When The Online Stylist Met Carla

Have you ever lusted after an item of clothing that despite it being incredibly high fashion and despite the fact that a teeny bit of you wonders where and indeed, if you can wear it, you still yearn to own it?

That’s me and the 2ND DAY Carla shearling waistcoat. We first met in cyberspace last year and I fell for her hook, line and sinker. In their infinite wisdom, 2ND DAY decided to bring her back for the AW12 collection. And then recently, my lovely friends at Varg literally made me jump for joy when they presented me with my very own 2ND DAY Carla. I cuddled her close all the way home on the train, smiling like I had a banana wedged sideways. Attractive no?

In the Varg office, Carla is known as Fashion. When you wear her you ARE Fashion. Walk in the room in all that shearling…yep…here comes Fashion. In a reckless moment I decided to give the naming responsibility to Junior Child – she came up with Woof. When I repeated the Varg story she then decided upon Fashion Woof – it’s growing on me so we’re sticking with it.

Being one who enjoys a self inflicted style experiment now and again, I wore Fashion Woof on Saturday – first into the village to get lunch and then again later, for a whirlwind shopping stop in Bournemouth.

The village butcher and the baker didn’t even flinch when I waltzed in clad in shearling fabulousness. Perhaps this means they’re getting used to the sartorial activity I regularly inflict upon them…I’m not sure if this a good thing.

In Bournemouth, two ladies cooed over Fashion Woof, teenage boys pointed and mentioned the word “sheep” and one boutique saleswoman came up and stroked me. Sheep comments not withstanding, that’s a good enough reaction for me.

I LOVE wearing this waistcoat. It’s a head turner, an absolute dream piece to own and one that demands you throw it on with attitude and a confident strut at the ready. And when worn over my biker jacket, I was as warm as toast.

What do you think? A shaggy dog story or Fashion at it’s most fabulous?

Carla shearling waistcoat – thanks to Varg & 2ND DAY, Biker Jacket – Zara, Cocktail ring – Accessorize : similar available, Hamilton tote – c/o Michael Kors, Paige Hoxton ultra- skinny jeans – c/o Donna Ida, Biker boots – c/o Daniel Footwear

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  1. says

    Wow wee! I actually couldn’t love it anymore! Let’s face it fashion and style is all there to experiement with,and there is nothing more joyous than finding an item of clothing that you fall so helplessly in love with and just yearn to have it! You look amazing in it,and the key is in the styling: keeping everything else neutral makes the waistcoat literally POP but in the right way! This waistcoat can do NO worng and neither can you. love!


    • says

      Ah thanks so much S! I only have a few more year of being REALLY brave so had to go for it – its one of those that you need to really think about what you wear it with…and not mind when people stare…or in the case of teenage boys, snigger. Buy hey…what do they know! :) xx

  2. Carole says

    I LOVE it! I have two faux fur items, a gilet called Rover and a vintage leopard print coat which has been dubbed my ‘lady of the night’ (insert less polite word for actual name!) coat and they both get looks and comments whenever I wear them. I even caught a small child stroking the leopard print coat while I was on a train and she thought I wasn’t looking :-)

  3. simone says

    OMG, look at you…..THAT is gorgeous!!!! You wear it really well, no wonder people were touching you!!!

    I am in love. With the shearling, just to clarify 😉 Though you are pretty gorgeous!! XX

  4. says

    Oh My Goodness!! I love the Fashion Woof!!!! Looks amazing – and suddenly I have an overwhelming desire to own a similarly fluffy shearling/fur gilet!!! Amazing!!

    You look amazing in it – suits you, daaaaarling!! xxx

  5. Jennie says

    I love fashion woof – she is so OTT gorgeous and very you! I also can’t believe that you got to keep the amazing purple Hamilton tote! You are clearly having a moment of sensational fashion karma! xx

  6. says

    Its fab and cute. A great autumn/winter must have piece.Love the Michael Kors bag, I have the same one in Neutral tone with gold hardware, one of the best investments I have made and constantly on my arm!
    Did you get to your bonfire? Hopefully, you didnt wear the shearling and get it all smokey?

    • says

      Glad to hear you love your Kors too – they are such great investment bags. We did get to the bonfire party and decided against wearing the shearling – would have cried if it came back all smokey! Hope you’re enjoying all the seasonal celebrations in the US! xx

  7. Tracy says

    so I’m going to be the odd one out here and be honest enough to say that this kind of fashion should remain on the stick thin 6 foot models on the catwalk. No offence to you intended whatsoever, you’ve done the right thing by keeping the rest of the look completely grounded but even then its adding way too much bulk and looks like you’ve just borrowed it from Anna Dello Russo! Perhaps if it were black ….

    • says

      No offence taken at all – its the kind of piece that can divide opinion and if Im honest, I too felt that if I were of model proportions it would have looked better! But thats the thing with fashion and me – I like taking a risk now and again…can’t help myself. And when I’m old and dribbling, I’ll feel happy to have channeled Anna Dello Russo now and again! 😉

      • Tracy says

        Ah good and enjoy! I’m no fashion wallflower with Isabel Marant taking up a lot of my wardrobe space but I guess I prefer less bulky and more streamlined proportions. I love a statement piece but I prefer to wear it rather than it wear me. Looks like I’m in the minority here though!

  8. Claire Bainton says

    Oh no – you’ve done it again!! I love it and feel a rather large purchase coming on! I can think of so many fab ways to wear it too… you look great in it with winter staples, and love your hair up in a casual bun! Can you please stop posting such lovely covetable things as I have Christmas shopping to do!! x

  9. Sharon says

    I’ve just ordered one of these in black from Stanwells with 50% off!!! Am a little worried it will be too much for me but I am going to try – its the kind of thing I would have bitten your arm off for in my twenties – as you say sometimes you have to be brave and you wear yours so well…


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