunday xx

For more details about The Jetty or to book, click here. You can sign up to receive the latest news from Stanwells here.
Wearing: Michael Kors aviators c/o Sunglasses Shop, Parajumpers Kodiak parka – shot for Stanwells, Paige Hoxton ultra skinny jeans – c/o Donna Ida, Belsize Bitter Chocolate boots – c/o Hunter.

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  1. says

    I am a soufflé maker and I haven’t made one on a while so thanks for the prompt. Best way to check if eggs are well beaten is turn bowl upside down over head. If they don’t move they’re done. This causes much hilarity with the kids

  2. says

    ooh will defo try that recipe! Have never attempted a souffle before and I think it’s about time ! I Love to catch up with your blog, yes Sunday’s are fabulous, my favourite day too! Love the warm, snuggly look, for me just one drawback with the gorgeous coat -the real fur hood :( faux fur is so brilliant now I just think it’s unnecessary …. just personal opinion x x
    Have a wonderful Sunday XXXXX

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